MA divorce lawyers reveal 6 things you MUST know before getting a divorce

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MA divorce lawyers reveal 6 things you MUST know before getting a divorce

A divorce can often be a nasty situation, with more than just money and material possessions at stake. It is not uncommon to see one or both parties fight the other with all the girth they can muster. In cases like this, you need to be prepared for the worst.

Knowing these things will help you be better prepared for the proceedings, and it may be what makes the difference between waltzing through your divorce or stumbling and scraping along.

Here are the top 6 things want you to know before initiating the process of divorce.

MA divorce lawyers disclose top 6 things you need to know before filing for divorce

  1. You need to get the proper documents arranged and ready

The process of dissolving a marriage is a detailed and complicated one and filing for divorce involves a lot of documents and paperwork.

You do yourself a lot of good by getting these documents in order and on time too. Get records of finances, shared bank accounts, active co-signed loans, all certificates, and insurance policies, and have them ready at hand to give to your MA divorce lawyer.

  1. Keep it on the low

Sharing a home can often equate to sharing a life, including an address, passwords, bank accounts, and other things. Our MA divorce lawyers advise that you protect your privacy at this time.

Now is not the time to do anything abrupt or suspicious (such as withdrawing large sums of money out of a joint account, or locking them out of a password-protected service you both utilize), nevertheless, now is the time to begin separating your life gradually.

You may want to open a new bank account, new social media accounts, and set up a new email address, especially for correspondence with your team of divorce lawyers in MA.  This will help you avoid nasty surprises and gain the upper hand over your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

  1. Separate assets, but don’t dispose of anything yet

As our MA divorce lawyers disclosed in the previous point, taking abrupt actions will seem all too suspicious. You want to start separating your lives without taking any action yet (this also helps you gain the upper hand).

Take stock of assets and discover everything your spouse may be hiding before the D-day for filing comes.

On the flip side, do not panic and go into asset-hiding mode pending your divorce. It is against the advice of divorce lawyers, as it may be revealed that you tried to hide your assets in the divorce proceedings, and that is NOT pretty.

  1. Decide what the custody arrangement will be

Do you want to file for sole custody or shared custody, or would you like the court to award only visitation rights to your soon-to-be ex-partner? This is one crucial question to ponder in the coming days.

  1. Make a plan

Think: what do you want your life to look like following this decision?

You are about to shake your life up radically, and you cannot do that without first drawing up a plan.

Plan for your finances, your children, your career, and your living conditions. If you plan to move out of state to begin afresh, then make a plan for that too.

  1. Hire a MA divorce lawyer

Next, you need to find and retain the services of a good divorce attorney. A good attorney will put their expertise and experience to work for you and help you avoid the possibility of getting blind-sided by your spouse.

With the strength of your attorney behind you, you can now file for divorce and break the news to your partner. Conversely, you may choose to discuss your intentions with your partner before you file.

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