How to get the most compensation from your Massachusetts personal injury case

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How to get the most compensation from your Massachusetts personal injury case

Filing a Massachusetts personal injury case is not the end of it all. After you file, you must ensure that you are doing all that is possible on your part to maximize the compensation that you will get as a result of your filing.

This is in no way selfish or criminal: a crucial part of your recovery is dependent on your ability to provide yourself with the necessary care, and care costs money.

The best Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, in this post, will advise you on the 7 best practices to follow to ensure that you get your compensation and the best possible results out of the judicial system.

You will learn that what you do after a car wreck or personal injury incident matters a lot, as it can be the determining factor that makes your case. You will also learn what you can do TODAY to help you maximize your chances of getting a nice, fat compensation for your personal injury case.

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7 ways to substantiate your Massachusetts personal injury claim and get the best compensation

  1. Get fresh evidence

One reason why it is absolutely CRUCIAL to speak with a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer on time is because of the need to gather evidence while it is still fresh.

Your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will take photos of the scene as soon as possible, take pictures of the car, and of your injuries (before they heal and get better). They will also interview witnesses and get their statements while they can still remember the incident clearly.

  1. Follow your doctor’s orders consistently

If you fail to report to the ER in the hours following the accident or refuse to follow up with treatments prescribed by your doctor, then the insurance company can claim that your injuries aren’t serious and thus, do not require the amount that you are demanding as compensation.

Additionally, you need bills, testimonies, and medical records to substantiate your personal injury MA case and claim your settlement.

  1. Claim all your damages

You may have suffered more than one kind of damage due to the accident. If, for example, you are putting a Massachusetts personal injury case together following a car wreck, then you do not have to limit your claims for damages to physical injuries alone.

You can claim compensation for other things as well, such as the emotional distress caused by the incident and the effect it has had on your ability to show up to your place of employment, for example. You can also claim compensation for future damages.

Even you may not know the full extent of damages you are entitled to and this is why we advise you to retain the service of personal injury attorneys in Massachusetts.

  1. Don’t settle

We understand that you have responsibilities and medical bills to pay we know that getting the best settlement offer in your Massachusetts personal injury case can sometimes mean playing the long game. This means that you may have to turn down the first few offers you get. Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way to offer counsel and advice you on what offers to take and which to reject.

  1. Build a strong case and be early to court

In addition to gathering evidence early, following your doctor’s orders meticulously, and getting all needed medical records and documents to ensure you have built a solid case, you need to file your case early.

This is because there is a limit (known as a statute of limitations) on how long after the accident you can file. Do not wait for this time frame to elapse. Get in touch with our competent Massachusetts accident lawyers and file your case now.

Filing your case also allows you to begin gathering evidence lawfully.

  1. Keep your mouth shut

Best believe that the lawyers representing the insurance company you are going against are stalking your social accounts. Any post you make about the accident or about your health following the accident (even the most well-intentioned ones) can and definitely will be used against you.

For this reason, our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys usually advise clients to stay off their social accounts completely, just until the case is completed.

  1. Finally, put your best foot forward

If your case is going to court and you are going to convince a jury to get on your side, then be prepared to put your best foot forward. A jury will make decisions based on what is presented before their eyes.

Dress well, and be polite and respectful. This can go a long way to help win the jury on your side, inconsequential as it may sound.

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