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Is American Credit Management Calling?

Do not be surprised if you get a call one day and it’s from the office of a third-party debt collector like American Credit Management. Even if you have never fallen behind on your bills before, you can be subject to debt collection calls. More likely, you are getting calls from American Credit Management because you have defaulted on your bills, and as a debt collection agency, they have come to do their job and collect on your delinquent debt.

People have complained bitterly time and again about how they have been harassed over the phone by debt collectors, some of whom they do not owe. If a debt collector is currently engaging in unethical practices like calling you too early, threatening you, or misinterpreting your credit score, they are violating your rights and should be made to face the consequences of their actions to the full extent permitted by the law. The FDCPA has different rules to ensure that debt collection practices are fair and truthful, and the violation of such attracts statutory damages, fines, and legal fees firm the erring debt collection agency.

Any debt collector who practices an unfair and deceptive debt collection method can be made to face the penalty for their actions. If you are experiencing any form of harassment from a debt collector, call us now on 877-700-5790 to get immediate assistance.

Can I pay my original creditor instead?

You may not actually owe debt collectors. They may just be doing the job of recovering the debt on behalf of the original creditor, bank or business to whom you owe the debt.

You may be wondering what your options are regarding debt repayment. Can you just bypass the debt collector and make payments directly to the original creditor since you procured the loan from them in the first place? No. It would be unwise to do so for two reasons.

First, once your account has been transferred to the office of a debt collection agency, they now have the full responsibility of recovering the debt on behalf of the original creditor. They enter into an agreement regarding what percentage of the money recovered belongs to the debt collection agency once they get you to settle your delinquent accounts and bypassing your debt collection agent to pay directly to your original creditor will be a breach of that contract. The agreement most creditors have with debt collectors is one that does not permit that you pay the creditor directly. You must pay through the debt collector. Furthermore, any monies paid to any organization that is not officially tasked with the duty of recovering your debt doesn’t count.

The second reason why it is unwise to try to bypass your debt collector and pay directly to the original lender is that it may be too late. Your debt may already have been sold to a third-party collection agency, meaning that you are now officially indebted to them and not your original creditor. Any payments you make to the original creditor in this situation doesn’t count towards servicing the debt. Debt collectors sometimes purchase debts from original creditors which means that they now completely own the debt and you have to pay them.

Can a debt collector garnish my wages?

Another question that usually plagues the minds of debtors is the question of whether or not debt collectors have the right to garnish their wages.

The simple answer is that in order for a debt collector to garnish your wages, they must have sued you to court, won the case and received permission from the court to garnish your wages. They do not reserve the authority to do so without a court-approved order, and if they are threatening you with wage garnishment over the phone or during their correspondence with you, they are in breach of the FDCPA laws and can be brought to justice.

Who is American Credit Management Inc.?

American Credit Management Inc. is a third-party debt collector located in, Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Although not yet BBB accredited as at the time of this writing, the company was founded in 1996 and has an active BBB file.

Contact Information

P O Box 941,

Tewksbury, MA 01876-0801


Phone: (978)657-965

Is American Credit Management Inc. a legitimate collection agency?

Yes, American Credit Management Inc. is an approved collection agency based in the United States. According to the Better Business Bureau website, ACM has had an active BBB file since 2004 and has had several complaints levelled against them with the BBB. Read more about them here. American Credit Management Inc. Better Business Bureau.

American Credit Management Inc. Phone Number


Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from the above number? If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known ACM number. You may be a victim of debt collection harassment. Call us now on 877-700-5790 for further assistance.

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