How To Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Barneys New York!

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How To Stop Harassing Phone Calls from Barneys New York!

Are You Receiving Harassing Phone Calls from Comenity Bank about Your Barney’s New York Account? Have you asked Barneys New York agents to stop calling, yet they continue to call? You may be entitled to damages under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Congress enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, (TCPA) to stop harassing phone calls from companies like Barneys New York.

Credit card debt can arise when you miss out on payments for credit cards, including store cards issued by Comenity Bank for places like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor, Apple Seed’s, Ashley Stewart, Bed Bath & Beyond, BJ’s, Big Lots, Crate & Barrel, Eddie Bauer, Fashion Bug, Pier One Imports, Victoria Secret, Wayfair, etc.

Who is Barney’s, New York?

According to Wikipedia, Barneys New York is an American chain of luxury department stores founded and headquartered in New York, New York.

The chain operates fifteen flagship, boutique, and warehouse stores in the United States. In addition, twelve stores in Japan are licensed and operated by a third party.

Barneys New York operates fifteen flagship, regional, and boutique department stores in the United States.

Barneys’ New York flagship stores in Dallas, Texas at Northpark Center, and in Scottsdale, Arizona at Scottsdale Fashion Square were shuttered in 2013 and 2016, respectively. A freestanding men’s Store opened in San Francisco in February 2016.

Ten warehouse stores operate in addition to the company’s full-line business. Six full-line Barneys stores and six warehouse stores operate in Japan under a third-party licensee.

The Barneys New York Credit Card is managed through Comenity Capital Bank.

Can a debt collector place Robocalls to me using an autodialer?

Passed into law in 1991, The TCPA (short for Telephone Consumer Protection Act) outlaws all forms of communication for which you haven’t granted your consent, Robocalls included. This Act is upheld by the FCC, and secures your phone lines from unwanted calls from banks, telemarketers, and debt collection agencies.

According to TCPA rules, if you have received a prerecorded, automated or auto-dialed call to your cell or home phone regarding your barneys credit card or any other marketing message, you may sue the entity making those calls provides for statutory damages, (generally from $500 to $1500 for each violation) if you have not given them your consent to be contacted in that way.

You can call us at 877-700-5790 if you are a Barney’s card holder getting unsolicited robocalls from a Barneys New York credit card phone number.

Can anyone else receive communication about my Barneys Comenity card debt?

Apart from you, the only other people who are authorized to know about your Barneys New York credit card debt are your attorney, spouse (in certain cases), co-signor, or parent (if you are a minor).

A collector for Barneys bill pay may contact other people in your network, but only to find out your contact or employment address and nothing more. Additionally, they may only do this once, and in most cases, they are not allowed to reveal that they are debt collectors or that you are defaulting on your Barneys card payment and they are trying to collect it.

Can a Debt Collector contact me at work regarding my Barneys New York credit card?

Initially, yes, a debt collector can contact you at your place of employment over your Barneys card payment. However, if you let them know that such calls are prohibited at your place of employment, then they are expected to cease making calls to you at work.

In the state of Massachusetts, oral communications with a debt collector regarding ceasing communications at the workplace is valid for 7 days. After this, you will have to forward an official request in writing.

Can I Stop a Debt Collector from Contacting Me?

If you own a Barney credit card and are being contacted over bill payment, then the simple answer is yes; you can stop a debt collector from contacting you. How? A simple cease-and-desist letter solves this. You can stop a debt collector from contacting you by simply sending them one (or getting an attorney to do that for you).

Once they get your letter, they are expected to stop contacting you at once, except to acknowledge that they have received your request and thee will be no further contact, or to notify you that they intend to take legal action.

Note that sending this letter does not mean that you automatically do not owe the debt, however, it is an effective way to stop the calls from debt collectors that leave you feeling drained and discombobulated.

How To Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Barneys New York!

There are several ways companies like Barneys New York harass consumers and violate the law. The TCPA limits when and how often a company like Barneys New York can call. The TCPA also bans the use of automatic dialing systems.  Some of the key parts that Barneys New York must follow when making calls are below:

·         Companies must maintain a “Do Not Call” list and honor any request from a consumer to not be called again.

·         Marketers may not send unsolicited advertisements by auto-dialer, prerecorded voice message, or fax to anyone without prior express consent.

·         Customers must be able to opt-out of future robocalls during a robocall.

·         Calling without identifying themselves or without revealing the identity of the person or company on whose behalf they are making the calls

Barneys New York Phone Numbers

844-271-2816, 720-728-3217, 614-212-7500, 877-475-3483, 913-577-5000, 614-729-6090, 720-456-3686, 303-255-5349, 614-534-2515, 303-255-5352, 614-729-6090,303-255-5354, 614-212-5293, 614-729-6091, 614-754-4060, 913-563-5511, 720-456-3687, 913-563-5510, 614-729-6087, 614-729-5609, 614-754-4132, 614 754-4136, 801-438-8376, 208-719-3271, 303-255-5054, 614-729-7086, (614) 754-4056 (614)754-4132 (303) 255-5349; (303) 255-5352, (303)255-5354, (614) 212-5293, (913) 563-5511, (720) 456-3687, (913)563-5510, (614) 729-6087, (614) 729-5609, 614-212-5292, 614-754-4060, 888-393-7162, 303-209-2049, 614-729-9031, 855-497-8174, 614-754-4136, 800-695-2912, 614-534-2516

This is not a complete list of Barneys New York phone numbers. You may be receiving calls from other phone numbers that belong to Barneys New York. You may also be receiving unknown calls from Barneys New York. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a credit card debt. Contact our office right away so we can start the process to stop Barneys New York from calling you illegally. No one should live with the harassment!

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