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Stop Calls from Atlantic Recovery Solutions

Stop Calls from Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS). Nobody ever wishes to be in debt, it is a very stressful and confusing situation to find yourself in. The bad news is that it only gets worse when Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) keeps placing call after call to you, reminding you of your unpaid debt. We understand that it is the responsibility of Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) to recover debts owed by consumers, and it is very logical to want to make a profit, however, it is not acceptable for them to overstep the boundaries prescribed by the law and engage in debt collection harassment.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Debt collection Agencies must act in a way that ensures that the consumer does not feel disrespected, scared, or taken advantage of. The Act, also known as the FDCPA, protects consumers’ rights in the context of debt collection. In other words, debt collectors must adhere to a certain set of rules when they are pursuing consumers who owe money. If a collector violates the FDCPA, you can sue the collector in court. The law allows consumers who have been victims of harassment from debt collectors to get the calls to stop in addition to recover statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus attorney fees.

Who is Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARA)?

Atlantic Recovery Solutions, also known as ARS, is a third-party debt collector located in East Amherst, New York. Founded in 2012, ARS is primarily a third-party debt collector. Therefore, this means that they collect debts that were originally owed to someone else. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires Atlantic Recovery Solutions to collect debts in an abuse-free and non-harassing manner.

Contact Information

Address: 33 Dodge Road, Stye 108
Getzville, NY 14068-1540
Phone: (855) 881-1046

Is Atlantic Recovery Solutions a legitimate collection agency?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Atlantic Recovery Solutions has been in business for 6 years. In all the years they have been in business, there have been 59 complaints filed against ARS with the BBB. Read more about it here: Atlantic Recovery Solutions Better Business Bureau

What is classified as unlawful behavior by the FDCPA?

According to the federal law enacted for the protection of your consumer rights (the FDCPA), a third-party debt collector, during the collection of a debt, is not allowed to use unfair practices to coerce a debt from you.

Examples of such unfair practices prohibited by the FDCPA include:

  • A debt collection organization trying to collect extra interests and charges in addition to the amount that you owe to them.
  • Messing up your payments by depositing a post-dated check too early
  • Failure to properly inform you about the debt and your right to dispute it
  • Employing the use of obscene, profane, unethical, and harassing words during their communications with you.

Furthermore, the Fair Debt Collection Practices act strongly frowns upon the use of false, deceptive, or misleading practices by debt collectors in the debt recovery process. Examples of such practices include:

  • Misrepresenting the details of your debt, including the amount that is owed, and any other important credit details
  • Debt collection officials falsely representing themselves as legal officials or police officers.
  • Issuing threats that are not within their power to carry out. Such threats include threats of bodily harm, arrest, or jail time.
  • Issuing threats to embark on illegal courses of action that the debt collector has no intention of pursuing.
  • Harassing you with an excessive amount of phone calls intended to annoy, harass, or shame you into the payment of your outstanding debts.

In addition to these federal laws that protect your consumer rights, each state usually has a slightly altered set of rules (alongside other federal laws) that are aimed at generally prohibiting debt collection practices that might be considered unfair, deceptive, or abusive towards the consumer.

If you believe a debt collector is using unfair, illegal, and unethical practices to coerce a debt from you, then you should feel free to contact the CFPB, the FTC, or your state’s attorney general to file a complaint. Retaining the services of a qualified consumer rights attorney is also essential, as it enables you to sue the debt collector for this and other violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) easily. If ARS violates your rights under the FDCPA, you may be entitled statutory damages up to $1000.00 plus ARS will pay your attorney fees.

It is also highly advisable to keep good records of your communications with a debt collector in case you will need to pursue any form of legal action in the future. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep a file of all the letters, documents, and correspondence that you have received from a debt collector.

Additionally, retain copies of anything that you have also sent to a debt collector such as a cease-and-desist letter. Keep comprehensive notes that record the dates and times that conversations took place, alongside what was discussed. Also, keep records of any violations of your consumer rights committed by the other party. Keeping these records will come in handy in the case of a dispute with a debt collector or if you decide to retain legal counsel.

