Background Report Errors

Background Report Errors

Employers often conduct background checks on prospective employees that utilize various databases and sources of information, and the information received about an applicant will often influence hiring decisions, especially criminal records. What happens if your background check includes erroneous criminal information that can harm your reputation and chances of getting a job?

If you become aware that a background check company has produced a report on you that is incorrect or contains errors, you have a right to dispute the contents of the report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, background check companies are required to reinvestigate any disputed information reported within 30 days of receiving a dispute.

Many background check companies have forms that you can use to submit a dispute, or you can send the background check company a letter that describes your dispute.

You should send your dispute by certified mail with a return receipt requested. You should also attach copies of any documents that show that information was reported incorrectly. After completing its reinvestigation, the background check company is required to inform you of the results of the reinvestigation.

Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

  • You must be notified if a background check or employment report has been used against you.
  • You are entitled to a copy of your background check
  • You have the right to dispute any errors on your background check
  • Mistakes on your background check must be corrected or removed within 30 days of your dispute.
  • Employers or potential employers must have written consent from you to run a background check
  • You may sue background check companies and consumer reporting agencies that violate the FCRA


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