Transworld Systems phone harassment

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Updated by Attorney Derek DePetrillo on April 11, 2024

Transworld Systems phone harassment

Is Transworld Systems harassing you with phone calls? While Transworld Systems may be legally entitled to collect on the money you owe, what they cannot do is coerce, threaten, oppress or harass you in the process of collecting it. Transworld Systems debt collection harassment is no strange occurrence; the company has been reported to the BBB in several complaints by unsatisfied consumers who have faced some sort of harassment from the agency.

Dealing with debt collectors can be a tricky experience. Many debt collectors are not new to the process; therefore, they know how to intimidate and scare debtors into doing what they want. Knowing your rights with debt collectors gives you an edge and helps you gain an advantage in your communication with them.

Transworld Systems phone harassment is another intrusive collection tactic that consumers strongly complain about. To avoid getting harassed when communicating with debt collectors, do not reveal your fear or panic to them. Be in charge of the conversation and speak logically. If you are being harassed by Transworld Systems through incessant phone calls, politely let them know that you know your rights and they are violating them. Ask them to desist from their actions or be ready to face the full consequences of the legal actions you may be prompted to take.

Understanding your rights with debt collectors makes dealing with them easier and we can help you do that. Call us today at 877-700-5790 for further assistance. If Transworld breaks the law under the FDCPA, you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1000.00 plus Transworld will pay your attorney fees.

Debt collection harassment

If you have been getting calls from a debt collector, then it is probably because you have fallen behind on the monthly payments on your debts.
It is the duty of third-party collection agencies to get you to resolve your delinquent debts. It is, however, not permitted for them to start intimidating, harassing, threatening, or putting you under any form of Transworld Systems phone harassment, as such behavior can cause an incredibly disruptive and stressful experience. Furthermore, if the debt collectors calling you over your unpaid debts are rude or intimidating, they are not acting in accordance with the code of conduct prescribed by the FDCPA.

Thanks to the laws that protect your rights from debt collectors and their sometimes-unethical practices, you do not have to worry about getting harassed or embarrassed over your unpaid debts ever again. You have rights no matter how much you owe, and we can help you fight for them.

One of such laws that protect your consumer rights is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is extremely important because, in today’s world, a person’s credit score determines their standard of living. Your credit score has a huge role to play in determining if you will be able to get access to loans, an apartment, and other social amenities. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumers are entitled to protections that prevent their credit scores from being misused or misinterpreted. The FCRA does not only offer protection to consumers, but it also makes a provision for consumers whose credit information has been misused to get compensation for any damages caused.

Debt collection harassment is very common and has gone on for many years. But that does not mean that it should continue or that you should tolerate it.
It is unacceptable and you can and should put an end to it.

Laws regulating how Transworld Systems can contact you

  1. You can stop Transworld Collections from contacting you at anytime

The law stipulates that you can stop a debt collector from contacting you by writing a cease-and-desist to them asking that they cease all communication with you.

If you write a cease–and–desist letter to Transworld Systems Inc., they are required by law to not contact you again except:

  • To tell you that they have received your letter and will cease all further communication attempts, or
  • To inform you that certain legal actions will be taken against you over the non-payment of your debt(s).

The law is on your side regarding stopping all communications with Transworld Systems collections, however, you may still get sued if you think that no communication equates to no debt. To avoid a Transworld Systems lawsuit, you should still keep paying off your debts at the foremost of your priorities, even though you no longer receive calls from a Transworld Systems phone number.

  1. Transworld Inc. can not tell anyone else about your debt:

A debt collector is obligated, under the FDCPA laws to keep the details about your debt private. Therefore, if Transworld Systems has revealed sensitive details to anyone (including the fact that they are a debt collector trying to contact you over the collection of a debt), then they may be in breach of

debt collection laws and you may be in the position to sue them and recover compensation in statutory damages.

By law, Transworld Systems debt collection agency may only contact your attorney, spouse, parents (if you are a minor), or co-signor. They may also contact other people, but only once,

and to get details about your address, phone number, or place of employment.

Therefore, it is important to ask the third-party and discover what was discussed during the conversation so as to ascertain if any lines were crossed.

  1. Transworld Systems collections must communicate directly with your attorney if you have one:

If you choose to retain the services of an attorney, then Transworld Systems Incorporated must cease all communication with you and communicate with them directly instead. Bypassing your attorney and communicating directly with you when they have been duly informed that you have retained the services of one are against the rules of communication.

On a side note, retaining the service of a consumer rights attorney is an incredibly beneficial way to be free and get rid of those pesky debt collection calls.

  1. Transworld Systems collection agency may not contact you at work if you have told them that receiving debt collection calls at work is not permitted by your employer.

In the state of Massachusetts, if you tell a debt collector not to contact you, your request is valid for 10 days. After this time, you must send an official written request to make it stand. If the calls persist after this, then it may be considered Transworld Systems Inc. harassment.

Call a consumer rights attorney at 877-700-5790, to report harassment or discuss your options.

Myths about debts and debt collectors

There are many misconceptions people have about debts, debt collectors, and the process of debt collection. These myths usually lead them to make bad financial decisions that affect them in the long run.

