9 CRUCIAL divorce questions to ask your Massachusetts family lawyer

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9 CRUCIAL divorce questions to ask your Massachusetts family lawyer

Your first meeting with your Massachusetts family lawyer is indeed a big day. Not only is this event crucial and significant in your journey towards this life-changing decision, but you also get to choose whether or not the Massachusetts family lawyer that you have booked an appointment with will be the one to finally walk the path with you.

There are crucial and straight-to-the point questions to bear in mind when preparing for your first meeting with a family lawyer in Massachusetts. Knowing what to ask will help you not only determine the direction that your divorce proceedings will go, but also help you decide if the Massachusetts family lawyer you plan to go with will be the right fit.

We have compiled a list of 9 CRUCIAL questions about Massachusetts family law and your specific divorce proceedings in order to help you gain clearer insight of both the situation and the attorney whose services you intend to utilize.

The top 10 questions you MUST ask your Massachusetts family lawyer

  1. What are custody & visitation rights, and what are they going to be like?

Custody and visitation rights refer to the legal rights and responsibilities that parents still share and are expected to uphold towards their children even after a divorce is finalized.

Your attorney should (regardless of whether you know this or not) patiently walk you through the complexities of child custody.

Based on what you have told them; the Massachusetts family lawyer you are consulting should be able to suggest a custody arrangement that best suits your situation.

  1. Spousal support

Ask your attorney what monetary benefits you are entitled to receive or obligated to give upon the completion of the divorce. Doing this can help put a lot of things into perspective.

Additionally, ask if the amount you are meant to receive or give is modifiable.

  1. Child support

Divorce or not, you remain parents to the child you both share. Ask your Massachusetts family lawyer how much you are eligible to receive or expected to pay monthly in child support payments.

As with spousal support, ask if this amount is modifiable.

  1. Who will represent me in court?

This is a crucial question to ask. Know who you are going to actually be represented by and ensure that you feel comfortable with their presence and satisfied with their service.

  1. What is the cost of a family lawyer in Massachusetts?

It is important to ask your Massachusetts family lawyer what their rates are. Will they be working on an hourly basis? If yes, then what are their rates? How many people will be involved with the case? What are their hourly rates?

Ask for what their retainer deposit is and how often you should expect a bill. Also ask them for options if you don’t agree with a bill you receive.

  1. How will property be shared? Community vs. Non-community property

A good lawyer will explain the difference between community and separate property to you without you even having to ask.

They should then help you make a list of assets and sort through them and determine which ones are to be split and which ones aren’t.

  1. How long until the divorce process is completed from start to finish?

A smart Massachusetts family lawyer with good experience should be able to estimate how long a divorce like yours would take to be completed.

Knowing what to expect regarding the duration of your divorce process will help you plan and organize your affairs better in terms of finances and relocation if it applies.

  1. What is your experience?

Ask the Massachusetts family lawyer that you intend to utilize what their experience is. If they have little to no experience, then it is up to you to decide if you feel comfortable enough entrusting them with your case.

  1. Finally, do you have the time to make my case a priority?

Knowing what your attorney’s plans are in terms of time management is crucial. Ask them how many cases like yours they are currently handling and if they have the time and resources to handle yours efficiently.

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