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Updated by Attorney Derek DePetrillo on April 05, 2024


AMERICAN DEBT MANAGEMENT LLC DEBT COLLECTION HARASSMENT? Is American Debt Management harassing you over a debt? Do they threaten to take legal action or garnish your wages? Are they calling you at all hours or several times a day? Are they telling your family and neighbors that you owe a debt?  If so, what they are doing is illegal and needs to stop. You have the legal right to stop American Debt Management debt collection harassment. If a collection agency violates the FDCPA, you may be eligible to receive up to $1000.00 in statutory damages, along with covering your attorney fees.

Who is American Debt Management?

American Debt Management is third party debt collector located in Amherst, New York.

Address: 140 OCTOBER LANE


Other Phone numbers that may belong to American Debt Management:

855-457-9896, 855-338-6895, 216-315-0185, 877-255-2153, 216-315-0182, 855-371-1590, 855-485-6396, 719-717-4651, 844-684-7424, 813-400-2070, 855-750-3098, 832-844-0695,

American Debt Management Collection Tactics

Some common examples of debt collection harassment include:

  1. Repeated and Excessive Contact: Debt collectors may engage in relentless and excessive communication with consumers, including frequent phone calls, letters, emails, and text messages. This constant bombardment can be overwhelming and stressful, leading to anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances.
  2. Threats and Intimidation: Debt collectors may use threatening language or intimidation tactics to coerce consumers into making payments on debts, even if they cannot afford to do so. This can include threats of legal action, wage garnishment, or repossession of assets.
  3. False or Misleading Statements: Debt collectors may make false or misleading statements to consumers in an attempt to pressure them into paying debts. This can include misrepresenting the amount owed, the consequences of non-payment, or the debt collector’s authority to take legal action.
  4. Harassment of Third Parties: Debt collectors may contact friends, family members, neighbors, or employers of the consumer in an attempt to shame or embarrass them into paying debts. This invasion of privacy and harassment of third parties is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
  5. Exploitation of Vulnerability: Debt collectors may target vulnerable consumers, such as the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or those facing financial hardship, and exploit their vulnerabilities for financial gain. This can include taking advantage of cognitive impairment, language barriers, or lack of understanding of consumer rights.

Debt collection harassment is prohibited by federal law, specifically the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which sets guidelines for acceptable debt collection practices and provides remedies for consumers who experience harassment. Consumers who believe they are being harassed by debt collectors should document the harassment, assert their rights under the FDCPA, and seek legal assistance if necessary to stop the harassment and hold the debt.

How to Avoid Falling for Debt Collection Scams

Some phone calls you might receive as a debtor might be from your debt collector to remind you of your delinquent account. Reporting such calls as a scam call when in fact you do owe them is not just a lie but could also attract severe unpleasant consequences.

Having said that, it shouldn’t go unattended that some calls from so-called debt collectors are scams and should be spotted, avoided, and treated appropriately. Someone may call you claiming to be from American Debt Management when in the actual sense, they are scammers. If you are not careful, you may fall for the scam because many scammers may mimic American Debt Management or other debt collectors well and they could be very manipulative, disturbing, and convincing.

Before knowing how to avoid falling for such scam calls, here are few pointers that should make you suspect that you’re getting calls from a fake debt collector:

  • The caller, that is the debt collector cannot be recognized by you, either by voice or by name. If you have spoken with an American Debt Management debt collector before, you most likely have an idea of who it was and what their name is. This scammer will most likely have no idea of that information.
  • The debt collector has no information on the internet, no company trace, no tangible contact information. When you get such a call, you should ask questions about the debt collector’s name and address and immediately look it up online.
  • The debt collector insists on instant payment. This is a big red flag. Scammers are usually in haste because they don’t want to get caught. So, they try to get money from you as fast as possible. If a debt collector is demanding an online payment instantly, you just might be talking to a scammer.
  • The debt collector would prefer you to make a mobile transfer, in other to avoid physical contact.
  • The debt collector threatens you with jail time, whether or not you think your debt warrants jail time, debt collectors do not have the right to send you to jail over the non-payment of your debt. . Some legit debt collectors still do this, but this could also be a sign of a fake debt collector.
  • There is no record of the debt on your credit report.
  • The debt collector asks you for personal information that the debt collection agency should be in possession of if truly you’re owing.

So, with that in mind here’s what to do to avoid falling for a scam when it eventually comes to your doorstep:

  • Press the “bomb” button: Record every unsure conversation you have with a so-called debt collector. This would be huge evidence against that person if he or she persists and finally, you sue. Be sure to review the laws in your state regarding the admission of recordings taken without the permission of the second party in court,
  • Press the “demand” button: Ask for written proof of debt, not a mail.
  • Press the “disengage” button: cut the call before the story gets too long, you might fall for the trap without knowing.
  • Press the “attorney” button: you could get a lawyer if the case persists and there are even threats to your life.
  • Press the “defense” button: Turn the tables around and threaten to sue the caller. You could also ask for the court’s order the person has against you if they threaten you with a wage garnishment or ask to have his or her lawyer’s contact address.
  • Press the “change” button: not too necessary since you’d need it for other purposes, but if the need arises, change your contact or your phone number, especially when you are being ceaselessly contacted by a fraudulent debt collector.
  • Press the “fun” button: ever wondered how crazy a scammer would get when the joke turns on them? Well, enjoy the call by prolonging it and asking loads of questions that confuse the scammer.


Consumer Rights and Legal Recourse:

Individuals facing debt collection harassment by American Debt Management, or any other agency have rights protected by the FDCPA. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of these rights, including the right to request debt verification, the right to dispute inaccuracies, and protection against harassment. Documenting instances of potential violations, seeking legal advice, and exploring options for filing complaints with regulatory bodies are steps that consumers can take to protect their rights.


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“Because of a lie from a third-party debt collector that threatened me financially I nearly made the mistake of paying the debt collector money I couldn’t afford. The people here were friendly, knowledgeable and settled my case quickly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

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