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True value credit card debt collectors calling? Stop the harassment.

If your True value credit card debt has gone unpaid and it remains so for up to three months, your creditors may decide to transfer the stress that comes with trying to collect the Comenity True value Credit Card debt to a debt collector who may find several ways to contact you in order to get you to pay up. All of this will have a negative impact on your credit score, and this will limit your access to new credit.

A debt collector or collection agency is a company whose job is to collect past-due debts from people who have borrowed on behalf of the original creditors. Once your True value card debt has been sent to a collection agency, they will begin contacting you for a True value credit card payment. Your original creditor will no longer have to contact you or ask you to pay directly to them.

The Johnnys true value debt collector is now in charge and will work tirelessly to recover unpaid funds from you in exchange for a portion of the payment that they are able to recover.

As mentioned above, before all of this will happen, your original creditor will usually have contacted you several times before. If they don’t get a positive response from you, then the True value credit card debt collector will come in, and it may not be pretty. Also, your creditor is not mandated to tell you before sending your True Value discover card account to a debt collector.

If your True Value credit card debt is sent to a debt collection agency, and they are harassing you for payment, you should know that the law is on your side. Your safest bet is to get in touch with a consumer protection attorney, and you can contact one by calling 877-700-5790.

About the True value credit card

The True Value Discover card is a card that is offered by Comenity Bank. The card is for people who are embarking on remodeling projects, home repair, and improvement projects. It has no annual fee but also has no signup bonus.

The True Value Discover card can be used at the True Value online store and it offers special interest-free financing for up to 6 months.

You can contact True credit customer service to find out what the pre-approval Discover credit card requirements are. Or you can visit their website ( You can also contact the True card Mastercard customer service by calling this number; (800) 897-3112.

What to do if a debt collector contacts you

When you begin to receive True Value card debt collection calls, do not panic. If handled well, interactions with debt collectors can end well and in your favor. The tips below will help you through any debt collection call.

  1. Ask. Request for information and identification. Ask the True Value credit card debt collectors who they are, their name, address, the debt amount, and the name of the original creditor. Check your own records to be sure you actually owe the money and try verifying the legitimacy of the collection agency to avoid getting into a debt collection scam.
  2. Don’t give out your personal information to the True value discover card debt collector
  3. Try to find out how old the debt is by asking questions like when the last payment was made. If the True Value Discover card debt has exceeded the statute of limitations, it is considered a time-barred debt. This means that you can’t be sued for it, and in some cases, that the debt collector can’t pursue you for it.
  4. In the case where you don’t believe you owe the True Value Discover card debt, you have the option to dispute it in writing within the first 30 days. Nevertheless, if the debt is yours, you can negotiate a payment plan with the debt collector or a lump-sum payment for all or a portion of the debt.
  5. Whatever agreement is made should be done in writing.

By simply following the above-mentioned tips, you should be able to avoid a lot of pain and unexpected circumstances during the debt collection process. If you need further information and guidance, be sure to reach out to the best team of consumer protection attorneys by simply calling 877-700-5790.

Getting harassing calls from a True Value credit card phone number?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

(800) 897-3112

(773) 695-5000

(801) 827-0990



If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known True Value credit card phone number. You may be a victim of harassment from the company and its team of debt collectors. The list above is not all the numbers that True Value uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be True Value calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a True Value credit card debt. Contact our office right away if you would like to get the best team of consumer protection attorneys on your side.

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