Vance & Huffman Debt Collection Harassment

Are you tired of Vance & Huffman Debt Collection Harassment?

Different people have different experiences with debt collectors, most of which are unpleasant. One thing you must always remember is that a debt collector has just one aim and it is to collect money from you. They try to achieve this aim by any means possible even if it brings discomfort to you.

When you get into tough financial situations, you may fall into debts and start receiving calls from debt collectors. You are not alone in this. Millions of Americans have experienced it and some are still experiencing it.

Debt collectors calls may catch you off guard and you may begin to panic. Try to get a hold of yourself and be calm. With the right knowledge, you will handle the situation well. One vital thing to do when a debt collector calls you, is to listen more than you speak. Try to get information from the debt collector about who they are and what agency they represent. Do not give them your personal financial details.

When does a debt collector go too far?

In a bid to get money from you, a debt collector may employ all the tricks in the book, from cajoling, to coercing to threats. Do not fall for any of their tricks. You need to get enough information and guidance before making any payment to a debt collector.

While you are trying to process details on the debt and decide if it’s a debt you should pay, debt collectors may keep bothering you. It is important that you know that you have rights under the FDCPA and once a debt collector begins to harass you, they are most likely violating your rights.

Some common types of violation by debt collectors include:

  • Making harassing phone calls: Some debt collectors make it a point of duty to call debtors many times in one day. This is phone harassment and it is against the FDCPA.
  • Failing to introduce themselves on the phone: According to the TCPA, any debt collector who calls you should tell you their name, address, and entity they represent.
  • Use of profane and obscene language: When a debt collector begins to use cuss words on you, that is a cause for concern and you should ask them to stop.
  • Calling a Consumer’s workplace knowing that they shouldn’t: If you have told a debt collector that you can’t answer their phone calls in your workplace, they should not call you at work. Doing this is violating your rights.
  • Lying about the debt: Some debt collectors use deceitful means to try to get you to pay a debt. If a debt collector lies about a debt or says they can send you to jail, they have violated your rights.
  • Ignoring a cease and desist letter: You have the right to write to a collection agency, asking them not to contact you via phone calls anymore. This is called a cease and desist letter. After this letter, if they still call you, that is a violation.
  • Ignoring a request for debt validation letter: When you ask a debt collector to send you a proof of your debt, they should send it.
  • Calling debtor’s friends and family: Debt collectors are allowed to call people connected to you if they do not have direct access to you, but they should never discuss your debt with them.


If your rights are being violated by Vance & Huffman, you can ask them to stop because you are aware of your rights. Call us now at tel:877-700-5790 if your debt collection agency is harassing you over your unpaid debts.

Who is Vance & Huffman?

Vance & Huffman is a third-party debt collector located in Smithfield, Virginia. They have been sued in federal court for violating consumer’s rights while collecting on alleged debts. Among the numerous alleged violations, Vance & Huffman has been sued for failing to provide validation and harassing third parties while trying to collect on an alleged debt.

Contact Information

Address: 55 Monette Pkwy STE 100
Smithfield, VA 23430-2577
Phone: (757) 542-3501
Fax: (757) 542-3502

Is Vance & Huffman a scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Vance & Huffman has been in business since 2013. There have been 17 customer complaints filed against them on the BBB website. Read more about it here: Vance & Huffman Better Business Bureau

Vance & Huffman Phone Numbers             

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If so, you may be a victim of Vance & Huffman’s debt collection harassment. Call us now at  877-700-5790.

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The following is a sample list of complaints filed against Vance & Huffman and can be found on

3:17-cv-08084-DLR Faucher v. Vance & Huffman LLC

9:17-cv-80830-KAM Stetson v. Vance & Huffman, LLC.

2:16-cv-00759-JCC Muse v. Vance & Huffman, LLC

1:16-cv-01085 Romero v. Vance & Huffman, LLC

1:15-cv-06812-WFK-SMG Solomons v. Vance & Huffman, LLC


Consumer Rights Law Firm, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in helping clients who are facing harassment from debt collectors. If you suspect that your debt collection rights are being trampled upon, contact our office to begin the process to stop the harassment you may currently be receiving from Vance & Huffman. Our office has been assisting consumers since 2010, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call us at (877)700-5790 for immediate assistance.

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