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Gordmans Credit Card harassment?

Are you experiencing Gordmans Credit Card harassment?

Understanding your rights when dealing with debt collectors calling you about Gordmans Credit Card Payment is very important.

In alignment with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission ensures that some debt collection laws are followed by all debt collectors. It’s pertinent for every consumer to know what these laws are so that you are aware of when your rights are being violated by the Gordmans Credit Card debt collector. Every debt collector must follow these rules:

  1. Gordmans credit debt collector can only call you between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. They’re also not allowed to call you when you’re at work. If you get a debt collection call outside of these hours, you may be dealing with a debt collection scam, or a collector who willfully flouts the FDCPA rules.
  2. A legitimate debt collection agency should confidently provide you with company information, a callback number, company name, and company address.
  3. The Gordmans Credit debt collector cannot threaten, lie to, or harass you.
  4. The Gordmans Credit Card debt collector is not allowed to try making you pay more than you owe or threaten you with arrest, jail time, property liens, or wage garnishment if you don’t pay. Before any of these can happen, the debt collector has to take you to court first.
  5. Any debt collector posing to be the police and threatening to arrest you is likely a scam; in this case, you can report the threat to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  6. The debt collector asking you for a Gordmans credit card payment must provide you with information about the debt. They are obligated to tell you key facts about the debt, also called “validation information.” These facts include things like the debt amount, the original creditor, and what you should do if you don’t think the debt is yours.

The FDCPA laws are not limited to the ones above. If you feel harassed or stressed in any way by the Gordmans Credit Card debt collector, there’s a high chance your rights have been violated.  You can report the debt collector to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, your state attorney general, or better still, a certified consumer rights attorney who will assess the situation objectively and provide you with speedy results.

You can contact an A+ accredited attorney by calling 877-700-5790.

About Gordmans credit card

Founded in 1915, in Omaha, Nebraska, Gordmans was a chain of Midwestern off-price department stores owned by Stage Stores as of March 2017.

However, in 2019, Stage Stores began converting other retail chains it owned into Gordmans stores, with the goal of having 700 Gordmans stores in 42 states by the end of 2020.

Your Gordmans credit card gets registered when it is activated online, and you create an online account to activate your Gordmans shop online. For more information about your Comenity/Gordmans credit card, visit

You can visit the official Gordmans website ( to enter your Gordmans credit card login details and follow news and updates.

Contact Information

Tel: (800) 743-8730

12100 West Center Road Omaha, Nebraska 68144.

What not to do when a Debt Collector calls

When the debt collector calls you to pay Gordmans credit card, you need to know how to respond. Your response to the Gordmans Credit card debt collector will determine if you’re getting out of that situation soon or if it’ll just get worse.

Knowing what to do when confronted about your Gordmans credit card payment is good. But knowing what not to do is also very important.

Below are things you should not do when communicating with a debt collector contacting you regarding your Comenity Gordmans credit card.

  1. Never give out your personal financial information

Whether or not the debt collector from Gordmans Credit requests for it or not, you are under no obligation to give them your personal financial information.

Do not give debt collectors your account numbers (even when you’re actually making payment, try opting for other payment channels).

Never give out your Social Security number or disclose the number and value of any properties that you own.

It’s okay to provide them with surface information about your financial issues. But never go too deep. You never know what they may use against you.

  1. Do not accept their “Good faith” payment offer

The Gordmans Credit debt collector may ask for you to voluntarily make a minimal payment, not under a settlement agreement. They may tell you that the payment is just a show that you’re acting in “good faith.”

They will lead you to believe that making that payment will improve your credit or prevent them from suing you.

This is false. That payment will only extend the statute of limitations on that debt. Do not fall for this trick.

  1. Do not verbally commit to the debt

The debt collector is trying to get the Gordmans credit card payment from you and you’re only helping them do that faster if you make promises or admit that the debt is valid

This is not only valid when you don’t owe the money. Even when you’re sure you owe, avoid making any statement that insinuates that, as doing this might revive the statute of limitations on an already expired debt.

  1. Never let your emotions rule the conversation

The debt collector calling consistently, asking you to pay your Gordmans credit card debt may be getting you stressed and upset but you must ensure you don’t lose your temper.

The Gordmans credit debt collector is not allowed to harass you or use profane words while having a conversation with you. But you are not allowed to do those either. This is because these things can be used against you if a court case arises.

Getting hostile, screaming, making threats, or using profane words will not help you.

Moreso, when you lose your temper, you’re more likely to divulge more information than you should.

Take note of these tips for a smoother negotiation with the debt collector calling you to make a Gordmans credit card payment.

Getting calls from a Gordmans credit card customer service number?

(800) 743-8730



(307) 856-6618

(518) 483-1526

Are you receiving any harassing phone calls from any of these numbers?

If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known Gordmans credit card phone number. You may also be a victim of robocalls from Gordmans. The list above is not all the numbers that Gordmans uses. The calls can be from different phone numbers and still be Gordmans calling you. Cardholders might also receive text messages from these numbers in relation to collecting a credit card debt. Contact our office right away if you would like to put an end to the unwanted calls.

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