Collection Agencies

1st National Recovery Solutions, LLC



A. G. Adjustments, Ltd

A.I.T. Credit Service Inc.

A-1 Collection Service

AAS Debt Recovery, Inc.

ABC-Amega Inc.

Able 2 Collect L.L.C.

Abrams and Adams Inc.

AC Collections, Inc.

Academy Collection Service, Inc.

Academy Collection Service, Inc.

ACB Receivables Management Inc.

Accelerated Receivables

Access Receivables Management

Account Control Systems

Account Management Services

Accounts Management Services

Accounts Receivable Managemen

Accounts Receivable Technologies

Accounts Recovery Bureau, Inc.

Accounts Retrievable System, Inc.

Action Collections

Adams, Suitevens & Bradley Ltd

Advanced Collection Systems, Inc.

Advanced Collections, Inc.

Advanced Recovery Systems Inc.

Advocates Professional Services, Inc.

Alacrity Collections Corp.

Allen & Associates

Alliance Financial Management LLC

AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.

Allied Account Services, Inc.

Allied Adjustors, Inc.

Allied Interstate, Inc.,

Allied Recovery Solutions, Inc.

Amalgamated Credit Bureau, Inc.

Amazon Recovery Corp.

American Coradius International LLC

American Credit Collections, LLC

American Credit Control Corporation

American Medical Collection Agency

American Resource Management, Inc.

AmeriFinancial Solutions, LLC

Apex Asset Management, LLC

AR Resources, Inc.

Armanti Financial Service, LLC

Armor Financial Services, Inc.


Asset Management Services, Inc.

Asset Maximization Group Inc

Atlantic Advisors Inc.

Atlas Medical Collection, Inc.


Bath Credit Service

Bay Area Receivables, Inc.

BCA Financial Services

Beacon Services, LLC

Benjamin Michael & Associates

Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.

Betz-Mitchell Associates, Inc.

Bilateral Credit Corp, LLC

Bloom & Associates, P.A.

Bowden Revenue Collection Services, LLC

Brandywine Accounts Management Inc.

Brandywine Medical Management Services, Inc.

Bronson & Migliaccio, LLP

Bureau of Account Management

Bureau of Accounts Control

Burton Neil & Associates, PC

BYL Collection Services


C.Tech Collections, Inc.

Caine & Weiner Co., Inc.

Capital and Credit Solutions, Inc.

Capital Management Services, LP

Capital Management Services, LP

Capital Recovery Associates, Inc.

Capitol Credit Services, Inc.

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

CBF Business Solutions, Inc.

CBJ Credit Recovery

CBY Systems, Inc.

Central Credit Audit, Inc.

Central Credit Control

Central Jersey Adjustment Company, Inc.

Central Service Bureau, Inc.

Central Service Bureau, Inc.

Certified Credit & Collection Bureau, Inc.

Checkbook Systems

Chesapeake Credit Inc.

Chesapeake Receivables Management, Inc.

Christopher Manning Assoc. Inc.

Clark C. Kingery, P.A.

Clear Receivable Systems

CMD Account Management, Inc

Cohen & Willwerth, PC

Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc.

Collection Center Industries, Inc.

Collection Recovery Services, Inc.

Collection Service Center, Inc.

Collection Specialists, Inc.

Collections & Recoveries of Pleasantville, Inc.

Commercial Acceptance Company

Commonwealth Financial Systems Inc

Communications Credit & Recovery Corporation

Complete Collection Solutions, Inc. CCS

Concord Collection Services, Inc.

Concord Servicing Corporation


Consigned Debts & Collections, Inc.

Consolidated Collection Services, Inc

County Credit Adjustment Bureau, Inc.

Creative Collections of NY , Inc.

Credit Adjustment Bureau of Baltimore, Inc.

Credit America, a Division of TRAF Group, Inc.

Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc.

Credit Control Collections

Credit Management Company

Credit Management Company

Creditech Inc.

Creditor Claims of America Inc.

Creditors Financial Group LLC

Creditors Interchange Receivable Management, LLC

Creditron Financial Services, Inc.

CR-ONE Solutions

CTAS, Inc.


D.B.F. Collection Corp.

DBG Collection Inc.

Debt Assistance Group, LLC

Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC

Delmarva Collections, Inc.

Denovus Corporation, Ltd.

Diversified Collections, Inc.

Dutchess Bureau of Medical Economics Inc.


E.R.I.-Estate Recoveries, Inc.

Eagle Group, LLC

Eastern Account System, Inc.

Eastern Associates Inc.

Eastern Collection Corporation

Eastern Revenue Inc.

Eastern Shore Services

Edwin A. Abrahamsen & Associates, P.C.

Elite Recovery Services

Erin Capital Management

ESR Agency Inc.

Excuria Recovery Services, LLC

ExlService.Com India-Private Limited


F.D.R. Credit Recovery Limited

Fair Collections and Outsourcing


Field Adjustment Bureau, Inc.

Financial Health Strategies, Inc.

Financial Management Solutions, LLC

Financial Recoveries

Financial Recoveries

First Platinum Corporation

Firstsource Advantage LLC

FirstStates Financial Services Corp.

Flexible Financial Corp.

Fortune Portfolio Management Inc.

Franklin Credit Solutions

Fundamental Business Service, Inc.


Genesee Valley Associates,

Glenn Associates Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

Global Alliance Credit Corporation

Global Credit & Collection Corp.

Global Credit Network, L.L.C.

Graydon Associates, Ltd.

Grimley Financial

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Harvest Recovery Services, LLC

Heritage Financial Recovery Services

Hill Top Collections, Inc.

HSS Collection Agency


IDT Carmel Inc.

