Reel Time Capital Debt Collection Harassment?

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Reel Time Capital Debt Collection Harassment?

Reel Time Capital Debt Collection Harassment? Regardless of the type of personal debt you have accrued, the reasons why you have acquired it, or your current ability to repay it, third-party debt collectors like Reel Time Capital, often try to coerce you into paying off those debts. This often makes them cross the thin line that differentiates between what is legal and what is illegal during the debt collection process.

If you are currently receiving endless and disturbing calls from Reel Time Capital, then you get the picture of how debt collectors tend to cross the line. Your request to not be bothered again probably even went unanswered, and they might have turned the heat up by saying you are a criminal, and that they can contact or speak to you however they please simply because you owe a debt. They might have also committed one of the greatest injustices by force-feeding you wrong information just to scare you and get you to pay off your debt quickly.

The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) instructs all third-party debt collectors to respect and protect the rights of their customers. This does not mean that they cannot call them and make attempts to collect on a debt, it only restricts the means and methods that they can use to get you to resolve your delinquent account. It is also noteworthy of mentioning that you can get up to $1000 in statutory damages for a violation of the FDCPA.

If Reel Time Capital is harassing you with constant phone calls or threatening to take legal action and garnish your wages or telling your family and neighbors that you owe a debt, their actions are illegal and need to be stopped. Call us now on 877-700-5790 to take action.

Why is Reel Time Capital calling?

You may be wondering why Reel Time Capital has suddenly started calling when you didn’t have any business to do with them. The reason is that if your debt has gone into default for the first time, you usually will usually be in communication with the internal collector of your original creditor (that is, the person or organization from whom you directly acquired the loan). This is known as a first-party debt collection agent.

If your debt has gone into default for a long time and you still fail to make payments to your first-party debt collection agent or original creditor, it will be assigned to a third-party debt collection organization. The debt is, however, still owned by, and owed to, the original creditor. If the third-party agency successfully gets you to resolve your debt, they will earn a commission on the amount that you pay. Because they earn only when they get you to resolve your debt, they will often go to the greatest lengths to ensure that you pay up.

The debt collection process is in its final stage when you do not make payments on your debt for so long that your original creditor will write it off and sell it (often for pennies on the dollar) to a third-party debt collection agency. In this stage of the process, your original creditor is no longer involved. The debt now belongs to the third-party agent, and it is now up to them to get you to pay.

Your original creditor’s internal collector is the first-party agent, you, as the debtor, are the second party, and if the debt gets transferred to a debt collection organization, they become the third party. This is why Reel Time Capital may be calling you.

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA):

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, enacted in 1977, serves as a crucial safeguard against abusive practices in the debt collection industry. Its primary purpose is to protect consumers from harassment, intimidation, and other unfair tactics employed by debt collectors. The FDCPA outlines specific rules and restrictions that debt collectors must adhere to when attempting to recover debts from consumers.

Prohibited Actions Under the FDCPA:

  1. Communication Practices: The FDCPA explicitly addresses communication practices, seeking to prevent harassment through incessant and inconvenient contact. Debt collectors are prohibited from engaging in communication at unusual times or places that are known to be inconvenient to the consumer, such as late-night calls or calls at work after being told not to.
  2. False or Misleading Representations: Debt collectors are barred from making false or misleading statements when communicating with consumers. This includes misrepresenting the amount of the debt, the legal status of the debt, or the consequences of non-payment. Such deceptive practices can cause unnecessary stress and confusion for consumers.
  3. Threats and Intimidation: The FDCPA explicitly prohibits debt collectors from using threats, coercion, or intimidation to force payment. Threats of legal actions that are not intended or permissible, as well as using profane or abusive language, are strictly forbidden.
  4. Unfair Practices: Unfair practices, such as attempting to collect interest, fees, or charges not authorized by the original agreement or state law, are also violations of the FDCPA. Debt collectors must adhere to the terms agreed upon in the original contract and cannot add unauthorized charges.
  5. Validation of Debt: Upon the consumer’s request, debt collectors are obligated to provide verification of the debt. This is a crucial right granted by the FDCPA, allowing consumers to ensure the accuracy of the debt being pursued.

Who is Reel Time Capital?

According to their website, Reel Time Capital specializes in a range of services to help navigate distressed Debt Buyers and Sellers to achieve maximum cash flow and returns on their portfolio investments. Our company uses a portfolio analysis and market approach to acquisitions and reselling opportunities.

Contact Information



4805 W Laurel St

Suite 300

Tampa, FL 33607-4552


Additional phone numbers associated with Reel Time Capital:

813-579-9391, 719-717-4651, 844-684-7424, 813-400-2070, 855-434-8614, 855-427-9088, 661-247-0697, 855-428-8683, 855-430-5692, 855-202-9247, 515-207-6074, 505-354-8632, 888-382-6325, 855-458-3127, 855-457-9896, 855-485-6396, 855-377-2734, 877-255-2153, 877-605-7323

Is Reel Time Capital a scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Reel Time Capital has been in business since 2017. Read more about it here: Reel Time Capital Better Business Bureau 

Do you have a question about Reel Time Capital?

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Reel Time Capital Debt Collection Harassment
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