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Financial Business Consumer Solutions Phone Harassment?

If you have been enduring Financial Business Consumer Solutions phone harassment, you may be wondering what it’s about. Just in case you do not know who they are, Financial Business Consumer Solutions is a third-party debt collector and they may have been contacted by your creditor and asked to call you to recover your debt. Financial Business Consumer Solutions has the right to call you and send you letters over the collection of a delinquent debt.

Many things can happen during Financial Business Consumer Solutions debt collection. You’ll get calls, letters, and emails from them, all trying to get you to pay what you owe. However, one thing is prohibited and that is FBCS, Inc. phone harassment.
If during the FBCS debt collection process you start getting harassed, your rights under the FDCPA may have been violated and you can get justice for yourself.

The FDCPA is a federal law that helps protect debtors against FBCS, Inc. phone harassment and all forms of harassment from debt collectors. The FDCPA gives you the right to sue any debt collector who harasses you. So if you have been putting up with FBCS, Inc. phone harassment, you do not have to do so anymore.
You can sue them for FBCS, Inc. debt collection harassment and we can help you do that. Reach out to us today.

Common debt collection terms simplified

Are you new in the debt market and often find yourself lost in all the terms and abbreviations you come across daily? We here to help you. As a debtor, there are certain terms that are used to address situations, agencies, and persons that center on the whole phase of being in debt. You must know the vocabulary, so here’s what you need to know:

  • A Debtor is a person, or firm, that owes money to another person or firm.
  • A Creditor is a person or firm, that is directly owed money by a debtor.
  • A Debt Collector is a person or an agency that is responsible for collecting past due debts from a debtor on behalf of a creditor.
  • A First-party collection agency is the subsidiary of the original company that is being owed money.
  • A third-party collection agency is a different company that is contracted to collect debts on behalf of the original creditor.
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is an enacted law that protects the rights of the debtor against harassment from the third party debt collection agency.
  • Harassment is any means of annoying, intimidating, and disturbing a debtor either by persistent calls, threats of violence made by the debt collector, or calls received at odd hours.
  • Delinquent debt is a debt for which the payment date has passed (even if it is by a day).
  • A Scam call is a fraudulent call that seeks to deceive a debtor or even someone that isn’t in debt to pay a debt that is non-existent.
  • A Lawsuit is a case in a court where two parties, in this case, the debt collector and the debtor, disagree peacefully and get to reach an agreement.
  • An attorney is a lawyer or a legal practitioner that advises or represents a person, in this case, you, the debtor, in legal matters.

Having a proper understanding of these few terms will help your vocabulary whenever you find yourself in debt and need to communicate with a debt collector. Don’t be a victim of scam calls and harassment; know your rights and know peace.

Is Financial Business Consumer Solutions a Scam?

  • FCBS financial services is not a scam. According to the Better Business Bureau website, Financial Business Consumer Solutions has been in business for 37 years. There have been 56 complaints filed against FBCS with the BBB. Read more about it here: Financial Business Consumer Solutions Better Business Bureau

Who is Financial Business Consumer Solutions?

Financial Business Consumer Solutions or FBCS is a third-party debt collector located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. They majorly focus on collecting debts such as medical bills, utility bills, student loans, and credit card debt.

Contact Information

Address: 330 S Warminster Rd Ste 353

Hatboro, PA 19040-3433

Phone: (800) 220-2018

Financial Business Consumer Solutions Phone Harassment?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

215-320-5761, 800-220-2018, (215) 320-5761, (800) 220-2018, 2153205761, 8002202018.

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known FBCS number. You may be a victim of Financial Business Consumer Solutions phone harassment.  The list above is not all the numbers that FBCS uses. The calls can be from a different number and still be Financial Business Consumer Solutions calling you.  Contact our office right away to safeguard yourself against harassment from FCBS collections or any other debt collection agency.

Common Questions

Is FBCS a scam? No, Financial Business Consumer Solutions has been in business for 37 years.

Can Financial Business Consumer Solutions garnish my wages? Yes, FBCS can garnish your wages on a Federal Student loan or if they obtain a judgment from the courts.

Can FBCS sue me? Yes, FBCS can sue you so long as the debt is within the statute of limitations

Can FBCS report my debt to the collections bureaus?  Yes, Debt collectors are allowed to place the collection account on your credit report

Can FBCS arrest me? Debt collectors don’t have the authority to have you arrested for a debt. However, if you violate a court order, e.g. an order to appear in court, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be arrested for certain debts like unpaid child support or traffic tickets.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Financial Business Consumer Solutions in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

3:17-cv-00733-FLW-TJB Brown v. Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc.

3:18-cv-01242-B Peterson v. FBCS Inc et al

8:18-cv-02128-TMC Goldson v. FBCS Inc et al

3:18-cv-00281-DB Medellin v. Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc.

2:16-cv-02738-JCM-CWH Patton v. Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc.

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