Some of these myths include:

  • Debts ruin you: This is false. Many people who fell into debt have come out of it. It just requires the right knowledge, guidance, and discipline.
  • Debt collectors are always right: Debt collectors can make mistakes and call you about a debt that isn’t yours. Dishonest people can pose as debt collectors and try to get money from you. You should make a debt validation request when you are contacted about a debt.
  • Ignoring a debt collector is good: It sounds tempting to ignore the annoying calls from debt collectors or even change your number, but this is a very bad decision. Ignoring a debt collector will not make your debt go away. It’ll just hurt your credit report more.
  • Debt collectors can send you to jail: This is false information. Debt collectors cannot send you to jail for owing. They do not have such authority. It is illegal for them to make such threats.
  • A cease-and-desist letter takes your debt away: The only thing a cease-and-desist letter does is to stop Transworld Systems phone harassment.
  • Debt collectors can garnish your wages: A debt collector does not have the sole authority to garnish your wages. They can only do that if they win a lawsuit against you and the court gives them permission to do so.

Who is Transworld Systems, Inc?

Transworld Systems, Inc and NCO financial systems incorporated are both subsidiaries of NCO Group, Inc. Based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, NCO Group owns many debt collection law firms, NCO Financial systems incorporated and Transworld Systems, Inc due to their size, being two of the better well-known ones. These debt collection firms have a long history of being sued for illegal debt collection practices and consumer harassment.  One glaring example is the 1.5-million-dollar penalty that NCO Financial systems incorporated paid in 2004 to settle the Federal Trade Commission’s allegations. The FTC accused NCO of reporting incorrect dates on credit reports which had a negative effect on credit scores. The Department of Justice filed this case in Federal Court and NCO settled.

Contact Address

Address: 500 Virginia Dr Ste 514
Ft Washington, PA 19034-2707
Phone: (877) 420-4789 & (877) 446-4733
Toll Free: (888) 495-8352
Fax: (877) 420-4789

Is Transworld Systems, Inc/ NCO Financial systems incorporated a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Transworld systems inc collections has been in business for 49 years. There have been 285 complaints filed against the agency closed in the last 3 years and 113 complaints closed out in the last 12 months. Read more about it here: Transworld Systems, Inc Better Business Bureau

Transworld Systems Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

800-709-8625, 888-804-3488, 877-803-8009, 800-541-2742, 888-688-7929, 800-445-4918, 866-569-8956, 800-218-1175, 800-448-9576, 800-684-8429, 866-429-3592, 800-976-8307, 877-871-6484, 800-735-6588, 800-220-1942, 877-778-1799, 800-227-4000, 800-807-7809, 866-626-9112, 866-425-8131, 800-967-4100, 877-252-4534, 877-202-9074, 888-691-8955, 888-259-3021, 800-437-7403, 800-383-4761, 866-360-9791, 888-609-2354, 800-685-4343, 888-785-1426,  201-372-1010, 216-525-1600, 248-680-6676, 253-627-8055, 302-479-7782, 303-770-2232, 314-514-2670, 315-445-1375, 317-843-9205, 412-829-5131, 414-453-1225, 414-766-1306, 425-778-2303, 484-919-8735, 502-429-8024, 507-281-2276, 508-721-7997, 512-346-5696, 513-769-4448, 570-823-9250, 610-240-4750, 614-791-4646, 619-291-0969, 619-298-7103, 631-360-2269,651-631-2919, 702-382-0058, 703-556-3421, 704-503-1011, 707-236-3790, 707-236-3800, 707-236-3809, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3928, 717-236-3730, 724-321-3175, 762-208-4286, 800-305-7186, 800-689-9205, 804-282-9007, 813-286-2543, 813-425-1182, 847-969-1850,847-969-7910m 860-257-1532, 864-458-7181, 865-690-6769, 866-307-0229, 866-545-9262, 866-739-2398, 877-377-5378, 877-766-2274, 888-314-6519, 888-446-4733, 888-643-9658, 909-890-1834, 909-890-1839, 913-677-0020, 915-591-2722, 916-688-8814, 918-492-2180, 918-853-3282, 919-420-1876, 919-782-6449, 925-931-009, 941-366-6711, 978-557-2100, 888-899-6650, 973-273-4711, 407-641-0708, 866-228-9034, (800) 825-6523, 800-477-1827, 256-666-5748, 707-236-3910, 937-528-1294, 800-816-5569, 800-597-4549, 877-725-0691, 888-475-6741, 888-899-6650, (762)208-4256, 8007283346, 412-228-5929, 855-245-7098, 866-671-0045, 8884756741, 800-236-3100, 888-899-4332, 866-576-8284, 857-250-3712, 551-222-3967, 630-870-1583, 630-518-4995, 866-576-8284, 313-426-9076, 313-426-9411, 888-475-6741,201-372-1010, 216-525-1600, 248-680-6676, 253-627-8055, 302-479-7782, 303-770-2232, 314-514-2670, 315-445-1375, 317-843-9205, 412-829-5131, 414-453-1225, 414-766-1306, 425-778-2303, 484-919-8735, 502-429-8024, 507-281-2276, 508-721-7997, 512-346-5696, 513-769-4448, 570-823-9250,  570-823-9250, 614-791-4646, 619-291-0969, 615-622-7808

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known NCO Financial, Transworld Systems, or NCO Group number. You may be a victim of NCO phone harassment.  Call us now on 877-700-5790 for immediate guidance.

