Success Stories

I had a medical collections company calling my number looking for someone I never heard of. They kept calling, even tho I told them they had the wrong number. Consumer Rights Law Firm took my case & got them to stop calling, plus they got a monetary settlement for me. I am so appreciative of the help they gave me!
Teresa T
Mike was nice, informative, and jumped on the case A.S.A.P. Thank you consumer rights law firm for speaking up for me when I thought I did not have a voice. The scariest thing to hear from someone is for them to threaten to garnish your wages and you are barely making ends meet. Once again thanks for all your help.
Raven Hooker
This is a wonderful company!!!!!!!!! I was very pleased with the attention and service that I received. Whenever I had a question or concern it was answered right away. They were very confident that they would win my cases and they did just that. It did’t take very long at all and I am very satisfied.
Kimberly B.
Found them on the internet while desperately looking for help w/a collection agency that was harrassing me. called the law firm not expecting anything, what i got was helpful reliable info on collection practices. they took my case and after that the phone calls stopped my case was settled and i even have some $$ coming back (of which i am still waiting for but it has only been approx a week ago. thank goodness there is someonewilling & able to help the consumer. thany you guys!
Great experience, Great Customer Service and Great a Firm to do business with.
This company immediately makes you feel welcome. That they are going to help you, the first day I spoke with a gentleman who was very effecient he returned my calls and when I called it was a live person who picked up the phone every single time. He immediately got started on paperwork and research the company because the company refused to give me their name. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company and will refer all my friends and colleagues to them if anyone comes across situations that I have encountered. It’s amazing how people are harassed and have no idea what their rights are. Thank you CONSUMER RIGHTS LAW FIRM!
I highly recommend this firm! They stayed on top of the case and myself. I’m sure they had a lot of cases but always treated me as a priority and I truly appreciate that!!!
Sylvester Boyd
I found Consumer Rights Law Firm on the internet because I was so afraid that I was being threatened by a debt collector and from the beginning of the process to the end you knew they were on you side. I was always reassured that they would settle my case and they did. The staff is very professional and they care about you and fight for you. I will recommend anyone and everyone who comes along with a story about being harassed by debt collectors to consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC. I can’t thank them enough for helping me in a bad and scary situation.
Kenya Quori Adams

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