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Have you been receiving calls from debt collectors over your Loft credit card debt?

If you have fallen behind on your Loft credit card payment, then you may begin to get calls from debt collectors talking about your Loft Comenity credit card debt. This should not come as a surprise because your Comenity Loft credit card account may have been sent to a debt collector. Many creditors do it.

Your Loft Comenity Mastercard debt cannot be swept under the carpet especially when debt collectors are now involved. Debt collectors are relentless and some of them will stop at nothing until they get money from you.

If the Loft card debt collector is beginning to go too far in their collection attempts, and this is making you uncomfortable, you do not need to keep enduring that. Debt collectors are not allowed to harass and threaten people. The FDCPA says so.

According to the FDCPA, debt collectors must not use any deceptive or harassing methods in their debt collection process. So, if the debt collector calling you concerning your Loft payment is beginning to harass you or lie to you, contact us immediately to get help and secure the compensation that you may be entitled to.

About Loft

Loft is a women’s outfit retailer that caters to women’s style. You will find items such as sweaters, denim, suits, pants, dressed, blouses, skirts, and accessories for women in any of their store outlets.

Loft gives two credit cards that enable their shoppers to earn rewards: the ALL-Rewards credit card and the ALL Rewards Mastercard, both offered by Comenity Bank (comenity.net/loft). The All rewards Mastercard offers extra perks.

Cardholders who want to make Loft card payment online will need to create an account online first. Next, they’ll need to enter in their Loft credit card login details for either the ALL rewards Mastercard or the ALL-Rewards credit card.

Contact Information

Loft phone number: 1-888-563-8444

Address: 7 Times Sq Sb4, New York, NY 10036, USA

How to Negotiate With Debt Collectors

If your Loft Comenity bank credit card has a debt that is in collection status and you desire to get it settled but cannot afford to pay it up in full, you just might be asking yourself “how do I pay my Loft bill?“.

There’s good news.

You may be able to negotiate with the Loft credit card debt collector to get an affordable payment agreement. Although you may not be able to get the debt collector to agree to a lower Loft card payment, you may be able to work out an installment agreement.

If you intend to negotiate the payment of your Commenity Loft credit card debt, it is important to know how. When you understand how to negotiate properly, you’ll be able to sort out your Loft mastercard debt for good.

The tips below will help you successfully negotiate your Loft card payment with the debt collector.

The first thing you must understand is how the debt collection world works. As with any other negotiation, understanding the other party well puts you in a better position.

All the Loft credit card debt collector wants is to get money from you and move on to the next consumer. So, if you make them a good offer, they are usually open to accepting it.

Another thing you must understand is that you have rights in the debt collection process. Get familiar with your rights under the FDCPA before speaking with the debt collector. After doing that, pay attention to the following tips.

  1. Confirm that the Loft Credit Card debt actually belongs to you.

Be skeptical about every detail presented to you. It is not impossible for a debt collector to try collecting a debt that isn’t yours, a debt that is already paid, or worse still, a debt that doesn’t exist.

Make a debt verification request if The loft credit card debt collector does not send you one on their own. If the debt is verified and you have confirmed that it’s yours, you can proceed with the negotiation. If not, send a cease and desist letter to the Loft Credit Card debt collector and cease all further contact with them.

  1. You need Some Leverage

If you get some leverage, the debt collector is more likely to accept your payment offer faster. One form of leverage is if the debt collector has a low chance at winning a lawsuit against you, especially in the case where the debt has exceeded its statute of limitations.

A debt that has exceeded its statute of limitations is more difficult, if not impossible to enforce in court. Take note, however, that you can accidentally restart the statute of limitations on a debt by verbally admitting to the debt or by making partial payment.

Another thing you may want to leverage on is the credit reporting time limit. If a debt has fallen off your credit report or may fall off soon, there’s less incentive for you to pay it, because it doesn’t affect your credit score anymore. Generally, the older a debt, the more likely it is for a debt collector to accept lower payment.

  1. How much can you pay?

It is important for you to know what you can afford to pay before making a payment offer to the debt collector.

Consider your other financial obligations and prioritize accordingly. You do not want to worsen your credit score or reduce your chances of getting approved for other credit cards and loans because you want to pay this debt.

Be prepared for a counteroffer from the debt collector. So it is wise to start by offering a lower payment than you intend to make.

  1. Get everything in writing

When you and the debt collector eventually arrive at an amount that works for you both, ensure it is well documented in writing.

Negotiating with a debt collector can be quite an arduous process. But it can be easier when you pay attention to certain details like the ones above. Generally, be calm through the whole process and try not to divulge more information than necessary, as it may be used against you.

Harassing calls from a Loft credit card phone number?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

009 1 614-534-2756


(614) 534-2756

(833) 845-4439

+44 08455191914

(407) 345-8071



If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Loft phone number. You may be a victim of robocalls from Loft and the third-party debt collector they have enlisted to help retrieve the debt from you. The list above is not all the numbers that Loft uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be Loft calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to a debt on the Loft credit card. Contact our office right away if you would like us to put an end to the harassment.

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