What to do if you cannot repay your debts

Sometimes, life happens, and you may find yourself in situations that make you unable to repay the debt you owe to your original lender or Transworld collections. When this happens, you should know that it is never the end of the line as there are many options that are still available to you despite your inability to pay off the debt you currently owe to Transworld collection agency.

Here are a few things you may want to consider if you find yourself unable to repay your debts:

  • Let your debt collector know if you may be late on payments

Contact TSI collections agency to let them know if you will be falling behind on payments for your mortgage, auto loan, credit card, student loan, or any other debt that you owe to them. They may be able to offer you a hardship program (otherwise known as an “accommodation”) to assist you in the repayment of your loan.

Getting approved for a hardship program may enable you to temporarily delay or adjust some payments; it may also eradicate the interest charges on the amount of money that you owe. In addition to these outlined benefits, the major benefit of letting your lender know if you may be falling behind on your payments is that it helps you avoid the possibility of damaging your credit score.

  • Identify a realistic debt repayment plan

If you have a debt that you’re not sure how to pay off, your debt collection agency may be willing to work with you to find a realistic payment plan with payments that you can easily meet up with. Regardless of how bad the case gets, just remember that Transworld collections have no right to garnish your social security benefit checks.

  • Dispute the debt

If you have only recently received a call about a debt you have not started paying off, then you still have a chance to dispute the legitimacy of the debt, thereby forcing trans world Inc. to prove that the debt is indeed yours.

If you believe there has been a mistake somewhere or that the amount is not even your debt, you have the choice to dispute all or part of the debt by calling or sending a letter to your debt collection agency. If you send Transworld Systems a written request, they are obligated to stop all their collection attempts on any amount you dispute until they validate the legitimacy of the debt and send you proof of this validation in writing.

  • Hire a Credit Counselor

Hiring the services of a credit counselor will be incredibly beneficial to you in times like this. A credit counselor is a trained professional that can give you helpful advice regarding your money habits and how to manage your debts. If you choose to hire a credit counselor, you must be willing to extensively discuss your financial situation, employment status, and your financial goals with them. Tell your credit counselor about your regular income and expenses; that way, she/he will be able to come up with workable financial solutions for you.

If you decide to work with a credit counseling agency, make sure that they are professionals who help you gain knowledge regarding how to manage all of your debts. You may also want to consider housing counseling if you are paying off a mortgage.

Hiring the services of a good credit counselor could help you find creative ways to adjust your expenses so that you can pay your debts more quickly; it can also help you work out a sensible debt repayment plan and provide you with all the necessary tools and resources you need to take that crucial next step in your debt repayment journey.

  • Consider Debt Relief options

Debt relief refers to the employment of certain legal and ethical measures with the hopes of reducing or refinancing debt so that the lender can repay the amount back with ease.

When you are searching for a debt relief firm to hire, be sure to carefully study and understand how their program works and what potential risks you face by enrolling in it. There are many companies and organizations that make lofty promises about how they can help you find debt relief by employing several methods such as simplifying or reducing your debt, consolidating your debt, or negotiating with your debt collector on your behalf. However, when you hire them, you get to see that the services they offer are a lot different from what they had earlier promised.

One thing it is important to note is that debt settlement companies cannot guarantee the exact amount of money or what percentage of your overall loan amount that you might save by using their services. You should also beware of debt settlement companies who advise you to stop making payments to your creditors, as this can severely damage your credit score.

  • Consider all your options carefully

Weigh all your options carefully before deciding which to go with. You can consider a consolidation loan, debt settlement, debt refinancing through balance transfers or loans, working with a credit counseling agency, or negotiating directly with the original lender or debt collector yourself.

  • Seek legal help

You will need the expertise of an attorney in certain situations. If you are sued by Trans World systems incorporated, have assets that you would like to protect, or if you are on social security benefits as your primary source of income, then speaking with a consumer rights attorney is definitely in your best interest.

A knowledgeable attorney will give you proper advice regarding what options are legally available to you and ensure that your interests are adequately represented in court. Call us today.

  • Consider filing for Bankruptcy

If you find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t make enough money to pay what you owe, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is like hitting a huge “restart” button. The program is designed to give you a fresh start while providing legal protections from collection efforts by most debt collectors like Transworld systems incorporated.

As it is with almost everything else, there are long-term financial and legal consequences for filing bankruptcy, therefore, be sure to seek professional advice regarding whether or not bankruptcy is the best option for you before you consider filing.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Transworld Systems, Inc. in 2019 and can be found on Pacer.org.

0:19-cv-60471-UU Pough v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

1:19-cv-01324 McMillan v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

1:19-cv-00983-SJ-SMG Sterling v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

3:19-cv-00206-BJD-JRK Murphy v. Trans Union, LLC et al

3:19-cv-00093-NJR-RJD Billops v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

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