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Advanced Portfolio Group Phone Harassment?

Have you been getting calls from Advanced Portfolio Group (APG)? Is Advanced Portfolio Group (APG) harassing you over the phone? You can stop Advanced Portfolio Group phone harassment now because you do not deserve to be treated unfairly.

The sad truth is that there are several debt collection agencies that do not care about the debt collection rules and regulations at worst or at least hope you are too ignorant to know your rights regarding how debt is ethically meant to be collected at best. They harass, intimidate, and sometimes even print false court documents just to scare you into settling a debt that you owe.

Debt collectors like Advanced Group LLC must act in accordance with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), which protects the rights of innocent consumers like you throughout the debt collection process. You may not know this, but you can be awarded up to $1000 per FDCPA violation claim of Advanced Portfolio Group debt collection harassment and at times have your debt waived. Call us now on 844-791-1990, and we will put our years of experience to work for you.

4 types of violations Advanced Portfolio Group LLC may be guilty of

You may have heard about the FDCPA, it is a nationwide law that governs the collection of debts and the behavior of debt collection agencies like The Portfolio Group towards consumers like you during the collection of a debt.
Every consumer in the United States is protected by the FDCPA, although it does not cover every form of debt. If Advanced Group LLC, during the course of their communications with you, has been rude, threatening, dishonest, then they may have violated the FDCPA laws, and you may be able to recover statutory damages of $1000 in addition to your actual damages.

The TCPA is another one of the laws that Advanced Portfolio Group collections may have trampled upon. This law protects your phone lines and prevents Advanced Portfolio Group from having the authority to abuse the privilege they have been given to reach you via telephone.
Under the TCPA, Advanced Group LLC, cannot make use of spam calls, texts, robocalls that you have not consented to, or an anonymous call with the intent to threaten, harass, annoy, or put you in distress.
If Advanced Portfolio Group breaks the TCPA laws, then you will be entitled to compensation of between $500-$1500 for each count of harassment.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), on the other hand, prevents Advanced Portfolio Group collections from making illegal deductions from your bank account. If you have set up an automatic payment system with Advanced Portfolio Group, and they debited your account without authorization (this includes debiting more than the agreed-upon amount or continuing to make automatic debits after you have pulled out of the arrangement), then you may have a violation claim against the company. Speak to a qualified attorney who can help by calling (877)-700-5790.

Finally, Portfolio Group may be guilty of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is a law that manages how the information contained in your credit report is reported and managed. If Advanced Portfolio Group is on your credit report (perhaps even after you have settled the debt), has misrepresented any information contained on the document, the good news is that all hope is not lost; we can help you fight it by disputing the credit report. This will ensure that the debt collector is held responsible for their misdeeds and that you get your life back.

How do debt collectors work? 

If you’re experiencing Advanced Portfolio Group debt collectionyou may be wondering why Advanced Portfolio Group is the one contacting you when they’re not your original creditor.

This is how it works: when a creditor tries to recover a debt from a consumer to no avail, he can choose to transfer the responsibility of pursuing the client to a debt collector who will be paid a commission when he successfully recovers the debt. Or your creditor can choose to entirely sell off the debt to a debt buyer who then begins to pursue you for it.

Whichever be the case, the debt collector is now tasked with the responsibility of contacting you and getting you to pay. This probably explains why Advanced Portfolio Group is contacting you.

It is important for you to note that debt collection is legal and allowed but harassment is prohibited.

Thus, Advanced Portfolio Group debt collection is legal but Advanced Portfolio Group phone harassment is not.

What should I do if Advanced Portfolio Group (APG) keeps calling to harass me? 

