iQor Debt Collection Harassment?

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iQor Debt Collection Harassment?

Is iQor harassing you over a debt?

Daily, more people are falling behind on their bills and getting into debt. This is mainly due to the bad economy. At times like this, financial management is very crucial; people in debt are advised to get more sources of income, reduce their spending, and focus more on their needs then they do on their wants. However, even with these systems in place, certain occurrences can still bring financial woes to people. When occurrences like death, divorce, accidents, and health challenges happen, they may affect an individual’s finances and cause them to fall deep into debt.

One of the things that follow being in debt is debt collection calls. When a debt is left unattended to for a while, debt collectors may begin to make calls to the debtor, to talk about their debt.

Debt collections calls are something no consumer looks forward to. Only a few people have had nice stories to tell about their encounters with debt collectors. Most debt collection stories are not pleasant. Debt collectors have the job of calling you to discuss your debt and payment but when they begin to go too far, you may need to stop them.

Federal laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from harassing or threatening you. If you are facing harassment of any form from a debt collector, call us on 877-700-5790 now.

How to deal with debt collection calls 

Ignoring a debt collector seems like a good idea, but it is not. When a debt collector begins to call you, you may dread speaking with them, but that is the best thing to do. It is better to face the challenge and deal with it than ignore a debt collector’s call only to get served a lawsuit notice.

However, dealing with debt collection calls is not an easy thing to do. It requires knowledge. Find a few helpful tips below

  • Know your rights: This is the first step. The knowledge of your rights will help you handle debt collectors better. Debt collectors are prohibited by law from harassing, threatening, and lying to you. Knowing this will keep you from being intimidated.
  • Ask questions: If there are any grey areas, ask the debt collector questions. This is one of your rights.
  • Seek verification: To verify the debt, ask the debt collector questions about the details of the debt; amount, date, and the original creditor. This information should be contained in a document and sent to your address.
  • Remain in charge of your emotions: When debt collectors begin to get rude and harsh, there is no point getting angry too and exchanging bad words with them. Instead, keep your emotions under control.
  • Keep records: Keep track of the debt collection calls, their dates, and what was discussed.
  • Record phone calls: You can record the phone calls when you’re speaking with them. If the records contain the debt collector violating the FDCPA or TCPA laws, you may use it as evidence in court. Be sure to check what the laws in your state are, though, because some states prohibit the use of recording devices without first obtaining the permission of the other party. Such evidence may not be admissible in court.

Who is iQor collection agency?

iQor collection agency is an enterprise that provides customer-related outsourcing services to organizations and establishments. They specialize in customer service, accounts receivable management, and third-party debt collection.

Where is iQor collection agency located?

335 Madison Ave

27th Floor

New York, NY 10017


(646) 274-3030

Is iQor a Scam?

No, they are an approved debt collection agency. Find out more about iQor collection agency and the complaints leveled against them by dissatisfied consumers here: iQor Better Business Bureau

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iQor Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from the following number?

(252) 227-7013

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known iQor number. You may be a victim of iQor. phone harassment and you should contact us on (877)700-5790 to discuss your options.

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iQor debt collection harassment
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