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Constar Financial Services, LLC Phone Harassment?

Debt collection agencies like Constar Financial Services, LLC often go above and beyond what is acceptable when trying to get you to pay your debt. From calling you all day, sending endless messages to even threatening and bullying you into paying up. A Debt collection agency is a company that specializes in recovering debts. They are often hired by creditors to recover an overdue debt which they (the creditors) have failed to recover even after several attempts. Creditors or lenders sometimes outsource the debt recovery to a third-party debt collector or do it internally if a department that handles such exists within the organization.

To recover funds, Debt collection agencies often work with the credit bureaus and creditors. This might explain why you might have been receiving calls from Constar Financial Services, LLC. Have they threatened you in any way or made you feel like you are breaking the law? Have they told you that they can get you arrested if you don’t pay your debt? It is often a difficult time to be in debt, it can be depressing and frustrating especially when you have a debt collection agency and their seemingly endless calls to contend with.

The good news is, debt collection agencies are monitored by set down laws put in place by the Government to check that consumers such as you are not mistreated, harassed, or abused in any way while debt collectors are trying to recover a debt. It is not a law that covers debt, but one that ensures your rights are not being violated by debt collectors while they are trying to get you to pay up. These laws are called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Under the FDCPA laws, a debt collection agency is not allowed to call you at odd hours, threaten or your family members, use profane words with you, call you at your workplace, try to get you to pay more than you owe, threaten to have you arrested and so on. For more information on this, reach out to a professional lawyer at 877-700-5790.

Who is Constar Financial Services, LLC?

Constar Financial Services, LLC is a third-party debt collector located in Phoenix, Arizona. CFS has been a party to a Federal Court case over 40 times.

Contact Information

Address: 3561 W. Bell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053

Phone: (888) 522-2443

Scared of Wage Garnishment? Here’s what you should know.

Wage garnishment is the legal deduction of money from your account which goes to another individual (usually a creditor or collection agency). It is a process that instructs a third party to remove payment directly from a consumer or debtor’s wage or bank account. Often times a third party involved is the debtor’s employer also known as a garnishee.

It is against the law to fire a worker simply to avoid processing garnishment payment. Wage garnishment is usually used to recover unpaid child support, student loans, unpaid taxes, and monetary fines. A court order must be obtained and proof that the consumer actually owes what they are being levied for, However, the internal revenue service (IRS) does not need to obtain a court order to garnish a consumer’s wages. Assuming Mr. A has defaulted on tax payments, the IRS can contact his employer to garnish his wages without getting a court order.

Debt garnishment is usually a last resort and shows that the individual likely has a bad credit record and having a bad credit record can affect your ability to access loans in the future. The consumer credit act checks how much of an individual’s income can be garnished. It is important to note that these checks do not include: unpaid tax debt, bankruptcy orders, student loans, child support, or voluntary wage allocations.15% of an individual’s wage can be garnished by Federal Agencies, and 10% by the Department of Education.

NOTE: You may be considered favorably if you file for bankruptcy.

Is Constar Financial Services, LLC a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Constar Financial Services, LLC has been in business for 21 years. There have been 19 complaints filed against CFS with the BBB by consumers and debtors. Read more here: Constar Financial Services, LLC Better Business Bureau

Constar Financial Services, LLC Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

888-522-2443, 602-889-3655, 877-968-2735, 602-889-9610, 877-341-3175, 201-430-2020, (888) 522-2443, (602) 889-3655, (877) 968-2735, (602) 889-9610, (877) 341-3175, (201) 430-2020, 8885222443, 6028893655, 8779682735, 6028899610, 8773413175, 201)4302020

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known CFS number.  If you are receiving any form of harassment during these calls, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified professional at 877-700-5790 for help.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Constar Financial Services, LLC in the past and can be found on Pacer.org.

2:11-cv-04004-SLB Holmes v. Constar Financial Services

1:17-cv-02270-LDH-ST Williams v. Constar Financial Services

2:16-cv-01525-WED Hernandez v. Constar Financial Services

1:19-cv-00922-WCG Whitney v. Constar Financial Services

3:19-cv-01019-WQH-BGS Valenzuela v. Constar Financial Services

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