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Are you receiving Harassing Phone Calls from 800-472-9297

Stop American Express Phone Harassment! Get the Calls to End.

Who is American Express


American Express is a financial services corporation that is best known for their credit cards. They issue millions of credit cards across the world. In 2018, American Express agreed to settle TCPA class action lawsuit filed in Illinois.  This lawsuit accused American Express of using an automatic dialer or artificial or prerecorded voice calls to harass consumers. American Express denied any wrong doing or guilt, but settled the case for over $9.5 million dollars.

American Express Phone Harassment

There are many ways companies like American Express harass consumers and violate their rights and the law. The TCPA limits when and how often a company like American Express or  their affiliates can call a consumer. The TCPA also bans the use of automatic dialing systems.  Some of the key parts of the TCPA that all companies including American Express must follow when making calls are below:

  • Calls only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Companies must maintain a “Do Not Call” list and follow it. Therefore not call the consumer again.
  • Marketers may not send unsolicited advertisements by auto-dialer, prerecorded voice message, or fax to anyone without prior express consent.
  • Customers must be able to opt-out of future robocalls during a robocall. The call must be disconnected right away and no future calls can be made to that consumer by that organization if there is an opt-out request.
  • Calling without identifying themselves or without revealing the identity of the person or company on whose behalf they are making the calls


Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors in any form, including telephone communication. Rather than suffer alone, contact a legal professional to stop the American Express harassment.

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