Enterprise Recovery Systems Phone Harassment?

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Enterprise Recovery Systems Phone Harassment?

Is Enterprise Recovery Systems (ERS) harassing you over debts that you are yet to pay up? Debt collection is a process of recovering debts owed by individuals to businesses and creditors. Collection agencies like Enterprise Recovery Systems are responsible for debt collection and they do that for a fee or a percentage. Other times, they may choose to buy over the entire sum of the debt and thus become the official creditor for the loan. This should explain why Enterprise Recovery Systems is calling you.

When you fall behind on your bills, your creditor will make efforts for some time to recover this debt from you, but after a while, they transfer your account to a debt collector who is now responsible for pursuing the debt. It is legal for debt collectors to contact debtors about the debts that they owe because that is their job, and that is how they make a living. However, the FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from using unfair, deceitful, and harassing debt collection methods.
Many complaints have been filed by consumers who have had to experience a form of harassment or the other from debt collectors. This is why federal laws have been put in place to ensure that the activities of these collection agencies are limited.
It is very important to be aware of your rights in the context of debt collection. This knowledge will help in your interaction with Enterprise Recovery Systems inc. and save you from many uncomfortable experiences.
If you are being harassed during Enterprise Recovery Systems debt collection, we can help you, get an A+ accredited lawyer for FREE now by calling us at 877-700-5790

Are you a victim of Debt Collection Harassment? Here’s how to know. 

Debt collectors have limits. They are not untouchable in the eyes of the law. There are legislatures that have been put in place to ensure that debt collectors do not put unnecessary pressure on debtors or begin to make them feel scared, unsafe, and uncomfortable.
Being aware of your rights and the limits that debt collectors have during the entire debt collection process helps you stop any form of harassment from them early enough. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is one of the laws the protect consumer rights in the context of debt collection. The FDCPA was enacted in response to the frustrations of consumers on the diverse forms of harassment they were receiving at the hands of debt collectors.
According to the FDCPA, debt collectors like Enterprise Recovery Systems inc. should refrain from employing deceitful, unfair, and illegal practices when trying to recover a debt. Here are a few things Enterprise Collection Agency is not allowed to do to you:
  • Enterprise collection agency inc. is not allowed to call you multiple times a day. That could be counted as Enterprise Recovery Systems phone harassment.
  • They are not allowed to call your family members when they already have your number
  • They are not allowed to call your workplace after you have asked them not to.
  • They are prohibited from calling you about a paid debt or a debt you do not owe.
  • Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten you or use cuss and profane words on you.
  • They are not allowed to disclose information about your debt to third parties who are not your spouse, parent, or co-signor.

What to do if Enterprise collection agency harasses you 

Debt collection harassment includes any and every debt collection method that is unfair, deceptive, and disrespectful to the debtor. Just because a person owes does not mean that they should be treated like a criminal. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a law that regulates the activities of debt collectors.

Debt collectors are not without control. They aren’t limitless. There are boundaries they should not cross. If they do, they can be penalized. Debt collectors are allowed to do many things such as call you, send you emails, and even sue you (if you get notified of an Enterprise recovery systems lawsuit, don’t panic. You can manage the situation well with a good attorney. But debt collectors are you allowed to harass you.

Even though Enterprise Recovery Systems debt collection harassment is strongly frowned upon by the FDCPA, they may still be aggressive in their collection process.

Debt collectors sometimes do too much and you need to know how to stop them.

  • Consider speaking to them. You can choose to calmly tell the debt collector that they are harassing you and violating your rights. This may not work. But you can’t start here.
  • Get evidence against them. If they fail to listen to you, you have to report them to the appropriate authorities and you will need to prove your accusations. Thus, record your conversation with them and get evidence that they are harassing you. If they are calling you over a debt that isn’t yours or one that is already paid, get the relevant documents that prove that you do not owe.
  • Send a cease and desist letter. A cease and desist letter means that the agency should cease their communication with you. Any collection agency who fails to heed a cease and desist letter has violated the FDCPA and you can sue them.
  • File a complaint or sue the agency. The next step would be to legally take up this agency. Contact us today to help you.

Who is Enterprise Recovery Systems?

Enterprise Recovery Systems is a third-party debt collector located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Contact Information

Address: PO Box 90922

Sioux Falls, SD 57109-0922

Phone: (605) 361-2191

Is Enterprise Recovery Systems a Scam?

No, they are a legal debt collection agency. According to the Better Business Bureau website, Enterprise Recovery Systems has been in business for 21 years. Read more about them here: Enterprise Recovery Systems Better Business Bureau

Enterprise Recovery Systems Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

605-361-2191, 630-574-3113, 800-377-1904, 877-377-5709, 888-377-5000, 800-377-1904, (605) 361-2191, (630) 574-3113, (800) 377-1904, (877) 377-5709, (888) 377-5000, (800) 377-1904, 6053612191, 6305743113, 8003771904, 8773775709, 8883775000, 8003771904

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Enterprise Recovery Systems phone number. You may be a victim of Enterprise Recovery Systems phone harassment, call us now on 877-700-5790

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Enterprise Recovery Systems in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

2:11-cv-00091-EJL-CWD Britt v. Enterprise Recovery Systems

1:05-cv-04949 Laramore v. Enterprise Recovery Systems 

1:10-cv-10190-NMG McKuhen v. Enterprise Recovery Systems

2:09-cv-07833-DMG-E Carol Johnson v. Enterprise Recovery Systems

5:11-cv-00734-VAP-SP Johnnie Smith v. Enterprise Recovery Systems

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