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AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Debt Collection Harassment?

Updated article on March 22nd, 2024 by Attorney Derek DePetrillo

AA Recovery Solutions Inc. Debt Collection Harassment? AA recovery solutions is known and searched for by many names, such as AA Collection, AA Collections, Debt Recovery Solutions NY, Recovery Solutions of New York, Recovery Solutions Debt Collection, Debt Recovery Solutions New York, Debt Recovery Solutions, AA Recovery Solutions Buffalo, NY, AA Recovery, AArecovery, and Recovery Solutions inc

Knowing your rights in the context of debt collection helps you recognize and stop harassment immediately it is being carried out against you. When you begin to get calls from debt collectors like AA Recovery Solutions inc., it means that you have fallen back on some bills and a debt collector has been assigned your account, or that there’s been a case of identity theft and you are being contacted about a debt that isn’t yours. Either way, handling debt collection calls from AA Recovery Solutions inc. effectively requires the right knowledge.

Debt collectors always have new tricks up their sleeves, many of which are harassing and unethical. Some common debt collection tactics include misrepresenting a debt and inflating it, making harassing phone calls, making threats, pretending to be an attorney, calling at odd hours (before 8 am and after 9 pm), trying to collect a time-barred debt, telling unauthorized third parties about your debts without your permission, and trying to make you pay a debt you do not owe.

All of these and more are the tactics that debt collectors employ to coerce unsuspecting consumers into paying up their debts quickly. Being aware of them ahead of time prevents you from falling for them. Nobody deserves to go through debt collection harassment. If you are currently being harassed by recovery solutions inc or any other debt collector in charge of your delinquent account, contact us now on 877-700-5790. Under the FDCPA, you may be entitled to statutory damages ranging from $100 to $1000 plus the debt collection agency will be responsible for paying your attorney fees. Do not let AA Recovery Solution debt collection harassment stress you out. Call us now!

Who should AA recovery solutions tell about my debt?

Did you know that there are certain restrictions regarding who AA recovery solutions is allowed to disclose your debt to?

Under federal law, Debt Recovery Solutions may contact other people but may not reveal sensitive details about the debt that you owe. AA collections can call third parties only to find out how to contact you.

If the AA recovery solutions debt collector you are dealing with does otherwise, then it may equate to debt harassment from Recovery Solutions.

What restrictions are placed on AA recovery solutions by the FDCPA?

There are strict limits on AA recovery solutions by the FDCPA. These restrictions determine how Debt Recovery Solutions may contact you, who else they may contact, and what they are permitted to say.

Under the law, Recovery Solutions debt collection agency may contact a third party to find out:

  • Your residential address
  • Your active contact number
  • Details about the address of your place of employment

Your AA recovery solutions debt collector is allowed to do this only once and is not permitted to reveal that they are debt collectors trying to get you to repay a delinquent debt. In other words, AA recovery solutions usually can’t contact people in your social circle (apart from your spouse, parent, in the case of a minor, or co-signor) more than once and they can’t say they’re trying to collect on a debt that you owe them.

As we cursorily mentioned earlier, the AA recovery solutions debt collector can’t share details of your debt with anyone other than:

  • You
  • Your spouse
  • Your parents (in the case of a minor)
  • Your guardian, executor, or administrator
  • The attorney representing you in that particular case, and
  • Your co-signor, with whose consent and signature you took out the loan.

Additionally, if AA collection knows that you are being represented by an attorney regarding the debt you owe to them, then they must cease all contact with you and direct all further communication to the office of your attorney. Apart from the incredible advantage that having someone with knowledge and experience on your side gives you, the peace of mind that comes along with having all your debt collection communication directed to the office of your attorney is second to none.

Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC will always reply to your debt collector’s call, however, if the attorney you choose fails to respond to the collector within a given period of time, then they will contact you. You will be required to contact your attorney and give AA feedback. Your attorney may also tell Debt Recovery Solutions to contact you to discuss certain issues, such as a suitable payment plan.

Can Debt Recovery Solutions contact you at your place of employment?

