Viking Acquisitions LLC Debt Collection Harassment?

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Viking Acquisitions LLC Debt Collection Harassment?

Is Viking Acquisitions calling you about a debt? You do not have to suffer from the harassment meted out on you by debt collectors like Viking Acquisitions, you have legal recourse. Legally, third-party debt collectors are within their legal rights to contact you about settling your delinquent debt accounts, however, they are not allowed to harass you in any form, as that is illegal and frowned upon by the law.  If Viking Acquisitions engages in harassment, you can either sue them or report them to the Federal Trade Commission. This will lead to punitive action if they are found guilty.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is legislation that protects the rights of consumers like you from the harassment of debt collectors. According to the FDCPA, third-party agencies are prohibited from any behavior that is intimidating, harassing, and unethical towards the consumer. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are required to identify themselves and state the name of the debt collection agency they represent every time they communicate with you. They are also expected to send you proof of the debt within five days from the date of initial communication with you. This debt validation document should contain the name and address of the original creditor and advise the consumers that they have the right to contest the debt.

Debt collectors like Viking Acquisitions are not allowed to call consumers at unreasonable hours and must immediately stop contacting consumers who get legal representation. The FDCPA also prohibits debt collectors from making unending calls to consumers with the intent to annoy or harass them.

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What happens when you ignore calls from Viking Acquisitions

Debt collection calls can be disturbing especially if you don’t have the money they seek. You may want to succumb to the temptation of ignoring their calls or even changing your phone.

But is this really a good idea?

If you’re considering ignoring calls from Viking Acquisitions, there are a few things you should understand. The first is that debt collectors are relentless and a trick as small as ignoring their calls won’t stop them. They will stop at nothing to get to you. They will call your friends and family if they have to.

Also, ignoring a debt collector’s call does not make your debt go away. You are just sweeping a pile of dust under the carpet; it will eventually become too much to handle and get out of hand. Your debt may keep growing and it’ll affect your credit report.

You will also be missing out on an opportunity to negotiate with Viking Acquisitions and settle your debt.

The worst of it all is that Viking Acquisitions can choose to file a lawsuit against you if you keep ignoring their calls. Instead of letting it get to this stage, it is best to speak with the debt collector, get an attorney, and explore the options available to you.

Instead of ignoring calls from Viking Acquisitions, do this

Instead of ignoring a debt collection call, thanks to your FDCPA rights, you can dispute the debt Viking Acquisitions has called to collect.  Once you send a debt dispute letter, Viking Acquisitions is expected to stop all debt collection activities they can prove that you actually owe the debt.  If they are unable to give you proof, they may never bother you again.

If you would like to dispute the debt Viking Acquisitions collection claims that you owe, send them a written notice clearly stating that you disagree with the debt within 30 days of receiving the first debt collection call.

In the letter, don’t forget to state important details such as your name, and the debt you would like to dispute; the CFPB have provided a couple of sample letters you could use for this purpose or alternatively, you could get a debt collection attorney to draft the letter on your behalf. Once you dispute the debt, Viking Acquisitions collection agency must cease all attempts to collect the debt until they send you an official verification of the debt in a written document.

We always advise all our clients to keep evidence of their communications with Viking Acquisitions collections for evidence and future reference. To do this, send the letter via certified mail and get a return receipt. That way, you can be sure that Viking Acquisitions collections received your letter and if the matter ever ends up in court, you will have evidence to prove so too.

You should never ignore a debt collection call from Viking Acquisitions, even if you do not remember incurring the said debt. It is always the best idea to see it to the end.

How can an attorney help my case? 

It is important to understand how an attorney can help you with debt collectors if you are constantly being contacted over your unpaid debt. A qualified attorney is an invaluable asset to your debt collection case.

If you are receiving ceaseless calls from Viking Acquisitions and you find that you are unable to pay back loans at the time, consulting with a legal professional may be in your best interest. Soliciting the help of an attorney skilled in debt settlements can help you reduce your loans and structure them into workable payment plans. Furthermore, a qualified attorney will protect you from debt collection harassment.

However, it is important to note that seeking the services of a qualified consumer rights attorney, does not mean that you will be exempted from paying back the amount of money you borrowed, or the new sum agreed upon in the debt settlement. An attorney will simply guide you through the debt collection process, negotiate a settlement (if need be) on your behalf, represent you in court if you are sued, and ensure that your consumer rights are respected throughout the process of collection. This is just about everything you need to have a smooth debt collection process.

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Who is Viking Acquisitions LLC?

According to their website, Viking Acquisitions is a privately held recovery management company located in Niagara Falls, New York

Contact Information

Address: 1623 Military Road Suite 803, Niagara Falls, New York 14304

Phone: (888) 915-8016

Is Viking Acquisitions LLC a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Viking Acquisitions has been in business since 2020. There have been 9 complaints closed in the last three years and 5 complaints closed in the last twelve months. Read more about it here: Viking Acquisitions Better Business Bureau.

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Viking Acquisitions LLC Debt Collection Harassment?
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