Medical Bill Attorneys & Collections

Dealing with a medical debt collector can be one of the life’s most stressful experiences. Harassing calls, threats, and use of obscene language can drive you to the edge. What’s worse, a medical debt collector may embarrass you by contacting your employer, family or neighbors. You may even be hounded to pay a medical debt that is not rightfully yours. Sure, debt collection agencies have a job to do. Even so, there are limits on how far a medical debt collector can go. For that, you need to hire a medical debt collection attorney.
Know your rights. Learn to recognize abuse from medical collection attorney. Even if you owe a medical debt, a collector owes you fair treatment and respect for your privacy. Also, be aware that even if the collector’s conduct does not exactly match the language of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that collector may still be liable for its conduct. We explain your rights under federal and state laws.

Know Your Rights