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Catherines Phone Harassment-Comenity Bank!

Catherines Phone Harassment-Comenity Bank! Are you receiving debt recovery calls from Catherines/Comenity Bank Harassment and wondering how to stop the harassment stemming from these? Have you asked agents of Catherines to stop calling, yet they continue to call you? Wish there was a way to make the calls stop? Congress enacted Telephone Consumer Protection Act, (TCPA) to stop harassing phone calls from companies like Catherines. In many cases, the offending companies are required to pay damages to those who were being harassed.

Credit card debt can arise when you miss out on payments for credit cards, including store cards issued by Comenity Bank for places like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, Apple Seed’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, BJ’s, Big Lots, Crate & Barrel, Eddie Bauer, Fashion Bug, Forever 21, Victoria Secret, etc.

Who is Catherines’?

According to Catherine’s website, long before it became fashionable to cater to full-figured women, an enterprising woman named Catherine Weaver opened a small clothing boutique in Memphis. The year was 1960. As a plus-size woman herself, Catherine hoped to bring style, beauty, and confidence to a like-minded clientele whose fashion choices were decidedly limited.

Turns out, Catherine Weaver was on to something. Today with nearly 400 locations nationwide, along with, the Catherines brand continues to fulfill its promise to women everywhere as the fashion and fit authority for sizes 16W-34W and 0X-5X. As part of the Ascena Retail Group family of stores, Catherines serves a unique niche in the marketplace, offering beautiful fashions and intimates in hard-to-find extended sizes and comfortable fit customers love.

But Catherines is far more than just a place to shop. Embracing the same sense of community on which it was founded, Catherines seeks to engage, connect, inform and inspire the women we serve.

Who issues credit cards for Catherines? 

All credit cards that can be used in both Catherines’ online and physical locations are issued by Comenity bank. To get a Comenity bank/Catherines card, call Comenity bank at 1-888-332-4728.

What to do if your FDCPA rights are violated due to your Comenity bank Catherine’s card debt

If your rights are violated because you owe a Catherines’ credit card payment, you should know that the debt collection agent representing Catherines’ clothing isn’t allowed to harass you, and violations of the FDCPA could land them in serious trouble with the law.

if you think your rights were violated during the collection of the debt you owe to Catherines stores, you have two main options:

• You can file a complaint through the Catherines credit card phone number, the CFPB, or a debt collection attorney, or
• Sue the collection agency

Filing a complaint about your Catherine payment dispute is as easy as ABC, the CFPB makes it this way and follows up on each complaint you file to ensure that the issue gets resolved.
If you wish to get more immediate results by suing the collection agency, we offer a free consultation, and the best part is that you will not need to pay us a dime in attorney fees if you have and are able to prove a valid case of debt collection harassment from the third party collector contacting you about your Catherine’s credit card payments.

If you would like to explore the option of suing the collection agency, then we advise that you keep records of all the exchanges (both written and verbal) that you have had with the debt collector. This will go a long way to validate your claim of harassment.

Since most of Catherines’ Phone Harassment that is carried out over the phone may be hard to prove, keeping a record of phone calls, dates, times, and what was said. You may also record the conversation, just be sure to check with your state laws to ensure that recorded evidence gathered without the other party’s knowledge is admissible in court.  This is a great way to prove that you faced harassment over the payment of your Catherinescard.

Catherines Phone Harassment-Comenity Bank!

There are several ways you may be experiencing Catherines Phone Harassment. The TCPA limits when and how often a company like Catherines can call. The TCPA also bans the use of automatic dialing systems.  Some of the key parts that Catherines’ Clothing must follow when making calls are below:

  • Companies must maintain a “Do Not Call” list and honor any request from a consumer to not be called again.
  • Marketers may not send unsolicited advertisements by auto-dialer, prerecorded voice message, or fax to anyone without prior express consent.
  • Customers must be able to opt out of future robocalls during a robocall.
  • Calling without identifying themselves or without revealing the identity of the person or company on whose behalf they are making the calls

How to stop the harassment from Catherines’ Clothing

Fortunately, there are rules in place to stop debt harassment from causing trauma and distress. As a consumer, you need to know what you can do to help stop it. As a result, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) have been put into place to regulate collection practices and ensure consumers are not harmed.

The TCPA regulates the use of automated equipment to make robocalls and send text messages. Like the FDCPA, the TCPA also protects the rights of the consumers in the face of debt-related harassment. To understand the FDCPA and the TCPA better, you need to know the legal details; a task best entrusted to a lawyer.

Catherines Phone numbers?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

614-212-7500, 614-754-4136, 800-695-2912, 614-534-2516, 720-728-3217, 844-271-2816, 614-729-6086, 614-754-4132

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Catherines phone number. You may be a victim of Catherines Phone Harassment.  The list above is not all the numbers that Catherines uses. The calls can be from a different phone number and still be Catherines calling you.  Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a credit card debt. Contact our office right away so we can start the process to stop Catherines from calling you illegally. No one should live with the harassment!

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