Massachusetts Tenant Law

If you are considering renting a house, or have already rented one that isn’t so great, then Massachusetts tenant law can really come in handy in your situation.

Massachusetts tenant law is a set of guidelines that govern rights and indemnifies both the landlord and tenant with the aim of ensuring a smooth business transition.

Nevertheless, in life, things happen sometimes, and despite how much we may wish to rent a house and live blissfully in it for the specified duration, this isn’t always the case. This is the part where you may need the services of a Massachusetts landlord-tenant lawyer.

A Massachusetts landlord-tenant lawyer is trained to navigate and resolve any disputes that arise between you and your Massachusetts landlord. At Consumer Rights Law Firm, we represent individuals in landlord/tenant cases in the state of Massachusetts in any case involving the violation of rights or the neglect of responsibilities.

Our ethic is to put our client’s needs first, hence, we offer a free consultation and free tenant legal advice for Massachusetts housing to first determine the specifics of your case before deciding how to proceed.

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Under Massachusetts tenant law, what counts as a violation?

As a home renter in the state of Massachusetts, you have rights, and knowing what those rights are is crucial in preventing abuse, harassment, and other violations.

A Massachusetts landlord also has rights under Massachusetts tenant law, and they may also decide to pursue legal action if a tenant fails to keep to their side of the housing agreement.

Your rights as a tenant in Massachusetts include but are not limited to:

The landlord, on the other hand, is responsible for:

In addition, you are obligated to pay all the required fees and not cause damages to the structural integrity of the building.

You may need a housing attorney if your Massachusetts landlord has violated Massachusetts tenant law by failing to provide any of the above conditions that you are entitled to as a renter.

What can I do about my Massachusetts landlord’s violations?

As with any other legal case, if you are getting harassed by your landlord (or if they are in violation of Massachusetts tenant law), then the first (and probably most important) thing to do would be to gather evidence of their violations.

This is probably the most crucial step because, without evidence, your case simply isn’t admissible under the judicial system, regardless of how true it is.

Next, talk to your landlord. It is preferable that you do this in writing so that you retain evidence of it. Speak reasonably and try to get them on the same page with you. Often, landlord/tenant disputes can be resolved amicably without the need for any legal interference, nevertheless, this isn’t always the case.

If dialogue fails to work as a conflict resolution method, then it is time to initiate the third and final step: get help.

In addition to knowing your tenant rights so as to know when they are being violated, gathering evidence, and speaking to your landlord, you can seek the help of a housing attorney.

A housing attorney will help you navigate the murky waters of Massachusetts tenant law and determine if you are entitled to compensation.

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