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Discover Financial Services Phone Harassment? Stop Robocalls.

Do you receive a ridiculous amount of automated calls from Discover Financial Services, most of which you don’t remember ever consenting to? Does Discover Financial Services employ the use of unethical robocalls to bother you over and over again, harassing you over your unpaid debts or for advertisement purposes? No company has the right to harass you. You can stop Discover Financial Services Phone Harassment and take your life back.

Discover Bank is an American-owned financial services outlet that provides checking and savings accounts, personal loans, student loans, and home equity loans to consumers across the United States. The famous Discover Bank Card, which is the third-largest credit card brand in the U.S (with a total of about 57 million cardholders) is also owned and offered by Discover Financial Services. 

As we mentioned earlier, no company has the right to harass you, regardless of who they are or how scary they seem. According to the TCPA and FDCPA laws, you have rights in the context of debt collection and if Discover Bank violates those rights, you are within your rights to sue them in exchange for statutory damages set at $1000 and compensation for any additional damages incurred.

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Is Discover Financial Services a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Discover Financial Services has been in business since 1989. Discover Financial Services, located in Riverwoods, IL offers loans & various other financial services to consumers across the United States.

There have been 886 complaints closed against Discover Financial Services with the BBB.


Who is Discover Financial Services?

Previously known as the Greenwood Trust Company, Discover Financial Services provides personal loans and other financial services to consumers within the United States. The company also operates the Discover and Pulse networks, Diners Club International, and the Discover Bank Card.

The Discover Card is a credit card that was started by Sears in 1985. It is owned by the 3rd largest credit card company (after Master Card, Visa, and American Express) in the United States.

Discover Bank has been a party to over 2,100 federal cases based on their issuance of credit and collection of debts incurred on their credit cards.

Discover Bank Contact information:

Address: 2500 Lake Cook Rd

Riverwoods, IL 60015-3851

Phone: (800) 347-2683

What is the FDCPA? How does it help you?

Signed into law in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that dictates what debt collectors are and are not allowed to do in the process of seeking to recover debts on behalf of another individual or organization. Amended in 2010, the law now puts the Discover Financial Services debt collection process in check and limits the use of unethical means and methods in the process of third-party debt collection.

If Discover Bank violates the laws listed under the FDCPA, the law permits you to file a lawsuit against them for debt collection harassment in which compensations for damages and your legal fees will be paid out to you. Discover Financial Services may be making your life unbearable by leaving an unreasonable amount of phone calls that make you feel helpless and hopeless; however, you must not lose hope, as providing evidence of repeat debt collection harassment by Discover Bank will only build a stronger case of debt collection harassment in your favor.

If you have faced Discover Financial Services debt collection harassment in the form of threats, insults, menacing comments, misleading information, or false representation, they have infringed on your rights according to the FDCPA rights, and by law, you can pursue a case with them in the State Court.

If you decide to take Discover Bank to court, note that it is up to you to provide evidence of the FDCPA violations you claim. Statutory damages are set at $1000 (in addition to extra compensation) if the case plays out in your favor and you are able to prove beyond doubt that your debt collector has violated your FDCPA rights.

In such cases, it is your best bet to hire a lawyer to take up your case and ensure that you are adequately represented. What we at Consumer Rights Law Firm pride ourselves in is our professional standard and outstanding work ethic. You can reach out to us now at 877-700-5790  to discuss the specifics of your case and receive free legal advice. It is, however, also very important to note that you have only one year from the date of the FDCPA violation to take the case to state court.

Regarding the issue of debt collection harassment lawsuits, it is faster to sue an offending debt collection agency in civil claims courts if you wish to take matters into your hands and deal with the issue by yourself; however, there is less liability for losses. There have also been some records of disagreements in arbitration cases with debt collectors.

Another great option for you is to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) if you are not sure whether or not Discovery Financial Services has violated any of your FDCPA rights. The FTC, CFPB, or the office of the local government Attorney can also help you file complaints against an unscrupulous debt collection agency.

