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Does Credit Repair work? We have all the answers…

Does credit repair work? Yes, credit repair is 100% authentic, trustworthy, real, and legal. Is Credit Repair real and fast? Fast? That’s based on what you consider to be fast.

Credit repair is to challenge or dispute the wrong and right information on your consumer report aka credit report. The agencies are NOT allowed to report data that misrepresent or distort what has happened in your past, the data on your tradeline such as, High Balance, Date opened, Balance owed, close date, etc, these values must be corrected if there are errors or the account must be deleted. Even if you know the account is yours, it cannot be published with errors on the tradeline. You as the consumer are given the right to dispute these errors through an investigation requesting the deletion or modify of the error for correction.

The fast approach is Identity Theft many people call a Credit Sweep. By the way, they will use the words Credit Sweep to sell a subscription even if it, not Identity Theft. Credit Sweep and you’re not a victim can be jail time if your not a victim because it requires a police report. Some will do it without a Police Report and the Bureaus will remove it temporarily BUT it comes back when the investigation is over. Why does this happen? The consumer reporting agencies by law must remove all negative marks within 4 days of the Identity Theft reported with a police report but within 30 days without a police report. People make the mistake of thinking the negative reporting is deleted, it’s just taken off the front screen until the investigation is complete. Between the 4 days to 30 days, you have already paid for the service $1200-$2500 and up but there is no guarantee whether the negative marks will come back or not. If you notice, there is a lot of talk about whether an item will come back. You now know the reason, it has very important to know what happens as you work on your credit. There is a lot of hype with Credit Organizations and hustlers who have found a fast hustle using false claims such as raising your score fast, posting nice beautiful pictures of FICO scores with arrows pointing up into the 750-800. Just remember, when you read those posts, run away as fast as you can and don’t look back at that talk or advertising. As you notice the correct and honest way to deal with your situation, you’ll find a peace that you can almost like predict an outcome and you may become aware of new strategies on your own. You may have already become aware of why some things happen but be more excited as I show you the makeup of the score and what causes the movement.

Everything you do with credit disputes is an investigation utilizing the laws dealing with consumer reporting agencies, furnishers, and collection agencies.

There is nothing wrong with paying a subscription to a credit repair organization as long as the laws are followed, and know some accounting along with using the correct language during your challenging of the errors. Keep in mind, the work someone does for you will not affect the credit repair organization of The hustler Mr or Ms. Credit Sweep, if they don’t know this important information provided here, it affects the person with the Social Security number. You may check the person’s knowledge and as you find they are knowledgeable in this area, I would hire them with no question. When you really began to perceive, how this comes together-then you will see how your condition will flourish in the right direction. Read this article 5-7 times and you will know what to ask yourself or the company you hire.

The fact that you read this information so far, means you have connected with something. There is no need to look any further from this information. Some have already started to notice a better understanding of the credit game.

The approach to repairing your own credit is doable. You must know how the score is created and how the algorithm calculates your creditworthiness, reliability, and credibility to lenders and other organizations.

The lowest score begins at zero. If you receive 1 point it begins at 350. There are 5 parts that are used to vary or modulate the score on the chart. 850 is the maximum which gives 550 points to work with. The pie outlines the five categories as follows;

1. Payment history 35% 192.5 points, If you have or get late payments, you lose these points gradually.

2. Utilization 30% 165 If you have $100 in credit cards and you use $50, your utilization will fall 82 points.

3. Credit History 15% 82.50, How many years traveling has reported on your credit. A tradeline may report up to 7.5 years after the date of first delinquency.

4. New Credit 10% 55 points, when you apply for new credit and you are approved you get some of these points.

5. Types of credit 10%, when you have variable credit lines such as Credit card, mortgage, car loan, etc. This is also known as mixed credit. Lenders monitor how you manage your credit based on the fico model. This is the credit risk management protocol lenders use to determine if you will go 90 days delinquent on your tradelines within 2 years. Depending on your score, your interest rates are calculated and your creditworthiness is determined. Learn this and other laws that apply such as FDCPA and FCRA including state laws, you with be a Credit Master and you might not need me to fix your credit properly. Isn’t it nice to know how the scoring algorithm is calculated? We will be speaking more on this, read our subsequent emails for more.