How to end the badgering calls from Atlantic Recovery Solutions

Note that following the first communication you receive from Atlantic Recovery Group, a debt collector cannot call you outside the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Atlantic Recovery Solutions is expected to adhere to these restrictions, as they are meant to protect your privacy, and a violation of them would amount to a violation of the FDCPA laws.
In addition to this, Atlantic Recovery Services is not allowed to place anonymous calls to you. They must give you their business name, address, state their intention for the call, and the name of the debt collection representative you are talking to.

Additionally, you should let your Atlantic debt collector know if you are unable to receive calls at your place of employment, and once they know, they are expected to adhere to those rules. They can call people in your social circle (such as family and friends) to get your address, phone number, or place of employment. Note that they are not allowed to mention that they are contacting you over the non-payment of a debt, or to reveal sensitive details about the debt to any of those persons.

To stop the badgering calls, you should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Once you inform ARS recovery that you have retained the services of a lawyer, they will direct all subsequent phone calls to the office of the lawyer. You can get in touch with a qualified lawyer by calling (877)-700-5790.

The second option is to write and send them a cease-and-desist letter. This is basically a letter you write to the collection agency asking them to stop calling and harassing you, and it should be sent by certified mail.

Please note that sending a certified letter to the collection agency does NOT equate to you being free from the debt, it simply means that you will no longer receive communications from Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC about it. The debt still very much exists.

When Atlantic Recovery Solutions gets your certified letter, they are no longer legally permitted to contact you except:

  • They want to acknowledge the receipt of your letter and tell you that they will no longer be contacting you to remind you about your unpaid debts, or
  • They want to let you know that certain actions have been or will be taken against you (for example, an impending lawsuit)

Regardless, it is always wise to seek legal counsel in order to know the right direction to walk in before you proceed.

Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) lawsuit?

You may receive a court summon over a debt that you owe Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) Do not take this trivially. Ignoring even a small civil court lawsuit can have several disastrous consequences such as default judgments. Additionally, because many creditors such as credit card companies, banks, and medical billing companies, add interest, penalties, and their own attorney fees, even a small debt can multiply several times over once it goes through the civil court process.

Although these items are governed by contract, it may be difficult for untrained in the legal processes of debt collection to determine whether the additional fees you are required to pay are calculated properly, thus, they may end up paying thousands of dollars more than what they would have if they sought the help of a qualified legal practitioner. This is also more reason why you should never try to defend yourself if Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) files a lawsuit against you. Contact a lawyer immediately.

Furthermore, if you ignore a court summon brought from Atlantic Recovery Solutions (ARS) it may result in a default judgment being levied against you. The effect of having a judgment by default being levied against you is very bad. Therefore, if you receive a civil court summons and complaint or any other type of court papers, it is in your best interest to contact a qualified debt collection attorney to represent you or call us on 844-791-1990.

Remember that the most probable path to victory is to have a qualified attorney working on your behalf. Feel free to contact us today, we will be happy to let you know your options and connect you with A+ accredited legal representation.

Is it advisable to represent yourself in a lawsuit with a debt collection agency?

Whenever you are served a court notice of legal action, it is usually always a bad idea to try to go to court by yourself without first seeking the expertise of a qualified consumer rights attorney. Retaining the services of a consumer rights attorney can bring resources and a new, experienced perspective to your case that you would otherwise never be able to achieve by yourself.

It is a proven fact that a lawyer will be more informed about the technicalities and egal processes better than you are and have ample experience with creating a winning strategy. This alone is enough reason to ever go into a debt collection case without a lawyer by your side.
Furthermore, there are bound to be intricacies that may be easy to ignore to the untrained eye. These file little details will never escape the trained scrutiny of a qualified legal professional.

How can we help?

If you are facing harassment from ARS recovery solutions, we will use both federal and state laws to ensure that they face the full consequences of their actions.

In the first stage, we will send Atlantic Recovery Group a cease-and-desist letter, instructing them to desist from all harassing actions.

