Transworld Systems phone harassment

Is Transworld Systems harassing you with phone calls?

Dealing with debt collectors is usually a tricky experience. Many debt collectors are not new to the process, so they know how to intimidate and scare debtors into doing what they want. Knowing your rights with debt collectors gives you an edge and helps your communication with them.

When communicating with debt collectors, do not reveal fear or panic to them, be in charge of your emotions, and speak logically. If you are being harassed by Transworld Systems, politely tell them that they are violating your rights and they need to stop or you will get evidence against them and take legal actions.

Understanding your rights with debt collectors makes dealing with them easier.

Myths about debts and debt collectors

There are many misconceptions people have about debts, debt collectors, and the process of debt collection. These myths usually lead them to make bad financial decisions that affect them in the long run.

Some of these myths include:

  • Debts ruin you: This is false. Many people who fell into debt have come out of it. It just requires the right knowledge, guidance, and discipline.
  • Debt collectors are always right: Debt collectors can make mistakes and call you about a debt that isn’t yours. Dishonest people can pose as debt collectors and try to get money from you. You should make a debt validation request when you are contacted about a debt.
  • Ignoring a debt collector is good: It sounds tempting to ignore the annoying calls from debt collectors or even change your number but this is a very bad decision. Ignoring a debt collector will not make your debt go away. It’ll just hurt your credit report more.
  • Debt collectors can send you to jail: This is false information. Debt collectors can not send you to jail for owing. They do not have such authority. It is illegal for them to make such threats.
  • A cease and desist letter takes your debt away: The only thing a cease and desist letter does is stop debt collectors from calling your phone.
  • Debt collectors can garnish your wages: A debt collector does not have the sole authority to garnish your wages. They can only do that if they win a lawsuit against you and the court gives them permission to do so.

Who is Transworld Systems, Inc?

Transworld Systems, Inc and NCO are both subsidiaries of NCO Group, Inc. Based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, NCO Group owns several debt collection law firms, NCO Financial and Transworld Systems, Inc due to their size, being two of the better well-known ones. These debt collection firms have a long history of being sued for illegal debt collection practices and consumer harassment.  One glaring example is the 1.5 million dollar penalty that NCO Financial paid in 2004 to settle the Federal Trade Commission’s allegations. The FTC accused NCO of reporting incorrect dates on credit reports which had a negative effect on credit scores. The Department of Justice filed this case in Federal Court and NCO settled.

Contact Address

Address: 500 Virginia Dr Ste 514
Ft Washington, PA 19034-2707
Phone: (877) 420-4789 & (877) 446-4733
Toll Free: (888) 495-8352
Fax: (877) 420-4789

Is Transworld Systems, Inc/NCO a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Transworld Systems, Inc has been in business for 49 years. There have been 285 complaints filed against the agency closed in the last 3 years and 113 complaints closed out in the last 12 months. Read more about it here: Transworld Systems, Inc Better Business Bureau


NCO phone harassment

Transworld Systems Phone Numbers

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

800-709-8625, 888-804-3488, 877-803-8009, 800-541-2742, 888-688-7929, 800-445-4918, 866-569-8956, 800-218-1175, 800-448-9576, 800-684-8429, 866-429-3592, 800-976-8307, 877-871-6484, 800-735-6588, 800-220-1942, 877-778-1799, 800-227-4000, 800-807-7809, 866-626-9112, 866-425-8131, 800-967-4100, 877-252-4534, 877-202-9074, 888-691-8955, 888-259-3021, 800-437-7403, 800-383-4761, 866-360-9791, 888-609-2354, 800-685-4343, 888-785-1426,  201-372-1010, 216-525-1600, 248-680-6676, 253-627-8055, 302-479-7782, 303-770-2232, 314-514-2670, 315-445-1375, 317-843-9205, 412-829-5131, 414-453-1225, 414-766-1306, 425-778-2303, 484-919-8735, 502-429-8024, 507-281-2276, 508-721-7997, 512-346-5696, 513-769-4448, 570-823-9250, 610-240-4750, 614-791-4646, 619-291-0969, 619-298-7103, 631-360-2269,651-631-2919, 702-382-0058, 703-556-3421, 704-503-1011, 707-236-3790, 707-236-3800, 707-236-3809, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3928, 717-236-3730, 724-321-3175, 762-208-4286, 800-305-7186, 800-689-9205, 804-282-9007, 813-286-2543, 813-425-1182, 847-969-1850,847-969-7910m 860-257-1532, 864-458-7181, 865-690-6769, 866-307-0229, 866-545-9262, 866-739-2398, 877-377-5378, 877-766-2274, 888-314-6519, 888-446-4733, 888-643-9658, 909-890-1834, 909-890-1839, 913-677-0020, 915-591-2722, 916-688-8814, 918-492-2180, 918-853-3282, 919-420-1876, 919-782-6449, 925-931-009, 941-366-6711, 978-557-2100

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known NCO Financial, Transworld Systems, or NCO Group number. You may be a victim of NCO phone harassment.  Call us now on 877-700-5790 for immediate guidance.

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The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Transworld Systems, Inc. in 2019 and can be found on

0:19-cv-60471-UU Pough v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

1:19-cv-01324 McMillan v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

1:19-cv-00983-SJ-SMG Sterling v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

3:19-cv-00206-BJD-JRK Murphy v. Trans Union, LLC et al

3:19-cv-00093-NJR-RJD Billops v. Transworld Systems, Inc.

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