Benuck & Rainey Phone Harassment?

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Benuck & Rainey Phone Harassment?

You may be unfamiliar with debt collection laws, and this is why debt collectors like Benuck & Rainey can exploit your lack of knowledge and commit several acts that are unacceptable by law but unnoticeable to you.

Since they know that you are more likely to make a financial decision out of pressure and fear than out of knowledge, courage, and adequate information, they often make harassing calls hoping that they can coerce you into making a hasty financial decision that may have devastating long-term effects. You never have to make significant financial decisions from a place worry and uncertainty anymore, because there are many laws that protect you and your family from facing debt collection harassment at the hands of third-party debt collectors. These laws make it a punishable offense and if your rights are violated by a third-party debt collection agency such as Benuck & Rainey.

The FDCPA and TCPA make it an offense for debt collectors to behave unprofessionally towards their clients. The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), for example, is a body of protective laws that decides how Debt Collectors are to conduct themselves with their customers through the entire process of debt collection. The violation of a law of the act (FDCPA) can incur statutory damages up to $1000 from the erring debt collection institution.

When am I allowed to file a lawsuit against Benuck & Rainey?

You are permitted according to the provisions of the FDCPA and the TCPA to take legal action against Benuck & Rainey when they:

  • Misuse your credit report
  • Lie to you about the details of your debt or try to trick you into paying a larger sum
  • Place Robocalls to you without first obtaining your permission
  • Threaten to arrest you, harm you, or destroy your credit score
  • Criminalize you or try to shame you into paying off a debt by revealing sensitive details to unauthorized persons.
  • Ignore your request to cease-and-desist.
  • Impersonate a court official or law enforcement officer.

If Benuck & Rainey has acted in any of the above-mentioned ways, you may be able to take court action against them and entitled to receive statutory damages.

Who is Benuck & Rainey?

Benuck & Rainey is a third-party debt collector located in Lee, New Hampshire.

Contact Information

Address: 221 Old Concord Tpke

Barrington, NH 03825-5155

Phone: (603) 868-5566

What should I do when Benuck & Rainey calls?

The first thing to do when Benuck & Rainey calls is to ensure that the number calling you claiming to be a debt collector and the debt that they claim you owe are legitimate:
You should ensure that you know:
• Who you’re talking to (the full name of the debt collection representative)
• The name of the agency they represent
• The agency’s address and phone number
• The name of the original creditor:
• The amount owed
• How much is owed
• How you can dispute the debt or verify the debt is yours
If the debt collection agency withholds this information from you the first time they contact you, send a written letter requesting the verification of your debt within 5 days counting from when you received the first call. It is also crucial to have all the required information in writing before you proceed.

Benuck & Rainey Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

603-664-0443, 888-697-5566, 603-868-5566, (603) 664-0443, (888) 697-5566, (603) 868-5566, 6036640443, 8886975566, 6038685566

If so, then you are receiving calls from a known BR number. Call us now on 877-700-5790 to find help.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Benuck & Rainey in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

1:18-cv-01000-JMS-MJD Goehst v. Benuck & Rainey

1:15-cv-13424-LTS Baldinelli v. Benuck & Rainey

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