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How Much Do You Know About Debt Collection Laws?


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How knowledgable are you about Debt Collection Practices? This Quiz should be fun and informative.

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How Well Do You Know your Rights?

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Can you still get sued if your debt has exceeded the statute of limitations?

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Can a debt collections agency intercept your income tax return if you have defaulted on your student loans?

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Can a Debt collector call you at your place of employment?

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Is a debt collector allowed to call third parties (your friends and family, for example) regarding your debt?

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Can a Debt Collection agency contact you on holidays and weekends?

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What is the latest time a collection agency is allowed to contact you?

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What is the earliest time a debt collector is allowed to call you?

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Is a debt collection agency allowed to offset your tax returns on medical debt?

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Is a debt collection agency allowed to disclose details regarding your debt to your spouse?

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What is the maximum number of days within which a debtor can dispute a debt?


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