Facing harassment over your Christopher and Banks credit card?

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Facing harassment over your Christopher and Banks credit card?

Have you been experiencing harassment over the payment of your Christopher and Banks credit card?

You may have fallen behind on your Christopher and Banks credit card payment, thus they have resorted to giving your debt to a debt collector who now has the responsibility of recovering the debt from you.

According to The Urban Institute, about 77 million Americans, or 35% of adults with a credit file, are in debt and have an active debt in collection.

Adults are said to have an average of $5,178 for utility bills, medical, or credit cards that are past due. And this is excluding mortgage debt.

This goes without saying that being contacted by debt collectors is not strange to many Americans. If you’re being contacted by a debt collector regarding your Christopher and Banks payment, you’re not alone. Many people have and still experience the same.

The most unpleasant part about dealing with debt collectors is the harassment that may come with it.

Debt collectors have a reputation for being scary, intimidating, and untruthful during their debt collection processes.

This is why laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) were enacted to curb these terrible behaviors of debt collectors and protect consumers like you from their antics.

If you have felt harassed during any of your encounters with a debt collector contacting you over making a Christopher and Banks credit card payment, chances are you are right, and your FDCPA rights have indeed been violated. Contact an A+ accredited attorney at 877-700-5790 for an obligation-free consultation now.

Who is Christopher and Banks?

Founded in 1956, Christopher and Banks are a retail company that specializes in the sale of women’s clothing for the age range of 40 to 60. The headquarters was originally in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth, Minnesota.

The company is reported to have filed for bankruptcy in January 2021 and closed all its stores due to financial loss from the Coronavirus pandemic. However, online retail as well as five brick-and-mortar locations have now resumed.

You can manage your Christopher and Banks credit card by visiting comenity.net/christopherandbanks

Contact Information

Tel: 1-888-774-8661

2400 Xenium Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55441

3 Things Debt Collectors should not do to you

Knowing what Christopher and Banks Comenity card debt collectors are prohibited from doing helps you recognize when your rights have been violated.

We’re sharing 3 of the tactics that debt collectors contacting you over the payment of your Christopher and Banks Comenity card are prohibited from using during their debt collection process.

This knowledge will help you confidently stand you for yourself when a debt collector calls about a Christopher and Banks Credit Card payment.

  1. Lie to you

The debt collector calling to ask you to pay Christopher and Banks may pretend to work for the government when they call just to scare you and make you take them more seriously. This is strongly prohibited by the FDCPA.

Debt collectors making collection attempts on your Comenity Christopher, and Banks card must never pretend to work for any government agency, be members of law enforcement, or a consumer reporting agency.

  1. Harass You

The law clearly states the different ways debt collectors are not allowed to harass you. They are listed below:

  • Threaten to harm you or have you arrested.
  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Call you repeatedly, especially several times a day regarding one debt
  • Call you at work, if you forbid it in writing
  • Call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. without your permission
  • Contact you at all after you have sent a cease-and-desist letter or told them to contact only your attorney. (The exceptions are they can contact you to tell you that they will no longer be contacting you or to let you know that a lawsuit has been filed against you).
  1. Embarrass you in public

Whether you owe the money or not, the debt collector trying to recover the debts on your Comenity Christopher, and Banks card is not permitted to attempt to publicly shame you into paying.

They may not approach you in public to harass you or publish your name on social media, or any other public vehicle. They are also not allowed to inform any third party about your debt unless it’s your spouse, co-signor, or your attorney.

The debt collector contacting you over a Christopher And Banks credit card payment may contact people in your social circle to get your address, phone number, or place of employment, but they may never tell them about your debt.

Finally, if Christopher Banks Credit Card debt collectors decide to go the legal route and you receive a court summons regarding the debt, do not ignore it. That is dangerous and may lead to serious, unintended consequences.

Instead, confirm the legitimacy of the summon by checking for the court’s contact online and contacting them directly to confirm the accuracy of the notice.

Are you getting calls from a Christopher and Banks phone number?


(800) 890-9603

(817) 310-6097

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Christopher and Banks phone number You may be a victim of robocalls from Christopher and Banks. The list above is not all the numbers that Christopher and Banks uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be Christopher and Banks calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a credit card debt. Contact our office right away so we can start the process to stop Christopher and Banks from calling you when they shouldn’t.

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