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Is MRS Associates harassing you?

Is MRS associates calling you ceaselessly over a debt? Everyone who has been in a debt has one or two stories to share about debt collectors and their various collection tactics. Debt collectors like MRS associates are tasked with the job of getting you to resolve your delinquent debts. In case you ever wondered why MRS associates puts so much effort into getting you to pay your debt, it is because when a debt collector successfully recovers a debt from a debtor, the debt collector gets paid. So don’t be surprised when MRS associates debt collection agency is relentless in their efforts to get you to pay up.

If you’re in a very bad financial state, you may be tempted to ignore a debt collector to evade the responsibility of paying your debt, this is not advisable because failing to pay debt collectors early leads to future complications. furthermore, you have rights protected by the FDCPA and the TCPA which a debt collector must respect so you do not have to be scared of a debt collector.

MRS associates phone harassment is unlawful and a violation of your rights. If MRS associates does not wish to have a lawsuit filed against them, they must act in accordance with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), which insists that they must respect your rights in the context of debt collection. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can receive compensation for the violation of your rights.  Statutory damages are up to $1000.

Should you ignore a debt collector’s calls?

Ignoring a debt collector is not a wise decision because it has many disadvantages. It is a costly decision that can have serious unintended consequences in the long run. Ignoring calls from MRS financial collection may have the following disadvantages.

  • Lawsuits: If during the process of MRS associates debt collection you start ignoring their calls, they can choose to sue you over the debt. This may lead to the garnishment of your paycheck.
  • Credit report impact: Ignoring MRS associates collection agency calls mean not facing your debt. This does nothing to help improve your credit score.
  • May affect your quality of life: If your credit score is negatively impacted, then this will affect you because your credit score determines whether or not you will have access to certain benefits and services.
  • Persistent calls from debt collectors: Choosing to ignore debt collectors won’t make them stop calling you.
  • Larger debt sums: As you ignore your debt collector, the interest rate on the debt keeps increasing. This may lead to you having to tackle an unexpectedly large sum when you are finally ready to face your debts.

The best ways to deal with debt collectors 

If you’ve fallen behind on your credit card payment, then you may start getting calls from MRS associates inc or any other debt collector soon. It’s bad enough knowing that you owe but having to deal with debt collectors makes everything worse.

Debt collectors calls most timed are disturbing and inconveniencing because, debt collectors hardly give up. They persist until you are tired, exhausted, and forced to bend to their demands.

In order to handle associates collection agency calls well, you need the right knowledge because, when it comes to dealing with debt collectors, one wrong step can ruin everything for you.

The best way to handle debt collectors is to be calm, listen, ask the right questions, and respond logically.

When a debt collector calls you claiming to be from MRS associates inc or any other collection agency, don’t just take their word for it. Ask as many questions as possible, especially if you suspect a scam or if you’re sure you don’t owe anyone debt. Ask questions about the debt collection agency and their address, ask about the original creditor, and ask about the debt. If you’re still unsure of the debt, make a debt validation request.

Speak respectfully to MRS financial debt collection agency and ensure they’re not violating your rights. If they violate your rights, you can calmly ask them to stop or file a complaint against them. If they persist, get evidence of their harassment and speak to a qualified consumer rights attorney.

Debt collectors may be scary, but they are not monsters. A proper understanding of your financial situation, the options available to you, and your rights under the FDCPA will help you handle the situation well.

Is MRS Associates a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, MRS Associates has been in business for 27 years. There have been 77 complaints filed against MRS by dissatisfied consumers with the BBB. Read more about it here: MRS Associates Better Business Bureau

Who is MRS Associates?

MRS Associates, also known as MRS BPO, is a third-party debt collector located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They have been sued in federal court over 380 times for allegedly violating consumer’s rights while collecting on alleged debts.  MRS Associates was founded in 1991 and claims to have collected over 1 billion dollars since 2005. They collect on several different kinds of debts including, retail, education, utilities, health care, and financial services. MRS associates have an extensive history of harassing consumers over the non-payment of their debts.

Contact Information

Address: 1930 Olney Ave

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-2016

Phone: (856) 988-9122

MRS Associates Phone Harassment?

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of the following numbers?

800-932-5786, 866-356-7014, 856-988-9122, 800-819-3372, 866-356-7011, 866-356-7015, 800-932-4390, 800-840-6845, 800-716-6458, 800-895-5733, (800) 932-5786, (866) 356-7014, (856) 988-9122, (800) 819-3372, (866) 356-7011, (866) 356-7015, 800-932-4390, (800) 840-6845, (800) 716-6458, (800) 895-5733, 8009325786, 8663567014, 8569889122, 8008193372, 8663567011, 8663567015, 8009324390, 8008406845, 8007166458, 8008955733, 855-385-0573, 866-240-4094, (508) -306-4623, (706) 780-5042, 469-208-3816,

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known MRS number; you may be a victim of MRS phone harassment. Call us now on 877-700-5790 as you may be an unsuspecting victim of debt collection harassment.

The following is a sample list of complaints filed against MRS Associates in the past year and can be found on

1:18-cv-00737-LY Pittman v. MRS BPO, L.L.C.

2:18-cv-05617-CMR GRASSIA v. MRS BPO, LLC et al

1:18-cv-04039 Cameron v. MRS BPO, L.L.C.

2:19-cv-00047-WJM-MF KAMP v. MRS ASSOCIATES et al

0:18-cv-60245-WPD Rivas v. MRS BPO LLC

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