AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Debt Collection Harassment?

AA Recovery Solutions

AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Debt Collection Harassment?

Is AA Recovery Solutions inc. harassing you?

Knowing your rights in the context of debt collection helps you recognize and stop harassment immediately it is being carried out against you. When you begin to get calls from debt collectors, it means that you have fallen back on some bills and a debt collector has been assigned your account, or that there’s been a case of identity theft and you are being contacted about a debt that isn’t yours. Either way, handling debt collection calls effectively requires the right knowledge.

Debt collectors always have new tricks up their sleeves, many of which are harassing and unethical. Some common debt collection tactics include; misrepresenting a debt and inflating it, making harassing phone calls, making threats, pretending to be an attorney, calling at odd hours (before 8 am and after 9 pm), trying to collect a time-barred debt, telling unauthorized third parties about your debts without your permission, and trying to make you pay a debt you do not owe.

All of these and more are the tactics that debt collectors employ to coerce unsuspecting consumers into paying up their debts quickly. Being aware of them ahead of time prevents you from falling for them. Nobody deserves to go through debt collection harassment. If you are currently being harassed by the debt collector in charge of your delinquent account, contact us now on 877-700-5790.

How does a cease and desist letter work?

A cease and desist letter is a letter an individual sends to a collection agency, asking them to stop contacting them. A cease and desist letter usually comes to play when a person is a victim of debt collection harassment from a collection agency. When you send a cease and desist letter, the agency is expected by law to cease communication with you unless they’re informing you about a lawsuit that has or may be filed against you.

A cease and desist letter does not make your debt go away. It only stops the debt collector from contacting you and they can still choose to sue you over the debt. However, if the debt collector is harassing you over a debt that has exceeded the statute of limitations, then a cease and desist letter is a great option because a collection agency can not hold you legally over such debt.

A cease and desist letter Is a powerful tool to end debt collection harassment. Any collection agency who ignores such a letter and continues contacting you has violated your rights and can be penalized if you file a complaint or sue them. Call us now to know more about your rights and options.

Who is AA Recovery Solutions Inc.? 

AA Recovery Solutions Inc is a third-party debt collector located in Getzville. The company works with many recognized institutions, providing effective and proven Account Receivables Management services.

Contact Information

PO Box 504, Getzville,

NY 14068-0504

(844) 280-3761

Is AA Recovery Solutions Inc. a scam?

No, AA Recovery Solutions Inc. is an approved collection agency. Read more about them here AA Recovery Solutions Inc Better Business Bureau

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AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from the following number?



If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known AM number. You may be a victim of debt collection harassment. Call us now on 877-700-5790 for further assistance.

About Us

Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors. If you suspect that your debt collection rights are being trampled upon, contact our office to begin the process to stop the harassment you may currently be receiving from AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Our office has been assisting consumers since 2010, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call us at 877-700-5790 for immediate assistance.




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