Stop excessive calls from American Express

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Stop excessive calls from American Express

There are only few experiences that are as unnerving as being on the receiving end of a phone call with a debt collector like American Express. Daily, people continue to receive calls from American Express and other debt collectors who are trying to get money from them. If American Express is calling you concerning a debt, you need to have a full understanding on debt collection and how it works.  

Debt collection calls are usually unwelcome by people because of the things that come with them. Most debt collectors are only interested in getting money from the people they call, thus, they resort to using any and every tactic within their reach in their debt collection process. 

American Express phone harassment is the last thing you need if you owe and are trying to look for ways to pay the debt. It becomes even worse if you do not actually owe the debt being spoken about, yet you’re made to go through unpleasant things during American Express debt collection

Fortunately, there are federal laws that protect your rights when it comes to things like american express collections. The Fair Debt Collection Practices act is one of such. 

According to this law, American Express phone harassment and every other form of debt collection harassment is illegal. During American Express debt collection, all activities that involve harassment, threats, and lies, should be avoided because they are against the law. 

If you experience any of these during American Express debt collection, your rights have been violated and you can sue American Express. Call us now to get help. 

Things you should not do during American Express debt collection

Most times, debt collection calls are sudden and unexpected and american express collection tactics are limitless. This is why most people are completely unprepared and get scared when the call comes. This usually leads to them making a whole lot of mistakes which will cost them later. When a debt collector calls you, avoid making the following mistakes. 

  • Being ignorant of your rights. If you get a call from american express collection department, the first thing you need to know is that you have rights and what they are. This will give you the boldness you need to communicate with american express debt collectors and eradicate fear from you. You will not respond to American Express phone harassment in fear. Rather, you’d know that your rights have been violated and you can sue.
  • Fear. Fear is a cruel master and can make make costly mistakes. When a debt collector calls, fear will definitely try to creep into your heart. Don’t let it. Remain in charge of your feelings. This way, your decisions will be better and more sensible.
  • Saying too much. The worse mistake anyone can make on a debt collection call is volunteering information. This is completely to your disadvantage. Especially if the debt collector on the line is a fake debt collector. You may be giving them information that they did not even have. Giving them more power and access.
  • Speaking out of pressure and fear. Debt collectors are pros at putting people under pressure. A decision made under pressure is not likely to be the best. This, if american express global collections is intimidating and scaring you, you do not have to talk or make decisions then. You can ask them to end the call and give them a different time to call you.
  • Admitting that you owe the debt or making an instant payment of a token towards the debt. This is a very wrong move. The moment you admit that you owe a debt, you can be held legally over it. Also, if a debt collector convinces you to make a payment of a token immediately for you to avoid trouble, don’t fall for it. Doing that will also reinforce the debt. 

Who is American Express?

American Express is a financial services corporation that is best known for their credit cards. They issue millions of credit cards across the world. In 2018, American Express agreed to settle TCPA class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois.  This lawsuit accused American Express of using automatic dialer or an artificial or prerecorded voice calls to harass consumers. American Express denied any wrongdoing or guilt but settled the case for over $9.5 million dollars.


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American Express Debt settlement

In a debt settlement agreement, the debt collector agrees to close your debt if you pay an agreed amount lower than your original debt. Debt settlement can however be quite tricky because it hurts your credit score and, in some cases, it requires that you pay taxes on the amount of the debt that was waived. A debt collector may also trick you into settling an already paid debt, or a debt for which the statute of limitations has expired; which revives the statute of limitations on the debt. so you must know all the details about the said debt before you agree to settle with American Express.


Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors in any form, including telephone communication. Rather than suffer alone, contact a legal professional to stop the harassment from American Express.

If you are interested in protecting yourself against American Express harassment, call us at (877)700-5790 for immediate assistance or visit our website at www.consumerlawfirmcenter.com

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Stop excessive calls from American Express
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