Portfolio Recovery Associates Phone Harassment?

Portfolio Recovery Associates Phone Harassment

Portfolio Recovery Associates Phone Harassment?

Are you getting constant calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates about a debt? Is Portfolio Recovery Associates insulting, threatening, or harassing you in any way? You need to be armed with the right information about Portfolio Recovery Associates and all debt collectors in general, to be able to handle the situation well when you’re confronted by them.

We all dread the numerous calls we receive from debt collection agencies. Furthermore, the already unpleasant situation is often exacerbated by unethical debt collection agencies who fail to respect your rights in the context of debt collection and adhere to the laws that protect the rights of consumers like you.

A debt collector is anyone who purchases or collects debts on behalf of an original lender or first-party collection agent. They are usually required to step into the picture when a consumer has defaulted on their required debt payments for a lengthy period of time and are tasked with performing debt collection services. Thus, if you’re wondering about Portfolio Recovery Associates debt collection, the above explanation should give you an idea.

Here in the United States, debt collection agencies must be registered before they can be legally allowed to perform collection activities on delinquent debt accounts. This means that they are required to know the rights of the consumers they deal with during the process of debt collection.

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted by Congress in 1978 as a response to the ceaseless complaints of abuse and harassment by collection against consumers. Thus, the FDCPA seeks to regulate the conduct of debt collectors by not only defining what ethical conduct during the process of debt collection is but by also making provisions for wronged consumers to get justice for the violation of their rights.

If you’re experiencing Portfolio Recovery Associates debt collection and you suspect that they are trampling on your FDCPA rights, do not hesitate to give us a call immediately on 877-700-5790, and we will be happy to put all our experience to work on your behalf.

To help you understand if Portfolio Recovery Associates is crossing the line or simply doing their job, here is a list of things that debt collectors aren’t legally allowed to do.

What is Portfolio Recovery Associates allowed to do?

  1. Contact you: PRA is allowed to contact you. However, they are required to provide: the name of the creditor, the amount you owe, and the name of the collection agency in charge of recovering that debt. It is important for you to ask for these details especially if you suspect a Portfolio Recovery Associates scam. There is a possibility that Portfolio Recovery Associates may not be the ones calling you. It may just be a scammer. Asking the right questions can help you find that out.
  2. Report you to the credit bureau for excessive delay in payment and delinquency, this can affect your credit score.
  3. Sell your debt: A collector can sell your debt to another collector if they haven’t been able to collect it or sell the remainder if a part of the payment has been made.
  4. Negotiate your debt: Debt collectors buy debts from original creditors at a cheaper rate. This gives them a high-profit margin if they are able to recover what was initially owed. Your original creditor may have sold your debt to a Portfolio Recovery Associates debt collector. As a result of this, The agency may be ready to negotiate your debt with you.
  5. Sue you: Yes, a debt collector can take you to court over your unpaid debt. It is absolutely necessary to get legal counsel when this happens and be sure to make an appearance in court, else the collector may win by default.

Dealing with collectors is not always a walk in the park however, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Remember to calmly assess your situation, verify your debt to eliminate the chances of being scammed by fraudsters, and always know your rights. The most important thing to remember is to seek legal advice from an attorney who specializes in consumer law. You can contact an A+ accredited consumer rights lawyer on 877-700-5790 to get a roadmap to your freedom from debt harassment.

Handling a Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit

One of the things debt collectors are allowed to do to your is issue you. If you fail to pay your debt, PRA can choose to take you to court.
Getting notified about a lawsuit can throw you off balance but with the right knowledge, your Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit does not have to end badly. If you have a Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit, here are a few things you should know.

  • Don’t ignore the lawsuit. You may be tempted to look away and act like the lawsuit does not exist. But this will not end in your favor. Failing to defend a lawsuit has many bad legal implications like having your wages garnished.
  • Get legal counsel and appear in court. Immediately the Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit is brought to your notice, contact a good attorney for advice and show up in court. Failing to show up gives the debt collector an automatic win.
  • Look into the claim. Together with your attorney, you should review the records well to be sure that everything PRA has against you is accurate.
  • Next, you should carefully consider your options. Look at your debt and your income and figure out if you can afford a settlement. If not, bankruptcy may be the next option.
  • Reach an agreement with Portfolio Recovery Associates and get it in writing. Your attorney will help you do this well.

Your Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit can be handled well. Contact us today to look into your situation and recommend what is best for you.

Who is Portfolio Recovery Associates?

Portfolio Recovery Associates, also known as PRA is a third-party debt collector currently operating in Norfolk, Virginia. Portfolio Recovery is known for purchasing debt from first-party collectors for pennies on the dollar and trying to collect on the full amount through any means deemed necessary. As of October 2018, there were 1,461 complaints leveled against Portfolio Recovery Associates with the BBB.

Contact Information

Address: 120 Corporate Drive

Norfolk, VA 23502

Phone: (800) 772-1413

Is Portfolio Recovery Associates a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, portfolio collection has been in business for 23 years. There have been 1426 complaints filed against PRA with the BBB in the last 3 years by dissatisfied consumers. read more about it here: Portfolio Recovery Associates Better Business Bureau

Portfolio Recovery Associates Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

239-642-8598, 678-265-1568, 757-321-6280, 859-918-0780, 800-772-1413, 757-321-6278, 760-849-4216, 469-808-1472, 702-637-7273, 412-884-4940, 404-941-8938, 844-675-3407, 347-394-2384, 347-394-2384, 303-255-5348, 303-255-5348, 800-875-5104, 877-803-0008, 859-635-4142, 321-800-4397, 517-252-6783, 770-599-7290, 954-862-5688, 859-305-1791, 314-450-8080, 702-637-7273, 770-462-2198, (239) 642-8598, (678) 265-1568, (757) 321-6280, (859) 918-0780, (800) 772-1413, (757) 321-6278, (760) 849-4216, (469) 808-1472, (702) 637-7273, (412) 884-4940, (404) 941-8938, (844) 675-3407, (347) 394-2384, (347) 394-2384, (303) 255-5348, (303) 255-5348, (800) 875-5104, (877) 803-0008, (859) 635-4142, (321) 800-4397, (517) 252-6783, (770) 599-7290, (954) 862-5688, (859) 305-1791, (314) 450-8080, (702) 637-7273, (770) 462-2198, 2396428598, 6782651568, 7573216280, 8599180780, 8007721413, 7573216278, 7608494216, 4698081472, 7026377273, 4128844940, 4049418938, 8446753407, 3473942384, 3473942384, 3032555348, 3032555348, 8008755104, 8778030008, 8596354142, 3218004397, 5172526783, 7705997290, 9548625688, 8593051791, 3144508080, 702-637-7273, 7704622198

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known PRA number, you may be a victim of Portfolio Recovery Associates phone harassment. If you are receiving any form of harassment during these calls, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified professional at 877-700-5790 for help.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Portfolio Recovery Associates in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

3:18-cv-01694-RDM James v. Portfolio Recovery Associates

2:18-cv-06447-PSG-AS Garet Abrams v. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

1:18-cv-07327-ARR-RER Gross v. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

2:19-cv-00164-BHH Tidwell v. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC

2:19-cv-02086-JTF-cgc Haller v. Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC et al

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