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Is Omnipoint Management Solutions Calling Your Family Members?

Is Omnipoint Management Solutions calling your family members? Dealing with debt collection can be a stressful experience for consumers, especially when debt collectors’ resort to contacting their family members or relatives in an attempt to recover unpaid debts. However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides clear guidelines regarding the permissible practices for debt collectors, including limitations on contacting third parties such as family members.

When life challenges happen and hit your finances with a blow, people may fall back on their bills. Sometimes, their fall is so great that they need help getting back up, so they opt to obtain a loan for various purposes.

Being in debt is not the end of the world but it definitely isn’t the best of experiences either. People fall into and come out of debts every day, so it is not a new thing, neither does it mean that you are financially irresponsible. However, being in debt could be a traumatizing experience owing to the fact that it obstructs and affects many things in the lives of people.

Debt collectors sometimes do unpleasant things to debtors in an attempt to get them to pay. If Omnipoint Management Solutions break the law, you may be entitled to statutory damages from $100 to $1000 plus they will be responsible for paying your attorney fees. Call us now on 877-700-5790 to help you stop Omnipoint Management Solutions harassment. 

Understanding the FDCPA:

The FDCPA is a federal law enacted to protect consumers from abusive, unfair, and deceptive practices by debt collectors such as Omnipoint Management Solutions. It establishes guidelines that debt collectors must follow when attempting to collect debts, ensuring that consumers are treated fairly and respectfully throughout the debt collection process. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are prohibited from engaging in certain practices, including harassment, false or misleading representations, and unauthorized disclosure of debts to third parties.

Limitations on Contacting Family Members:

One of the key provisions of the FDCPA is the limitation on contacting third parties, including family members, regarding a consumer’s debt. Debt collectors are generally prohibited from disclosing information about a consumer’s debt to anyone other than the consumer themselves, their spouse, or their attorney. However, there are specific exceptions to this rule:

  1. Location Information: Debt collectors may contact family members to obtain or confirm the consumer’s contact information, provided they do not disclose that they are calling about a debt collection matter.
  2. Permissible Contact: Debt collectors may contact family members if they have reason to believe that the consumer’s contact information is inaccurate or outdated. In such cases, the purpose of the contact should be solely to locate the consumer and not to discuss the debt.
  3. Cease Communication Request: If a consumer requests that debt collectors cease all communication with them, debt collectors must comply with the request, including refraining from contacting family members.


Consumer Rights and Protections:

Consumers have specific rights under the FDCPA regarding debt collection practices, including protections related to contacting family members:

  1. Right to Privacy: Consumers have the right to privacy regarding their debts, and debt collectors are generally prohibited from disclosing information about a consumer’s debt to third parties, including family members, without the consumer’s consent.
  2. Cease Communication Request: If a consumer does not want debt collectors to contact them, they have the right to request that all communication ceases. Debt collectors must honor this request, including refraining from contacting family members.
  3. Verification of Debt: Consumers have the right to request verification of a debt from debt collectors within 30 days of being contacted about the debt. This verification should include details about the amount owed, the creditor, and the consumer’s rights under the FDCPA.

Who is Omnipoint Management Solutions?

Omnipoint Management Solutions is a third-party debt collector located in West Seneca, New York. Omnipoint Capital DBA as Omnipoint Management Solutions.

Contact Information

Address: 2303 Union Road
West Seneca, NY 14224 USA

Phone: 866-480-6142

Is Omnipoint Management Solutions a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Omnipoint Management Solutions has been in business since 2017. There have been 59 customer complaints closed out in the last 3 years and 40 customer complaints closed out in the last 12 months. Read more about them and the complaints leveled against them by dissatisfied consumers here: Omnipoint Management Solutions Better Business Bureau 

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