  • Ignore all calls from numbers you are not familiar with if it’s not a confirmed Advanced Portfolio Group phone number. Especially if you already have a lawyer working on your behalf.
  • Know what your Rights are regarding how debt is ethically meant to be collected and that the collectors from the third-party collection agency calling you respect it.
  • Hang up if the collector is being rude or using profane words. That is a case of Advanced Portfolio Group Phone harassment and we also advise you to record such harassing calls.
  • Save any harassing messages you have received on your voice mail in case you need to present evidence of it in the future.
  • Keep private information private.
  • NEVER admit to a debt that you haven’t received details regarding
  • Get in touch with a qualified attorney.

Is Advanced Portfolio Group a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Advanced Portfolio Group has been in business for 1 year. There have been 7 complaints filed against APG with the BBB. Nevertheless, you should ask the people claiming to be Portfolio Group for a debt verification to avoid falling victim to an Advanced Portfolio Group scam.

Advanced Portfolio Group Better Business Bureau

Should I consider debt settlement?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are always stressing about how to go about resolving your debt, or if your penalties and interests on the loan continue to increase despite you struggling to meet up with the minimum required payments each month, then it may be time for you to begin to consider another option.

When you are in a bad place financially, resolving your debts the traditional way may not be the way to go; you will need a solution to your financial problem and debt settlement may just be the right thing for you.

What is Debt Settlement?

In the absence of other solutions, debt settlement may prove to be an effective way to resolve your outstanding debts. In a nutshell, a debt settlement agreement is a contract between you and your debt collector in which you or the professional representing you offers a fixed amount of money upfront (this amount is, however, usually less than the original amount of money that you owe) in exchange for an agreement from your third-party debt collectors or original creditor to stop contacting you for debt collection payments and to settle your account for the amount of money offered. Sounds too good to be true.

The prospect of a debt settlement agreement may sound too good to be true, however, depending on your unique financial situation and how much you owe in debts, you may be able to get your debt erased entirely for a significantly lower amount than what you originally owed. Debt collectors are twice more likely to agree to a debt settlement offer if they see that it will be their last chance to recoup at least some of the debt owed to them.

If you are doing it alone or enlisting the help of a less than reputable company that makes you lofty and unattainable promises. the debt settlement process can seem quite daunting. What’s worse is that some companies may give you outrightly bad advice to increase your chance =s of getting a debt settlement agreement from your debt collector. Apart from the fact that these sneaky and often illegal tricks don’t work, what’s worse is that they can incite your lenders to file a lawsuit against you.

When you enlist the services of a reputable consumer rights law form like ours, you can be sure of a greatly increased chance of getting a debt negotiation settlement approved and accepted by the other party, and of protecting yourself from any legal repercussions that may arise as a result of further complications. A qualified consumer rights attorney will advise you adequately regarding the right steps to take towards the settlement of your outstanding debt. For the purpose of information, we have cursorily brushed over five essential steps to a successful debt collection negotiation. They are:

  • If you are currently receiving unwanted calls from a collection agency like Advanced Portfolio Group, then you must write a letter to inform them that you dispute the debt that they claim you owe and request that they cease all communication with you henceforth. If you have retained legal counsel, let them know that you have an attorney representing you and any further communications should be directed to the office of your attorney henceforth.


  • The law gives you 5 days to ask a debt collection agency to send you validation (proof) of the amount that they claim you owe them; take advantage of it. Request for a debt validation letter from Advanced Portfolio Group within 5 days of being contacted by the collection agency by requesting that they prove how much money you owe. Once you have received a copy of the debt validation letter that you requested, you have 30 days to dispute it.


  • With your help, your attorney will come up with a settlement amount that you can afford and offer it to the collection agency. This will start the process of negotiation with your collection agency and can last anywhere between 6 to 48 months until both parties come to a settlement upon an agreed amount. You may think that the negotiation process is too long, but even this can be used to your advantage because while the negotiation process is in progress, it gives you an ample amount of time to save money gradually and keep it aside towards the resolution of your debt. This way, you can afford the agreed-upon amount even if you didn’t have it at the time the settlement negotiations were initiated.


