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Read the US Federal Laws About Debt Collection Harassment

Read the US Federal Laws About Debt Collection Harassment

It’s the law: creditors and collection companies don’t have the right to lower your quality of life with constant, unwanted calling and scare tactics. That’s why we’re here. Our company came together to protect consumers like you from the debt collection harassment techniques many debt collection agencies employ.

All too often, creditors and debt collectors resort to such tactics, which include constant telephone calls, as well as contacting relatives, friends, neighbors, and employers, and both threatening them and alerting them to your alleged debt.

It’s wrong, and it shouldn’t be happening to you.

Our mission is to deliver you peace of mind, arm you with knowledge of your personal rights, and to help you receive compensation for the harassment that you have received from these debt collection agencies that continue to violate both state and federal law. We’re here to connect you with qualified legal representation – for no money out of your own pocket!