Calls from Diversified Adjustment Services?

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Calls from Diversified Adjustment Services?

Debt collection is a legal attempt by an original lender or a third-party collection agency to recover debts from a consumer whose debts have gone into default. Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc. may be calling you frequently due to a debt that you are yet to settle or resolve. If you are getting calls from Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc., you should read as much as you can regarding your rights and the conducts on the part of debt collectors that are prohibited by the law so that you may know if the debt collector has stepped out of the line prescribed by the law regarding what is considered legal and ethical debt collection.

The next thing to do before getting into a discussion with a collection agency is to be sure that they are actually the ones calling. Sometimes, scammers pretend to be collection agencies and call in an attempt to dupe you by making you pay for a nonexistent debt. You must also ensure that you verify the legitimacy of the debt they claim you owe because sometimes the figures listed may not be accurate.

Finally, if you are facing harassment from a debt collection agency, you should never have to tolerate it. Debt collection harassment is illegal no matter the amount you owe. Call us now on 877-700-5790.

How to identify a debt collection scam

While some debt collectors can act in an unethical manner, you can easily tell they’re not scammers by verifying the legitimacy of their contact information. However, this does not hold true in a case where you are being contacted by scammers posing as debt collectors. They tend to display certain characteristics which include.

– Pressuring and even threatening you to make payments immediately.

– They refuse to send proof of the debt to you.

– They threaten to send you to jail.

– They ask you for details a collection agency should ordinarily have, such as your name and the name of your original lender.

– They ask you to give them your personal financial information such as your account details and social security number.

If someone calls you in the name of a collection agency and does the above to you, they are likely scammers, and you should be careful and not take instructions from them. Do not give them any of your personal financial information either. Ask them to tell you their name, address, and entity they represent. Look up the number online and check your credit report to ensure that the collection they mentioned appears there.

Is Diversified Adjustment Services a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Diversified Adjustment Services has been in business for 38 years. In all their years in business, there have been 77 complaints filed against DAS with the BBB. Read more about them here: Diversified Adjustment Services Better Business Bureau

Who are Diversified Adjustment Services?

Diversified Adjustment Service, or DAS,  is a third-party debt collector located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. They have been sued in federal court over 280 times for violating consumer’s rights while collecting on alleged debts. A recent Federal Court case alleges that DAS called repeatedly and with such frequency that it amounted to debt collection harassment.

Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 32145
Fridley, MN 55432

Phone: (800) 279-3733

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Diversified Adjustment Services Phone Numbers 

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

763-783-2301, 763-780-1042, 800-504-8612, 877-816-7196, 800-279-3733, 800-592-3429, 225-754-9959, 877-795-7003, 877-816-7195, 877-816-7220, 225-755-9575, 888-231-0371, 480-982-3626, 216-502-3574, 762-224-3171, 210-757-0130, 210-807-4623, (763) 783-2301, (763) 780-1042, (800) 504-8612, (877) 816-7196, (800) 279-3733, (800) 592-3429, (225) 754-9959, (877) 795-7003, (877) 816-7195, (877) 816-7220, (225) 755-9575, (888) 231-0371, (480) 982-3626, (216) 502-3574, (762) 224-3171, (210) 757-0130, (210) 807-4623, 7637832301, 7637801042, 8005048612, 8778167196, 8002793733, 8005923429, 2257549959, 8777957003, 8778167195, 8778167220, 2257559575, 8882310371, 4809823626, 2165023574, 7622243171, 2107570130, 2108074623, 844-735-9449, 404-963-9695, 866-360-1938

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known DAS number, and you may be an unsuspecting victim of debt collection harassment.

Common Questions we get asked about Diversified Adjustment Service

Q: Is DAS a legitimate collection agency?

A: Yes, Diversified Adjustment Services is BBB certified and has been in business for about 39 years.

Q: When is Diversified Adjustment Services harassing me?

A: DAS is harassing you when they violate any of the laws of the FDCPA or the TCPA.

Q: Can I get sued by Diversified Adjustment Service?

A: Yes, you can get sued by DAS provided that your debt is within the statute of limitations

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Diversified Adjustment Services in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.


3:18-cv-02278-N Hernandez v. Diversified Adjustment Service Inc

5:18-cv-13508-JEL-APP Adams v. Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc

3:18-cv-00476-BJD-JBT McDowell v. Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc.

0:18-cv-01364-NEB-ECW Simmons v. Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc.

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