How We Work

If you’ve been the victim of debt collection harassmentor abuse, or are currently experiencing constant calling or threats from debt collectors, please contact us. We’re here to help.


There is a legal way to collect on a debt, and an illegal way to collect on a debt. Unfortunately, many of these agencies choose the latter method. Many times they are trying to collect on a debt that is not even yours, or if it is your debt, you would like to pay it, but they will not be reasonable in regards to allowing you to make payments that you can afford.

If you find that you are being harassed by a debt collector, please contact us, and we will listen to your story and let you know where your rights may or may not have been violated. If it is a case that we will take on, we will contact these companies and let them know that not only have they violated your consumer rights, but also that they owe you compensation.

If they have violated federal laws regulating debt collectors, then they are also responsible for your attorney’s fees and costs; so you do not have to give us any money out of your own pocket for our legal services.