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Updated article on March 22nd, 2024 by Attorney Derek DePetrillo

P & B Capital Group aka Landmark Strategy Group Phone Harassment?

P & B Capital Group aka Landmark Strategy Group Phone Harassment? They also use the alias of Landmark Strategy Group.  If you’re getting calls from P & B Capital then there’s a possibility that you owe a creditor and P & B Capital is now responsible for pursuing your delinquent account.

Third-party debt collectors like PnB capital group have the responsibility of contacting debtors to discuss their debts. If p&b  is contacting you for the first time, you may be caught off guard and not know what to expect. PB capital is permitted by law to contact you via phone calls, emails, and messages to discuss your debt. Debt collection methods are however guided by certain federal laws. Violations of these laws by debt collectors have implications.

The FDCPA makes provisions that allow consumers who have been wronged by debt collectors to recover monetary compensation for any damages the harassment of them and their rights have caused. Statutory damages are set at $1000 in addition to attorney fees and additional damages. Call us now if you believe you may have a case of debt collection harassment against P & B CapitalIt could be P & B Capital phone harassment or any other form of intrusive behavior on their part.

Your Rights under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has laid down rules which debt collectors must follow in their collection endeavors. Having the knowledge of these laws makes you more confident in your communication with  PnB capital group. Some of these laws include.

  • Introducing themselves appropriately: The FDCPA states that when debt collectors call a debtor, they should introduce themselves as debt collectors and state the agency they represent and their address. If a PnB capital group debt collection representative fails to do this, you have the right to ask them questions relating to their identity.
  • Helping you confirm the debt: A debt collector should be willing to give you details like the name of the original creditor, the amount you owe, and how you can dispute the debt if it is not yours. P&B should also send you proof that the debt is yours if you request for it.
  • Refraining from harassing you in any way: The FDCPA strongly frowns on debt collector harassment. If P&B Capital Group LLC is harassing you with phone calls and threatening you, tit amounts to P&B Capital Group LLC phone harassment and it is a violation of your rights under the FDCPA.
  • Limiting the number of times, they call you: A debt collector should not call you too many times a day. That is harassment.
  • Refraining from discussing your debt with third parties. A debt collector should never disclose details of your debt to anyone, not even family and friends.
  • Desisting from using profane and obscene words in communicating with you. If profane and obscene words are used on you during the P&B Capital Group LLC debt collection process, your rights have been violated.
  • If you are not sure of the name of the collection agency that is contact you than feel free to visit our list of collection agencies List of Collection Agencies in United States Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC (consumerlawfirmcenter.com).

Can P&B Capital Group LLC Garnish My Wages?

Before we go ahead to answer this question, let us have a look at what the word “Garnish” means in this context. In the contest of debt collection, “to garnish” is not to add decorative vegetables or spices to a salad or soup. Garnishing in this context refers to a situation where money from a debtor’s paycheck is withheld and sent to the creditor. A third party’s involvement is paramount, and this third party is the debtor’s employer, who is then referred to as the “garnishee”.

So, to answer the question, yes, a debt collector can garnish your wages after seeking permission from your employer and the court.

What are garnished accounts used for? They are used to settle debts from child support, student loans, unpaid taxes, and other unsettled collection accounts.

Now how does it really work? When someone enters a debt and fails to pay at the given period of time, the creditor meets and arranges with the debtor’s employer with permission from the court to take a certain amount from the debtor’s wages to pay, for as long as necessary, till all the debt is fully recovered. This principle applies in all cases of debt, except if the debt is under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The court has no need to step in if the debt is an IRS levy.

Who is P&B Capital Group?

P&B Capital Group is a third-party debt collector located in West Seneca, New York. Established in 2004, the company is a mid-sized accounts receivable management provider that has recorded a massive 2000% growth rate in the last five years.

Contact Information

Address: 455 Center Rd Ste 1

West Seneca, NY 14224-2100

Phone: (716) 891-5800

Is P&B Capital Group a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, P&B Capital Group has been in business for 15 years. There have been 34 complaints filed against P&B with the BBB. Read more about it here: P&B Capital Group Better Business Bureau

P&B Capital Group Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

716-891-5800, 888-569-9635, 877-743-9600, 312-445-0291, 760-851-0024, 503-867-8805, 406-534-0527, 718-283-4210, 716-891-5800, 888-569-9635, 877-743-9600, 312-445-0291, 760-851-0024, 503 867-8805, 406-534-0527, 718-283-4210, 716-891-5800, 888-569-9635, 877-743-9600, 312-445-0291, 760-851-0024, 503-867-8805, 406-534-0527, 718-283-4210, 239-330-4357, 888-569-9635, 1-855-458-1678, 855-270-8234, 234-888-3553

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known P&B number. You may be a victim of P&B phone harassment. Call us now at 877-700-5790.

The following is a sample list of p&b capital group complaints in the past year and can be found on Pacer.org.

2:15-cv-00032-SEH Marchion v. P&B Capital Group

1:11-cv-00012-C Tharp v. P&B Capital Group

2:10-cv-00191-DGC Dantaylor-King v. P&B Capital Group

4:12-cv-00144-DCB Myers v. P&B Capital Group

8:14-cv-01430-JLS-RNB Tina Kaloustian v. P&B Capital Group

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