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Massachusetts Family Law

Massachusetts Family Law

Massachusetts family law is an area of law that takes care of the complexities that often arise in relationships between family members. It can be disputes or legal processes between parents and children, husband and wife, or guardian and ward.

At Consumer Rights Law Firm, we can provide you with the services of a Massachusetts family lawyer to handle a wide variety of issues ranging from marriage to divorce, child custody, adoption, child support, paternity testing, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic violence, and everything family-related.

We will help you navigate the court formalities and the rules and regulations that govern Massachusetts family law to ensure you have a greater chance of success in the case of a family dispute.

We understand that family disputes that need legal mediation are often very sensitive. Whenever we go to represent a client under Massachusetts family law (whether it is in a divorce case, child custody hearing, or anything related), we know that there is a lot more at stake than ego and material possessions. This is why we handle every case with the utmost care and regard for not just your legal rights, but your emotional well-being as well.

We pay attention to the life-altering situations you may be facing, treat you with respect and integrity, and give you a hundred percent of our resources, time, and attention when you choose us to be your Massachusetts family lawyer.

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When do I need a family law attorney under Massachusetts family law?

In families, there is love, but there are often also complications. You may try to handle these complications by yourselves without hiring the services of a family law attorney or MA divorce lawyers, nevertheless, this almost always never ends well.

If you are trying to handle family disputes independent of Massachusetts family law, then you may be putting yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage.

Massachusetts family law clearly lays out guidelines that are incredibly valuable when it comes down to mitigating family disputes, and a Massachusetts family lawyer is an invaluable asset to help you interpret those laws and use them to your advantage.

If you are worried about the cost of hiring a family lawyer in Massachusetts, then let us be the first to break it to you: hiring a family lawyer to help you navigate disputes will more than likely end up being the smartest financial decision you make in a long time.

For instance, our team of family lawyers will sort through the details of your case with a fine-tooth comb, point out details you may have missed, get you all the payments and benefits you deserve or ensure that you do not pay a dime more than what is required legally.
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What is the cost of a family lawyer in Massachusetts?

Usually, the cost of hiring a family lawyer will depend on the type of case you have and the specifics of your case.

If, for instance, you are hiring a Massachusetts family lawyer to help out with your divorce, then the cost of that transaction will depend on factors like if your divorce is contested or uncontested by you and the other party involved.

Nevertheless, contrary to what you may expect, the cost of hiring a family lawyer in Massachusetts is often quite reasonable. We offer some of the most enticing and competitive rates around, and we will give you a consultation for free to first determine the specifics and complexities of your case. We will then use this information to work out how we can help you.

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What qualities should I look out for when hiring a Massachusetts family lawyer?

Your choice of a family law attorney to represent you in your case can have far-reaching consequences. It can determine the outcome of your case, and this is what makes the difference between winning and losing.

This makes the responsibility you have to choose the right lawyer even tougher, thus, we have put together a small list of things to look out for to help you with the process of selecting the best lawyer for the job.

1. Empathy:

Besides being professional, the attorney you choose should be able to see the complexities of your case through your eyes.

2. Experience:

Choose a lawyer who has the experience that you can rely on to lead you through the process.

3. Good work ethic:

Choose a lawyer that demonstrates a passion for their work and is dedicated to winning your case.

4. Rating:

Check out what other people are saying about your family law attorney. Review their ratings with the BBB and do not proceed if you are unsatisfied.

What documents do I need?

The documents you will need to bring to your Massachusetts family law attorney will differ depending on what type of case you have.

For a divorce you will need:
• Financial statements and documents
• Real estate documents
• Life insurance documents
• Documents related to marital debt (if any)
• Statements for any joint financial accounts
• Pension documents
• Automobile ownership documents

For a child custody hearing, you will need:
• A custody journal that serves as evidence to prove the bond you have with your child.
• All communication records.
• Any records your child has.
• Your financial records.

To apply for child support, you will need:
• A valid photo ID.
• Certificates of the birth of your child/children.
• Social security cards.
• A birth letter from the hospital your child was born (may be used as a substitute for social security cards).
• A non-custodial parent questionnaire that you have filled out.
• Proof of custody/guardianship.
• A marriage certificate and divorce decree in an instance where both parents were married.
• A JFS 07076 form that you have completed.

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