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Scranton Recovery Group, LLC Debt Collection Harassment?

Updated article on March 22nd, 2024 by Attorney Derek DePetrillo

Scranton Recovery Group, LLC Debt Collection Harassment? Hard times happen to everyone and sometimes the effects of these hard times leave dents on the finances of individuals and families. When people begin to fall behind on their bills, it may take a lot for them to get back up and this may lead to them being unable to settle their bills, leading them deeper and deeper into debt.

Creditors and businesses who are unable to recover debts after some time, send the delinquent accounts to third-party debt collectors or collection agencies. These debt collectors then begin the job of pursuing the debt by contacting the debtors and using everything in their power to try to persuade them to settle the debt.
Dealing with debt collectors can be a dicey experience because debt collectors have years of experience in dealing with various consumers and thus, can easily outsmart you or lead you into legal pitfalls that you may be untrained to spot. This is why you need to solicit the services of a qualified and experienced consumer rights lawyer to guide you through the entire process.
Without the right knowledge, your interaction with debt collectors can end up being to your disadvantage. One of the tricks debt collectors’ employs is threatening and harassing consumers, in an attempt to recover debts from them. What you must know is that this is unlawful and strongly frowned upon by the FDCPA. If you are experiencing harassment from a debt collector, you need to speak with a qualified lawyer. Contact us by calling this number 877-700-5790 now.

What should I request when speaking with a debt collector?

When you are contacted by a debt collector, there are things you should know and questions you should ask. Thankfully, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows debtors to ask debt collectors certain questions about their identity, the name of the original creditor, and the amount owed over the phone.
It is always wise to refrain from speaking too much when a debt collector calls. Do not divulge your personal information to them, especially when you don’t know who they are, why they’re calling, and if the debt is actually yours. Be patient enough to listen to debt collectors speak, so that you can get enough information from them.
Asking debt collectors questions is also wise but it is important to know what questions to ask.
Here are a few questions you should ask debt collectors:
  • What is your name and where are you calling from? The Telephone Consumers Protection Act requires debt collectors to provide their names to any consumer they call over an issue of unpaid debt. They must also identify themselves as a collection agency.  If a debt collector fails to introduce himself properly when they call you, you should let them know that they are going against the TCPA and violating your rights.
  • What is the name of your agency and what is their address?
  • Who is the original creditor?
  • What is the name of the name and address of the debtor listed on the debt?
  • Can you confirm that this debt is mine?
  • Can you send me documents confirming that this debt is mine?

If your debt collection agent refuses to cooperate with you by answering the above questions, it is either that they are in violation of the FDCPA and/or TCPA, or they are fraudsters posing as collection agencies. Either is not an option you have to deal with by yourself. Seek the professional advice of a qualified attorney.

Who are Scranton Recovery Group, LLC?

Scranton Recovery Group is a third-party debt collector located in Depew, New York. According to their website, Scranton Recovery Group LLC is a fully licensed consumer asset recovery company that specializes in the resolution of outstanding personal consumer debt. 

Contact Information


6348 Transit Rd, Suite 3

Depew, NY, 14043

Phone: (833) 368-4692, 888-333-1814

Is Scranton Recovery Group, LLC?

According to the Better Business Bureau Scranton Recovery Group has been in business since 2018. Scranton Recovery Group has an A+ rating and there have no customer complaints. To read more: Scranton Recovery Group Better Business Bureau BBB

If you are not sure of the name of the collection agency that is contacting you than feel free to visit our list of collection agencies List of Collection Agencies in United States Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC (

If you have any additional questions than please visit our FAQ page: FAQ | Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC (


Scranton Recovery’s role in the debt collection landscape brings to light the complexities and challenges inherent in the industry. As consumers navigate the demands of debt collection, it is crucial to be informed about their rights under the FDCPA and to advocate for a system that prioritizes ethical practices.

By shedding light on the concerns raised by consumers dealing with Scranton Recovery, we contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding debt collection practices. Through awareness, advocacy, and a commitment to ethical standards, we can work towards a financial landscape where debt collection agencies operate with respect for consumer rights, fostering a more equitable and compassionate system for all.

About Us

Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors. If you suspect that your debt collection rights are being trampled upon, contact our office to begin the process to stop the harassment you may currently be receiving from Scranton Recovery Group. Our office has been assisting consumers since 2010, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call us at (877)700-5790 for immediate assistance.

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