Facing harassment over your Smile Generation Credit Card debt?

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Facing harassment over your Smile Generation Credit Card debt?

Do you often get unwanted calls from not-so-friendly debt collectors over the debts you have accrued on your Smile Generation credit card?

If you are late on your Smile Generation credit card payments, then there is every chance that you have already been contacted by the debt collection agency tasked with recovering the debt from you by the original company.

Even though this is completely legal, debt collectors, nevertheless, still need to follow the law and abide by what the FDCPA prescribes as the rules for ethical debt collection.

For starters, they are prohibited from the use of unfair, intimidating, intrusive, or misleading practices when making collection attempts on your Smile Generation credit card. They must be transparent, courteous, and respectful, or else they are crossing the line and violating your consumer rights which are protected by the FDCPA.

The most important thing to do right now if you feel overwhelmed by your communications with a debt collector is to seek legal help by contacting an attorney to determine if you have a valid case and if you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your harassment.

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About Smile Generation Dental 

Smile Generation Dental provides dental recommendations by connecting you to dentists within your locale. There are several Smile Generation financing options and treatment plans available to their long list of clients, one of which is the Smile Generation credit card, provided by Comenity bank.

You can find a Smile Generation dental plan that suits your needs by visiting their website (www.smilegeneration.com). We always advise consumers to guard their Smile Generation login details, as there could be serious consequences should it get into the wrong hands. You should not share your Smile Generation login details with just anyone simply because they called you claiming to be a debt collector or a representative of Smile Generation Dental Dervices.

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Phone: (865) 223-6705

Address: 1053 Hunters Xing, Alcoa, Tennessee, 37701, United States

What does the FDCPA say about debt collection harassment?

Usually, it is third-party collectors that engage most actively in intimidation and debt collection harassment. A third-party collector is not your original lender, but rather an individual (usually an attorney) or an organization that has been tasked with recovering the debt on behalf of the original creditor (in this case, Smile Generation dental). This is probably why they are so persistent in their endeavors: because they only get paid when they successfully get you to resolve your debt.

The authority of third-party collectors is strictly sanctioned by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (or FDCPA, for short). This set of laws exists to protect your interest as the consumer and prevent a third-party collector from abusing their authority.

Below is an overview of the rules stipulated by the FDCPA to govern the collection of your Smile Generation credit card debt.

  • The debt collector trying to collect your Smile Generation credit card debt can contact you only between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm (your time).
  • They cannot sue you over a debt that is past its statute of limitations. This time frame varies from state to state.
  • If you have requested to not be contacted at your place pf employment, then the debt collector must refrain from doing so.
  • They are prohibited from sharing any details about your Smile Generation credit card debt with unauthorized third parties. An unauthorized third party, in this instance, will be anyone who is not your spouse, attorney, parent (if you are a minor), or co-signor.
  • A debt collector must remain civil throughout the debt collection process. They are prohibited from making threats to harm you, using profane and unprofessional language, trying to defame you, and from causing your phone to ring with the intent of annoying or harassing you.
  • The collector contacting you about a due Smile Generation credit card payment must not misrepresent themselves or the debt in any way.

According to the FDCPA, what is a debt collector expected to do when collecting your Smile Generation credit card debt?

The following are the guidelines laid down by the FDCPA regarding what third-party debt collectors are expected to do when trying to recover debt:

  • They must identify themselves and the agency they represent in every communication with you (this includes voicemails, letters, and emails)
  • They are required to give you information about the original creditor on whose behalf they are collecting the debt if you ask for it, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  • They are required to inform you of your right to dispute the debt if you don’t agree with it. Details should be included in the validation letter they are expected to send to you within 5 days following the point of first contact.
  • You are allowed to request that they prove that the debt is yours, and they are expected to halt all collection attempts while the debt is yet to be proven.
  • If you feel that the debt collector contacting you about your Smile Generation credit card is violating your rights in any way, then it is your right to seek legal recourse.

Our team of experienced attorneys will guide you through the process and ensure that you are leaning in the right direction. Reach out to us today by calling 877-700-5790.

Receiving harassing calls from a Smile Generation Credit Card number?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

(800) 764-5343

(877) 287-8879


If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Smile Generation Credit Card phone number. You may be a victim of harassing calls from Smile Generation and their affiliated debt collectors. The list above is not all the numbers that Smile Generation uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be Smile Generation calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a Smile Generation credit card debt. Contact our office right away if you would like to put an end to the harassment.

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