  • Once both parties have come to an agreed-upon amount, your lawyer or credit counselor will take a final look at the settlement agreement to see if there are any issues and to ensure you’re protected in case the collection agency decides to go back on their word and pursue legal action even after a settlement negotiation.
    If you try to initiate a settlement agreement but your collection agency is unwilling to settle for the amount you’re offering and decides to take further legal action against you, retaining the services of a qualified lawyer is your best defense strategy.

Who is Advanced Portfolio Group?

Advanced Portfolio Group is a third-party debt collector located in Amherst, New York. They collect third-party debts and help customers resolve many other financial issues.

Contact Information

Address: 3840 E Robinson Rd

Ste 201

Amherst, NY 14228-2001

Phone: (877) 957-8334


Debt Collection Harassment from Advanced Portfolio Group (APG)?

Is Advanced Portfolio Group (APG) calling you ceaselessly? Have they threatened to cease your property or garnish your wages? Do they call you too early in the day or too late at night when you’re already in bed? If you are dealing with a less-than-pleasant debt collector, contact a free A+ accredited lawyer on (877) 700-5790 if they:

  • Call you ceaselessly, especially to place advertisement Robocalls for which you have not granted your permission.
  • Threaten to take legal action that they are not permitted to embark on.
  • Report your debt to persons who are not affiliated with it
  • Print erroneous information on your credit report.
  • Misuse your credit report.
  • Impersonate court or law enforcement officials
  • Ignore your cease-and-desist letter

You may be entitled to a compensation of $1000 for a violation of your FDCPA rights and $1500 for a willful violation of your TCPA rights. Call us now at (877) 700-5790 to determine the viability of your case.

Portfolio phone numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

877-957-8334, 855-546-9103, 866-728-0059, 877-957-8334, 855-546-9103, 866-728-0059, 877-957-8334, 855-546-9103, 866-7280-059, 844-361-3696, 833-206-7896, 716-398-4149, 866-728-0059, 854-999-4194, 888-320-8601,888-320-8610, 833-336-8212, 866-728-0059, 717-303-3863, 833-472-0041, 855-592-6979, 916-982-7157, 833-734-2907, 844-361-3696, 833-734-2907,

If yes, then you may be a victim of APG debt collection harassment and may qualify to have some or all of your debt waived. Call us now at (877) 700-5790.

Common Questions that our clients ask

Q: How do I charge a debt collection organization with harassment?

A: First of all, contact us at (877) 700-5790 to know if you have a valid case of telephone harassment against a debt collection agency. If you do, we will take the case up from there.

Q: Will it involve appearing in court?

A: Many harassment disputes are settled by a mutual agreement between the parties involved. However, if your case requires us to go to court on your behalf, best believe that you have the best team of consumer rights attorneys willing to fight for you on your side.

Q: How much will it cost?

The best part about working with the lawyers provided by Consumer Rights Law firm is that it is absolutely FREE! We demand nothing from you, as our legal fees will be settled by the debt collection organization who is guilty of violating your FDCPA or TCPA rights.

Q: If I have a question or complaint, who should I speak to?

A: If you wish to make further inquiries or report a case, you can contact us on (877) 700-5790 for further inquiries or to file a complaint against a debt collection agency.

About Us

Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors in any form, including telephone communication. Rather than suffer alone, contact our office to begin the process to stop the Advanced Portfolio Group harassment. Our office has been assisting consumers since 2010. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you are interested in learning more about how to safeguard yourself and prevent harassment from Advanced Portfolio Group, call us now on 844-791-1990.

Here is what our other clients have to say: 

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC on 2 different occasions the staff was very courteous and helpful, and they were familiar with the Collection Agency’s in question and the harassment calls stop, I was even compensated. I would recommend this company to anyone going thru this type of harassment a very satisfied customer”.

“Because of a lie from a third-party debt collector that threatened me financially I nearly made the mistake of paying the debt collector money I couldn’t afford. The people here were friendly, knowledgeable, and settled my case quickly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

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