Image Capital Management, Inc.

Independent Recovery Resources, Inc.

Integrated Commercial Enterprises Ltd

International Recovery Associates, Inc.

Interstate Credit & Collection, Inc.

Island National Group, LLC


Jack Harris Inc.

Jenn-Way Recovery Bureau

Jersey Coast Associates, Inc.

JJC Collections, LLC

JKM Credit Services LLC

JL1 Consulting LLC


KB Merrill Associates, LLC

Kessler & Mortorano Associates, LLC

Key Recovery Group, LLC

Keystone Collection Services, LLC

Keystone Credit Collections Inc.

Kirk & Newman, LLC

Kopp Collection Service, Incorporated

Kramer & Associates


Law Enforcement Systems, Inc.

Law Office of John E. Lindner, PA

Law Offices of Bradley J. Rephen, P.C.

Law Offices of Burr & Reid, LLP

Law Offices of Heidi S. Kenny, LLC

Legal Servicing, LLC

Lemore Management Services Inc.

LHR Inc.

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Lyon Collection Services, Inc.


M & L Recoveries, Inc.

M.R.S. Associates, Inc.

Mancing & Associates, Inc.

Marel Associates

Maryland Medical Collections

MBI Associates Inc.

MBS Credit & Collection Solutions

Medical & Hospital Credit Exchange

Medical Bureau of Pittsburgh

Medical Practice Management Associates, Inc.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC

Merit Recovery Systems

Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau, Inc.

Midpoint Resolution Group. LLC

Montgomery Collections, Inc.

Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc.


National Action Financial Services, Inc.

National Asset Management

National Bond & Collection Associates, Inc.

National Bureau Collection Corp.

National Credit Systems, Inc.

National Financial Group, Inc.

National Financial Systems, Inc.

National One Credit Corp.

National Recovery Agency

National Recovery Solutions, LLC

NCB Management Services, Inc.

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

New Century Financial Services Inc.

New Jersey Automotive Accounts Management Co., Inc.

Niagara Credit Solutions, Inc.

North American Collection Agency, Inc.

North Eastern Asset Recovery, Inc.

North Shore Agency, Inc.

Northstar Location Services, LLC

Notte Agency, Inc.


Omni Credit Management, Inc.

Outsource Receivables Management

Oxford Management Services


P.D.A.B., Inc.

PaidHarbor f/k/a Credit Bureau

Palisades Collections, LLC

Paragon Asset Recovery Services, Inc.

Paralegal Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC

Paramount Capital Group, Inc.

Parker Collection Agency

Paul Michael Marketing Service, Inc.

Peerless Credit Services, Inc.

Penn Credit Corporation II

Penn Credit Corporation

Penncro Associates, Inc.

Pentagroup Financial, LLC

Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A.

Peters & Dean Collection Services, Inc.

Petron Associates, LLC

Phillips & Burns, LLC

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

Plaza Associates

POM Recoveries, Inc.

Powell, Rogers & Speaks, Inc.

Pressler & Pressler LLP

Pressler & Pressler LLP



Professional Claims Bureau, Inc.

Professional Credit Services, Inc.

Professional Recovery Associates, Inc.

Professional Recovery Group Inc.

Professional Recovery Services, Inc.

Professional Recovery Services, Inc

Professional Services of N.Y., Ltd.

Progressive Financial Services

Progressive Portfolio Management, Inc.


Quality Asset Recovery, LLC


R & R Professional Recovery, Inc.

R. A. Rogers, Inc

RAS Group, Inc.

Receivable Management Services

Receivable Management Services

Receivable Management Systems

Receivables Outsourcing, Inc.

Recovery Associates, Inc.

Recovery Services International, Inc.

Recovery Systems Agency

Recovery’s Unlimited, Inc.

Redline Recovery Services, LLC

Remex, Inc.

Remit Corporation

Retail Recovery Service of NJ , Inc.

Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau Inc.

Rickart Collection Systems, Inc.

RJM Acquisitions, LLC

Rubin & Raine, Inc.

RUI Credit Services

Rupp & Associates

Ryan & Ryan Ltd.


Sa-Vit Collection Agency

Scipione, Berg & Associates, LLC

Scorpio Asset Management

Seaboard Credit Service of New York, Inc.

Second Look, Inc.

Security Credit Systems, Inc.

Select Financial Services

SIMM Associates Inc.

SKO-Brenner American

Southern Capital Associates, Inc.

Southern Tier Credit Center, Inc.

SRA Associates, Inc.

SRS & Associates, Inc.

Statewide Credit Services Corp.

Sterling Credit Corporation,

Strategic Recovery Systems, Inc.

Sunrise Credit Services Inc.

Sure Recovery Service LLC

Sysnet Credit Management, Inc.


Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc.

Tate & Kirlin Associates, Inc.

TCAR Collection Services


Thomas George Associates

TMC & Associates, LLC

Torres Credit Services, Inc.

Total Credit Recovery USA Group Inc.

Touchstone Asset Management, LLC


Trans-Continental Credit and Collection Corp.

Tri-County Service Bureau, Inc.

Tritium Card Services, Inc.

Turk Collectors, Inc.


United Mercantile Company of Pittsburgh

United Revenue Collection Service

Universal Collection Services

Universal Collectors Corp

University Management Assoc. & Consultants Corp.

Upstate Collection Center, Incorporated

USCB Corporation


V Collect Global Inc.

Valley Credit Service, Inc.

Vision Financial Corp.


Williams, Alexander & Associates, Inc.

Williams, Charles & Scott Ltd.

Windham Professionals

Wolpoff and Abramson, LLP


Your Collection Solution LLC


Zenith Acquisition