If, on the other hand, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Atlantic Recovery Services Inc. has violated any of the laws that protect your consumer rights you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your inconvenience, and we will fight till the end to ensure that you get it.

Under the FDCPA, you are entitled to get $1,000 in statutory damages in addition to whatever amount that the harassment from Debt Recovery Solutions LLC has caused you in actual damages. In addition to this Atlantic Recovery Services Inc. is responsible for all legal costs, including your attorney fees.

What this means is that if we are able to prove a valid case of debt collection harassment against Atlantic Recovery Group, you do not have to pay us a penny, as all costs will be covered by the erring debt collection agency.

In addition to federal laws, you may also be covered by certain state laws that are set up to prohibit harassment from Recovery Solutions LLC.

More about ARS

Is Atlantic recovery solutions calling you every day? You should know that Atlantic recovery is a licensed debt collector also often searched for as Atlantic recovery group, Atlantic recovery services, Atlantic Collection Agency, Atlantic recovery solutions reviews, Atlantic Collections, and Atlantic recovery services collection.

If you are receiving correspondence from an Atlantic group debt collector, it means that you owe a debt, and Atlantic collection has been hired to recover it. Atlantic recovery center will thus do all that is within their power to get you to settle the amount. As a reputed credit recovery solutions agency, account recovery solutions employ their resources into the collection of delinquent third-party debt accounts.

If you would like to discuss a repayment plan with a debt collection representative, you can call ARS on (855) 881-1046. According to several Atlantic recovery solutions reviews, Atlantic recovery services collections has been accused of violating consumer rights in the process of debt collection before.

Atlantic Recovery Solutions Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

716-332-6420, 716-398-4389, 815-220-5582, 866-783-0234, 757-447-2583, 866-783-0234, 774-804-3312, 716-256-1923, 888-827-3602, 612-213-1183, 716-293-1371, 480-841-5135, 720-912-3595, 346-223-0607, 716-362-9686, 716-309-2650, 716-362-7090, 720-912-3601, 843-405-8135, 678-823-8921, 352-282-0242, 716-332–4577, 323-900-0702, 833-582-0630, 866-264-0498, 716-587-8964, 833-637-0201, 833-582-0630, 716-362-9686, 716-587-8966, 872-270-7188, 866-783-0234, 716-256-1923, 888-827-3602, 716-587-8968, 772-361-6822, 855-854-8515, 716-829-1857, 716-614-0328, 202-990-1562, 716-587-8960, 763-225-5666, 716-431-5614, 312-668-9895, 716-351-3820, 979-985-8727, 979-314-4814, 480-841-5135, 720-912-3595, 346-223-0607, 1-716-362-9686, 716-309-2650, 716-587-8967, 855-319-2711, 866-264-0498, 716-362-7090, 720-912-3601, 843-405-8135, 678-823-8921, 678-823-8921, 352-282-0242, 716-332-4577, 323-900-0702, 833-582-0630, 866-264-0498, 716-587-8964, 833-637-0201, 1-833-582-0630, 716-362-9686, 716-587-8966, 833-582-0632, 872-270-7188, 866-783-0234, 270-681-4156, 716-256-1923, 1-888-827-3602, 855-881-1046, 202-990-1562, 716-587-8960, 716-614-0328, 716-829-1857, 855-854-8515, 772-361-6822, 716-587-8968, 910-213-3167, 716-351-3820, 716-587-8690, 833,741-3464, 716-582-0304, 716-587-8960, 917-277-2202, 208-845-0142, 833-734-2955

If so, you may be a victim of Atlantic Recovery Solutions’ phone harassment. Call us immediately on 844-791-1990

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Atlantic Recovery Solutions in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

3:18-cv-01371-HES-PDB Coburn v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC

8:18-cv-02867-MSS-TGW Richardson v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC

1:18-cv-01849 Merrill v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC

1:19-cv-00134-LJV Granados v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC, et al

4:18-cv-03237 Chism v. Atlantic Recovery Solutions, LLC et al


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If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent phone harassment from Atlantic Recovery Solutions, call us at (877)700-5790 for immediate assistance, or contact us here.

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