Orbitz credit card debt collectors calling?

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Are Orbitz credit card debt collectors calling?

If you have defaulted on your Orbitz Comenity credit card payment and you’ve been unable to pay for some time, your Comenity Orbitz credit card debt may get transferred to a debt collector who now has the authority to pursue the debt.

You may be wondering why debt collectors are calling you over an Orbitz Credit Card debt. What’s in it for them?”

If your original creditor hired the debt collector, then the debt collector gets paid if they successfully recover the Orbitz Visa Credit Card or any other Orbitz Card debt from you.

Another thing that may have happened is that your creditor may have completely sold your debt to the debt collector. The debt collector may have bought your debt for way less than you owe. In this case, whatever money you eventually pay on the Orbitz Comenity Credit Card debt now completely goes to the debt collector.

Now you see why the calls from debt collectors over Orbitz Credit Card debt won’t stop.

What you may not know is that the law actually allows these debt collectors to call you. So, if you’re wondering if the Orbitz Credit Card debt collection call is legal, the answer is yes.

However, it is worthy to mention that there are laws that strictly guide what a debt collector can or cannot do to you. The FDCPA protects you from debt collection harassment by debt collectors. If debt collectors are harassing you in any way simply because you owe a debt, they have most likely broken the law.

If you are feeling harassed in the process of your Orbitz credit card collection, reach out to our team of qualified professionals immediately by calling 877-700-5790.

About the Orbitz Credit Card

The Orbitz Rewards Visa is issued by Comenity bank. Although applications for new cards have been closed since April 2021, all existing customers were said to be transferred to Comenity Mastercard, including every balance that was on the previous card.

Find more information about the Orbitz Rewards Credit Card, Orbitz Visa Credit Card, or any other Orbitz Card at comenity.net/orbitz.

Contact Information

Orbitz Credit Card Phone numbers:

Local (toll-free) 844-803-5576. From abroad (charges apply): +1 312-279-7740

3 helpful tips for when you are unable to pay your Orbitz Credit Card

When you’re not in a great place financially, the last thing you want is trouble from an Orbitz Credit Card debt collector. However, don’t let the pressure force you to give up the little money you intend to use to support your family. Do not force yourself into paying when you can’t afford to.

What you need to do is get your financial priorities right. Take care of the following:

  • Food
  • Utilities (steady electricity and water)
  • Housing (check if your mortgage or rent is due)
  • Transportation (so you can commute to work)

If what you have left after taking care of all other necessities at the end of the month is $5, then $5 is what you have to offer the Orbitz Credit Card debt collector. But before they convince you to think they’re at the top of your priority list, you need to know three things.

  1. Know that you have rights

Being aware of what the Orbitz Card debt collector can and cannot do when they are trying to get you to pay is an essential part of dealing with them. To help you know when a line has been crossed, the Federal Trade Commission issued the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These are a set of boundaries the Orbitz Card debt collector must not cross in their Collection process.

  1. Be aware of your debts

Having a thorough knowledge of every single penny you owe is very important, especially when you start getting Orbitz Card collection calls and emails. Most collectors are not afraid to lie to get you to pay off debts, and some have been shown to do so.

  1. You can negotiate

As we mentioned before, the money you have left after paying for groceries, utilities, housing, and transportation is the money you have to put towards the resolution of your debts. You can now begin to negotiate based on this amount.

Many debt collectors purchase your debt for just pennies on every dollar, therefore, they are often willing to settle the debt for an amount that is less than what you owe, as they will still turn a profit.

Are you getting intrusive calls requesting an Orbitz Comenity card payment?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

(844) 803-5576






If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Orbitz phone number. You may be a victim of harassment from Orbitz and its affiliated debt collectors. The list above is not all the numbers that Orbitz uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be Orbitz calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting an Orbitz credit card debt. Contact our office right away if you would like to put an end to the harassment for good.

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