Conserve Phone Harassment?

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Conserve Phone Harassment?

Is Conserve (Con) calling you repeatedly? If so, you may be experiencing Conserve phone harassment. In case you’re wondering who, Conserve is and why they are calling you, Conserve is a third-party collection agency and they most likely are calling you to talk about some money they think you owe. When an individual falls behind on their bills, their original creditor begins to pursue them in an attempt to retrieve the money they owe, but this is short-lived. Usually, creditors who pursue debts, pursue it for only about 100-120 days, after this time, they hire a professional debt collector like Conserve debt collection and hand over the account with the delinquent debt to them. These professional debt collectors are called third-party collection agencies or third-party debt collectors.

When an account gets sent to a debt collector like conserve collections, your credit report gets affected because a collection begins to appear on it which automatically affects your credit score. After this happens, the calls from the collection agency begin to come in. Many times, these calls are not the nicest. Debt collectors have successfully built a reputation for themselves as scary and dreadful entities.

Only a few people can attest to having great experiences with debt collectors. If you are currently experiencing harassment from a collection agency, know that it is illegal and can be stopped. You do not have to put up with Conserve phone harassment; the FDCPA says so. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act puts a limit on what debt collectors can do to you. According to the FDCPA, debt collectors are not allowed to use any unfair, deceitful, or harassing method when trying to recover a debt from you. If a conserve collection agency begins to harass you with calls, threaten to send you to jail, harm you, or call your loved ones, they are violating the FDCPA, and you can sue them and get awarded for damages.

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What to do when debt collectors call

If you’re going through Conserve debt collection, you need to know what to do and say when they call.

When a Conserve debt collector calls you, the first thing you should do is to get as much information as possible. Ask for details like the name of the caller, the agency they represent, their address, the debt they speak of and who the original creditor is, and so on.

You should also go further to ask them to send you a letter of validation to prove that you actually owe as they claim. As you do this, refrain from making any statement that connotes that you agree that the debt is yours.

Do your best to speak calmly and logically. Debt collectors may say things that will infuriate you, but the knowledge of your rights will help you keep them under control. Conserve phone harassment is unlawful and a violation of your right under the FDCPA. So do not cower in fear if you’re being harassed during a Conserve debt collection call, stand firm on your rights.

If the debt is validated and you confirm that it is yours, immediately make plans to negotiate. Proceed to make negotiations with conserve collections on better payment options for you and possibly installments. A credit counselor or consumer rights attorney will be in the best place to negotiate with conserve collection on your behalf.

What to do if a Debt Collector sues you.

How bad does debt get before you get sued for it? A debt collector can sue you when your debt becomes delinquent and has passed through the debt collection process. There are a few tips that can help you pass through the hard process of being sued. But first of all, attempt negotiating with the debt collection agency. While the Conserve debt collection process is still ongoing, and before it gets to the point of becoming a full-blown lawsuit, try negotiating a repayment plan with Conserve. Maybe you can pay less. If that does not work, do the following:

  • Brace up and face the lawsuit. Respond to the debt claim and don’t ignore it, as ignoring it could attract a more severe action against you. Ignoring a Conserve lawsuit gives Conserve an automatic judgment against you.
  • Retrieve all documents and information in your possession that has anything to do with that particular debt. During Conserve debt collection, you must put together certain documents like information about the debt, and evidence of Conserve phone harassment (if there was any)
  • Demand more proof from conserve collections that you actually owe. The suing party should produce proof that you are in debt and that they have the right to sue you over it.
  • Hire an attorney. If you are sure you have paid up the debt that you are being contacted over and this is a case of zombie debt, you can submit your evidence of payment to your attorney and get the case dismissed. But if you do owe, your attorney can still step in and defend your case.

You equally stand a chance to file a countersuit if the creditor breached any agreement, harassed you, or if the debt was settled, discharged in bankruptcy, or is too old. If you have settled or completely resolved the debt, then bring proof of payment or your debt settlement agreement along with you to court.

Finally, if you really cannot pay off your debt even after being sued ((and only if you can really not afford to pay it off), you should strongly consider filing a petition of Bankruptcy. The entire debt will be discharged in bankruptcy; this will halt the entire collection process.

Is Conserve a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Conserve arm has been in business for 33 years. There have been 1106 complaints filed against Con with the BBB. Read more information here: Conserve Better Business Bureau

Who is Conserve?

Conserve is also referred to as Continental Service Group, Inc., Conserve NY, conserve ARM, and Conserve Accounts Receivable Management. The majority of Conserve collection agency’s primary function is collecting student loan debt, and almost all of its clients are universities and colleges. Conserve is located in Fairport, New York. As of November of 2018, Conserve has had 110 complaints filed against them on the Better Business Bureau website.\

Conserve phone number

Address: 200 Cross Keys Office Park

Fairpoint, NY 14450

Phone: (800) 724-7500

Are you dealing with Conserve Phone Harassment?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

866-524-1166, 585-421-1000, 800-724-7500, 585-421-1011, 585-598-6191, 585-598-6195, 585-598-6196, 866-459-7388, 866-491-7400, 866-622-0095, 866-625-5090, 877-804-5569, 877-999-1957, 866-633-7945, (866) 524-1166, (585) 421-1000, (800) 724-7500, (585) 421-1011, (585) 598-6191, (585) 598-6195, (585) 598-6196, (866) 459-7388, (866) 491-7400, (866) 622-0095, (866) 625-5090, (877) 804-5569, (877) 999-1957, (866) 633-7945, 8665241166, 5854211000, 8007247500, 5854211011, 5855986191, 5855986195, 5855986196, 8664597388, 8664917400, 8666220095, 8666255090, 8778045569, 8779991957, 8666337945, 866-524-1166, 585-598-6193, 866-459-7311

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Con number. You may be a victim of Conserve phone harassment.  Contact us immediately to stop any inconvenience brought upon you by Conserve’s Debt collection process.


The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Conserve in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

1:18-cv-05848 Jimenez v. Continental Service Group, Inc.

2:18-cv-02028-RFB-NJK Lowe v. Continental Service Group

1:15-cv-00575-EAW-HKS Jennings v. Continental Service Group, Inc.,et al

8:18-cv-02129-DCC Goldson v. Continental Service Group Inc et al


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