TIn conclusion, you must note that the FDCPA does not shield you from debt collectors who are making contact with you over a personal debt that you legitimately owe and have defaulted on. Additionally, the FDCPA extends to cover only third-party debt collectors, that way, first-party debt collectors (otherwise known as original lenders) are excluded from the provisions of the FDCPA.

For example, if you owe money to the local grocery store and the owner calls you up to initiate the debt recovery process, he is not a third-party debt collector under the provisions of the FDCPA.

The law applies only to debt collectors who hire or sell delinquent debts to third parties, such as debt collection agencies. The law further covers only personal loans such as credit card and student loans, excluding all forms of business loans.

Discover Financial Services Phone Harassment

There are many ways companies like Discover Financial Services harass consumers and violate their rights and the law. The TCPA limits when and how often a company like Discover Financial Services or its affiliates can call a consumer. The TCPA also bans the use of automatic dialing systems.  Some of the key parts of the TCPA that all companies including Discover Financial Services must follow when making calls are below:

  • Calls only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Companies must maintain a “Do Not Call” list and follow it. Therefore, not call the consumer again if they request to not be contacted further.
  • Marketers may not send unsolicited advertisements by auto-dialer, prerecorded voice message, or fax to anyone without first securing their prior express consent.
  • Customers must have an option that allows them to be able to opt-out of future robocalls during a robocall. Once requested, the calls must end.
  • Calling without identifying themselves or without revealing the identity of the person or company on whose behalf they are making the calls is strictly prohibited under the TCPA
  • Debt collectors failing to identify themselves as such is also not permitted under the TCPA law

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act also prohibits

  • Automatic dialing systems
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Unwanted SMS text messages
  • Calls for which a charge is made to the account of the receiver
  • Unsolicited advertisements by fax

Furthermore, any debt collection representative who calls you over the telephone should give you their name, and the name of the person or organization that they represent. They should also leave a telephone number or address at which you may reach them for future correspondence.

Failing to adhere to any of the above rules may be counted as a violation of the TCPA, an act which attracts a fine of $500 – $1500 per violation (depending on the nature of the violation claim).

 Discover Financial Services Phone Numbers             

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from these numbers?

800-347-2683, (800) 347-2683, 8003472683

If so, you may be a victim of Discover Financial Services phone harassment. The list above is not all the numbers that Discover Financial Services uses; calls can be from a different number and it still be from Discover Financial Services.  Contact our office right away so we can start the process to stop Discover Financial Services from calling you illegally. No one should live with debt collection harassment.


What are Robocalls?

Robocalls are phone calls with prerecorded messages. This may also be stretched to accommodate unwanted and unsolicited text messages. The TCPA bans Debt Collection Agencies from employing the use of unsolicited robocalls (robocalls for which you have not previously granted your consent to receive) especially for the purpose of advertisement. To Learn More visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How can I assist in my case if I believe I am receiving robocalls?
  • Observe the following details: the date and time that you receive the call, the name of the caller, and the contact information of the caller.
  • Take note of whether or not the call was a prerecorded message, or if you spoke to a live representative during the course of the conversation.
  • Keep track of your call logs, messages left on your voicemail, text messages that you receive, and your cell phone bills.
  • Save a copy of your cease-and-desist letter or any other correspondence you have sent them to that effect (if any).


Discover Financial Services Complaints

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Discover Financial Services and can be found on Pacer.

7:05-cv-00794-LSC Crawford v. Discover Financial Services

2:03-cv-00257-SLB Ratcliff v. Discover Financial, et al

5:12-cv-05024-JLH Rutz v. Discover Financial Services

2:13-cv-00396-GMS Redding v. Discover Financial Services

4:15-cv-00212-JAS Miller v. Discover Financial Services


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Success Stories

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You can also file a complaint directly with the following government entities: Please click on the links below:



Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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