The A – Z of DUI Massachusetts laws.

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The A – Z of DUI Massachusetts laws.

As a road user in the state, you may already know that DUI Massachusetts laws are taken seriously and upheld quite firmly by the state.

In the process of investigating a person for breaking Mass DUI laws, there are a couple of steps and procedures that are usually adhered to. First, under Massachusetts drinking laws, you are required to take a breath or blood test to determine if you have gone beyond the legal alcohol limit, and thus broken MA DWI laws.

In accordance with DUI Massachusetts laws, this test must be carried out with the consent of the individual in question if the results are going to be admissible in court at the person’s defense trial.

Despite the fact that MA OUI law required that you grant your consent in order for the results of your breath or blood test to be admissible in court, note that the arresting officer still has the right to take you into custody even if you refuse to take a breath or blood test in accordance with Massachusetts alcohol laws.

If you have been taken into custody for breaking drinking laws in Massachusetts, then now is the time to get in touch with a DUI attorney in Massachusetts. Our team of criminal defense attorneys will assess your case and assist you from bail to defense. Whether you are accused of breaking Mass DUI law or involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Massachusetts, we have you covered.

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Under DUI Massachusetts law, are there any consequences for refusing to take a Breathalyzer test?

Even though MA DUI laws fully allow you to choose whether or not you will take a breath or blood alcohol level test, know that the refusal to do so will lead to serious consequences.

In Massachusetts, for example, you will retain your right to use the road only for as long as the state sees fit. In order to prove that you are worthy of being granted this privilege, you must stay on the right track with Massachusetts driving under the influence laws and ensure that you are never found wanting.

It is also interesting to note that as a road user in Massachusetts, it is legally assumed that you have willingly acquiesced to having a random check of your breath or blood alcohol levels in any event where it is suspected that you are breaking MA DWI laws.

If you are pulled over by a police officer who has reason to believe that you are breaking Mass DWI laws, and you refuse to submit to a breath or blood analysis check, this refusal will ultimately result in the suspension of your driver’s license. This suspension is a measure put in place by the state to promote safety on the roads and will be in place for 180 days.

What should I do if I have broken DUI MA laws?

If you have broken Mass drinking laws, then you may possibly be facing some serious Massachusetts DWI penalties for your actions. The following are the steps you need to take IMMEDIATELY after being arrested for breaking OUI Massachusetts law.

1. Know that there are consequences:

Getting arrested for driving or operating any machine under the influence can lead to MA driving fines, the suspension of your license, or even actual jail time.

If this is your first offense DUI in MA, then the consequences may not be extremely severe, nevertheless, it is important to understand that there could be consequences for your offense, and a good DUI attorney can help you get the best outcome possible.

2. Hire a DUI attorney who has knowledge of Mass DWI laws:

A good DUI attorney is often the difference between victory and punishment. The first step in a DUI case is usually arraignment, followed by the pretrial conferences during which the motion date (and subsequently, the trial date) will be set. At Consumer Rights Law Firm, we ensure that you do not have to walk through any of these processes alone.

3. Preserve evidence:

You may not have acted as unruly as the officer describes. Be sure that any video evidence from the scene of the arrest is preserved, as that may be the most vital piece in your defense

DUI Attorney Massachusetts

If you are charged with breaking DUI Massachusetts laws, then you need to get an efficient and tenacious lawyer who will defend your case against the prosecutors with hopes for the best outcome.

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