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Rash Curtis & Associates Phone Harassment?

Are you suffering harassment from Rash Curtis & Associates?  If a collection agency like Rash Curtis & Associates violates the FDCPA, you may be eligible to receive up to $1000.00 in statutory damages, along with the cost of your attorney fees, alongside other compensations depending on the extent of damage caused by Rash Curtis & Associates phone harassment. Debt collectors are allowed to call you to discuss your debts, but they aren’t allowed to harass, intimidate, or coerce you into paying. If Rash Curtis & Associates or any other debt collector is harassing you, you have the legal right to stop them.

Many people have had several complaints about Rash Curtis & Associates’ debt collection and other collection agencies. There have been complaints of these debt collectors calling them countless times, and even calling their friends, and family unnecessarily. This is unacceptable. Rash Curtis & Associates’ debt collection is supposed to be a seamless and stress-free process. If it is becoming stressful for you or it’s threatening your peace of mind, then Rash Curtis & Associates debt collection may just have crossed the line and they need to be stopped.

Rash Curtis & Associates phone harassment is prohibited by the FDCPA. If you have been putting up with it, you don’t have to do so anymore. You can choose to sue them if they don’t stop. Contact us today to help you get the justice you deserve.

Zombie debts

Zombie debts earned its name because it comes back again and again even after you think it’s been dealt with. These debts are created because companies extract as much money as they can and then go ahead to sell the remaining debt to another company. The new company tries to get the rest from you and sells what is left to another company.

The market of debt buying and selling is a complete mess sometimes. Many times, debts are bundled together and sold in bulk. You may have been enduring Rash Curtis & Associates’ phone harassment because your debt was one of the debts sold to Rash Curtis & Associates. 

The seller may admit that there are some faults in the paperwork but the buyer still buys them because they pay just pennies on the dollar and the opportunity for returns are huge.

Zombie debt buyers usually have just the debtor’s name, number, and the amount owed. They usually can not verify the debt because they lack the necessary paperwork to pursue the case in court. But they’ll never tell you that when they call. You’ll just find zombie debts popping up on your credit reports again and again.

Sometimes, it even persists even after the original statute of limitations has passed. If you make any voluntary payment, you can reset the statute of limitations, thereby accidentally validating that debt.

If you receive a call from Rash Curtis & Associates about a zombie debt, do not pay it. Even if they bombard you with called and it even extends to a case of Rash Curtis & Associates phone harassment, do not be pressured into paying the debt just like that.

Check the date first to see if you’re being tricked into turning a time-barred debt into a zombie debt.

The best way to deal with a zombie debt is to make a written demand to the collection agency, asking for a verification of the debt. If the validation proves unsuccessful, you can request to have the invalid debt removed from your credit report.

Is Rash Curtis & Associates a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Rash Curtis & Associates has been in business for 41 years. There have been 44 complaints filed against RCA with the BBB. Read more here: Rash Curtis & Associates Better Business Bureau

Who is Rash Curtis & Associates?

Rash Curtis & Associates is a third-party debt collector located in Vacaville, California.

Contact Information

Address: PO Box 5790

Vacaville, CA 95696-5790

Phone: (707) 454-2000

Rash Curtis & Associates Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

866-729-2722, 800-929-3935, 408-792-6300, 877-210-9239, 321-328-3823, 877-939-0919, 704-257-2179, 702-359-9579, 513-286-1853, 413-282-0166, 205-378-3613, 304-500-9104, 630-914-8911, 786-233-6794, 843-788-9589, 203-848-6406, 470-204-6010, 206-858-9032, 317-999-6266, 402-408-7750, 773-897-3574, 309-323-6748, 971-256-5073, 571-451-1175, 440-683-5605, 913-535-1523, 707-454-2010, 707-454-2000, (866) 729-2722, (800) 929-3935, (408) 792-6300, (877) 210-9239, (321) 328-3823, (877) 939-0919, (704) 257-2179, (702) 359-9579, (513) 286-1853, (413) 282-0166, (205) 378-3613, (304) 500-9104, (630) 914-8911, (786) 233-6794, (843) 788-9589, (203) 848-6406, (470) 204-6010, (206) 858-9032, (317) 999-6266, (402) 408-7750, (773) 897-3574, (309) 323-6748, (971) 256-5073, (571) 451-1175, (440) 683-5605, (913) 535-1523, (707) 454-2010, (707) 454-2000, 8667292722, 800929-3935, 4087926300, 8772109239, 3213283823, 8779390919, 7042572179, 7023599579, 5132861853, 4132820166, 2053783613, 3045009104, 6309148911, 7862336794, 8437889589, 2038486406, 4702046010, 2068589032, 3179996266, 4024087750, 7738973574, 3093236748, 9712565073, 5714511175, 4406835605, 9135351523, 7074542010, 7074542000,

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known RCA number. You may be a victim of RCA phone harassment.  Call us immediately at 877-700-5790 to stop any form of harassment you may be receiving.


The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Rash Curtis & Associates in the past year and can be found on

5:14-cv-00186-VAP-SP Mary K Greenlee v. Rash Curtis & Associates et al

2:10-cv-00106-MCE-JFM Walker et al v. Rash Curtis & Associates

2:10-cv-01079-MCE-DAD McEndree v. Rash Curtis & Associates

2:10-cv-01173-MCE-KJM Lopez v. Rash Curtis & Associates

2:10-cv-01536-JAM-KJN Hildebrand v. Rash Curtis & Associates

About Us

Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors. If you suspect that your debt collection rights are being trampled upon, contact our office to begin the process to stop the harassment you may currently be receiving from Rash Curtis & Associates debt collection agency. Our office has been assisting consumers since 2010, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call us at 877-700-5790 for immediate assistance.

Success Stories

“I would highly recommend the Consumer Rights Law Firm to anybody that has been harassed! They were very professional and straightforward about my rights”.

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC on 2 different occasions the staff was very courteous and helpful and they were familiar with the Collection Agency’s in question and the harassment calls stop, I was even compensated. I would recommend this company to anyone going thru this type of harassment a very satisfied customer”.

“Because of a lie from a third party debt collector that threatened me financially I nearly made the mistake of paying the debt collector money I couldn’t afford. The people here were friendly, knowledgeable and settled my case quickly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”


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