The following rules govern the interaction that should happen between you and AA recovery solutions at your place of employment:

  • AA recovery solutions is permitted to call your employer to request details of your address or telephone number.
  • You should inform AA collections if your employer does not allow personal calls at work. They, in turn, must adhere to that rule and not call you up at your place of employment once they have been informed.
  • If AA collections continues to call you at work after they have been informed that it is not allowed, they are breaking the law.
  • If Debt Recovery Solutions has successfully secured an order for the garnishment of your paycheck, then they will be in communication with your employer to carry out the order.

Note that if an AA recovery solutions debt collector has spoken to your employer, you may want to go back and find out exactly what they told them. This is important because AA recovery solutions knows that they cannot tell your employer that you owe a debt or reveal any sensitive information concerning it to them, and if they have done so, they have broken the FDCPA laws.

If an AA recovery solutions debt collector has revealed sensitive details concerning your debt to your employer, now is the time to speak to an attorney about your rights and how to get compensation for the violation of them.

You can reach an A+ accredited attorney at (877)-700-5790.

How does a cease and desist letter work?

A cease and desist letter is a letter an individual sends to a debt collection agency like AA Recovery Solutions inc., asking them to stop contacting them. A cease and desist letter usually comes to play when a person is a victim of debt collection harassment from a collection agency. If you send a cease and desist letter to AA Recovery Solutions inc., they are expected by law to cease communication with you unless they’re informing you about a lawsuit that has or may be filed against you. A cease and desist letter does not make your debt go away. It only stops AA Recovery Solutions inc. from contacting you and they can still choose to sue you over the debt. However, if the debt collector is harassing you over a debt that has exceeded the statute of limitations, then a cease and desist letter is a great option because a collection agency can not hold you legally over such debt.

A cease and desist letter Is a powerful tool to end AA recovery solutions debt collection harassment. Any collection agency who ignores such a letter and continues contacting you has violated your rights and can be penalized if you file a complaint or sue them. Call us now to know more about your rights and options.

How to handle a debt collection call

If you’re dealing with AA Recovery Solutions inc. debt collection, having the necessary knowledge is paramount to help you make the best of the situation.

AA Recovery Solutions inc. debt collection is legal, but AA Recovery Solutions inc. phone harassment or any form of harassment is wrong and against the law. Thus, even though you should remember that you owe and should pay up soon, you should also have it in mind that you have rights that protect you from harassment. Knowing this will help you handle Account recovery solutions debt collection harassment without fear.

When debt collectors call you, you must speak calmly and logically. Listen to them speak and only respond where necessary. Do not be hasty to volunteer information to them, especially your personal financial information.

Debt collectors are not allowed to call you at odd hours or harass you over the phone. Thus if you’re experiencing AA Recovery Solutions inc. phone harassment, your rights are being violated and you should ask them to stop or you will file a complaint.

Another thing to do when debt collectors call is to keep records of everything that is said. Get a pen and a book and write down information as given to you by the debt collector. This would come in handy if there is any need for proof later.

Lastly, if you’re not sure the debt is yours, you can make a debt validation request. Recovery solutions debt collector is mandated to send you full details of the debt.

Who is AA Recovery Solutions Inc.? 

AA Recovery Solutions Inc is a third-party debt collector located in Getzville. The company works with many recognized institutions, providing effective and proven Account Receivables Management services.

Debt Recovery Solutions phone number

PO Box 504, Getzville,

NY 14068-0504

(844) 280-3761

Is AA a scam?

No, AA Recovery Solutions Buffalo, NY is not a scam, but rather a registered debt collection agency licensed to collect on delinquent debts.

  • Debt Recovery Solutions BBB

AA Recovery Solutions is registered with the BBB since 2019, and has a ton of complaints leveled against them. Check it out here.

Debt Recovery Solutions Phone Numbers

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If the answer is yes, then you are receiving calls from a known AM number. You may be a victim of debt collection harassment. Call us now at 877-700-5790 for further assistance.

If you are not sure of the name of the collection agency that is contacting you than feel free to visit our list of collection agencies List of Collection Agencies in United States Consumer Rights Law Firm PLLC (

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